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What Bourbon Does John Wick Drink? (2024 Updated)

What Bourbon Does John Wick Drink

Last Updated on February 20, 2024 by Lydia Martin

John Wick is a well-known movie worldwide featuring one of the most beloved actors of the century, Keanu Reeves. Of course, ordinary fans would have barely noticed a real brand of bourbon in the middle of a powerful plot and intense actions going around. But not a liquor enthusiast. John Wick proved to have a sophisticated taste in his drinks. Let’s find out what bourbon does John Wick drink? (2024 updated)

What Bourbon Does John Wick Drink?

Blanton's in John Wick Movie


John Wick’s bourbon of choice is Blanton’s Single Barrel Bourbon. This bourbon was Master Distiller Elmer T. Lee’s final product at Buffalo Trace Distillery, where he worked for almost four decades. 

Blanton’s bourbon is the first commercially sold single-barrel bourbon in history. Mr. Lee and his staff handpicked the best-aged bourbon for around six to eight years old and bottled it directly from the barrels, unblended. It contains 46.5% ABV and uses Buffalo Trace’s high-rye mashbill #2.

How Much Does It Cost?

Blanton’s Single Barrel Bourbon

The cost of Blanton’s bourbon ranges from $60 to $70. When Buffalo Trace Distillery first launched Blanton’s in 1984, the suggested price of the bourbon ranged from $24 to $30. This price was a little bit higher compared to other bourbon products at that time. 

Since the early 1970s, the bourbon whiskey industry saw a major decline in its sales due to the increasing popularity of gin and vodka. But the release of Blanton’s started the trend of reviving the bourbon market after it gained extreme popularity in Japan. 

You may find a bottle of Blanton’s at ridiculously marked up prices depending on the retailers and stores.  

Is John Wick’s Bourbon Too Expensive?

Blanton's Orange Manhattan


No, John Wick’s bourbon is expensive but not too much. You can still have it at a suggested retail price of $60 to $70. But it may be difficult to find a bottle of this bourbon whiskey daily.

As a single barrel, Blanton’s bottles are limited every release, and due to its increasing popularity in recent years, the prices rose from $120 to $160. Again, it still depends on the retailers and stores.

You can befriend a local liquor store owner to have a bottle of Blanton’s at its suggested price point.

What Makes Blanton’s Special?

These are some of the features which make John wick bourbon Blanton’s special.

  • Single Barrel: Each bottle comes from a single barrel, meaning each bottle has unique flavor variations.
  • History: Blanton’s is thought to be the first single barrel bourbon that people could buy in stores, which is why it’s seen as a fancy option.
  • Collectible: The bottles feature unique horse and jockey stoppers, making them popular among collectors.

Does John Wick Bourbon Taste Good?

Are you also one of them who really want to know what bourbon does john wick drink and does it taste good or not? So, taste is subjective, but Blanton’s is generally well-regarded for its:

  • Sweetness: Notes of vanilla, caramel, and honey.
  • Spice: Hints of cinnamon and nutmeg.
  • Smokiness: A characteristic bourbon smokiness.

In What John Wick Movie Did the Bourbon Appear?

Blanton’s bourbon appeared in both the first and second John Wick franchise. This movie franchise greatly influenced popular culture because of John Wick’s expensive taste in everything.

Many fans paid close attention to his suits, cars, weaponry, and even his liquor of choice in the film. 

In the first movie, Keanu Reeves’ character prefers to drink Blanton’s bourbon as a pain reliever while the doctor stitches his wounds. It became a running theme in the films to drink bourbons in the doctor’s office.

However, in John Wick Chapter 2, Keanu Reeves appears to be drinking Blanton’s Green Label whiskey in one scene.

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Are There Other Liquor Brands In John Wick Movies?

Are There Other Liquor Brands In John Wick Movies?


Yes, there are other liquor brands in John Wick movies aside from Blanton’s bourbons. Here’s the list:

  • Peligroso TequilaJohn Wick and his friend, Aurelio (portrayed by John Leguizamo), drank this tequila.
  • Quintessentially Q VodkaThe movie’s main antagonist, Viggo Tarasov, poured a shot of this vodka with his son, Iosef Tarasov, before he punched him for killing John Wick’s dog. 
  • Russian Standard Vodka – Iosef Tarasov was near a bottle of this vodka before he got killed. 
  • Glenlivet 18yr Scotch – Viggo Tarasov was drinking this Scotch when his team of assassins failed to kill John. 
  • Putinka Vodka – This vodka was another bottle briefly shown before Iosef died.

What’s Continental Straight Bourbon Whiskey?

Continental Straight Bourbon Whiskey is a product launched by Lionsgate and Silver Screen Bottling Company in celebration of the latest film installment of John Wick. It is a premium whiskey with 45% ABV that comes with two collectors’ rock glasses. 

This bourbon has a subtle sweetness from the first sip that eventually builds up to a stronger oaky taste. The bottle features the logo of Continental Hotel, New York, which is a central point in the movie’s plot. This worldwide chain of hotels serves as a neutral territory for assassins like John Wick. 

FAQs Related to John Wick Bourbon

Is John Wick's bourbon hard to find?

Yes, John Wick's bourbon whiskey is hard to find because of its rising popularity. But you can befriend a local liquor store owner to get you updated whenever a new release comes in.

Is John Wick's bourbon a high-rye bourbon?

Yes, John Wick's bourbon is a high-rye bourbon. It uses the high-rye mashbill #2 of Buffalo Trace, composed of at least 12% to 15% rye mash. However, you can drink this bourbon straight, on the rocks, or mix it with your favorite cocktail like old-fashioned. 

What Bourbon Does John Wick Drink?

John Wick's go-to bourbon throughout the film series is Blanton's Single Barrel Bourbon. You'll see him enjoying it in various scenes, solidifying its association with the character.

Is Blanton's worth the price?

Whether it's worth the price depends on your budget and preferences. If you're a bourbon enthusiast or a John Wick fan, it might be worth a try. However, there are many other excellent bourbons available at different price points.

Why is John Wick often seen drinking bourbon?

Bourbon is often associated with sophistication, masculinity, and a sense of refinement, which aligns well with John Wick's character. His choice to drink bourbon adds depth to his persona, reflecting his taste for the finer things in life amidst the gritty world he navigates.

So, What’s Bourbon Does John Wick Drink? 

John Wick drinks Blanton’s bourbon, an upmarket brand ranging from $60 to $70. It has a light aroma of honey, vanilla, and bubble gum, while the palate has an initial sweetness with a charred oak note, leather, and rye spice flavors.

Master Distiller Elmer T. Lee named his final bourbon product after one of the earliest leaders of the company, Colonel Albert B. Blanton. Since a new John Wick franchise is in development, let’s all watch out for the next liquor brand that our favorite character will be drinking. 


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