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Buffalo Trace vs Blanton’s Bourbon: What’s the Difference?

Buffalo Trace vs Blanton’s

Last Updated on March 5, 2024 by Lydia Martin

Most premium bourbons have always been compared against each other—we’re talking about Buffalo Trace vs Blanton’s. 

These bourbon siblings have always been noteworthy to many connoisseurs, but how do these two flagship brands differ, and which stands out more?

Keep reading and know the best bourbon whiskey in this highly anticipated face-off of Buffalo Trace vs Blanton’s bourbon.

Premium Bourbon Face-Off: Buffalo Trace or Blanton’s? 

Bottle of Buffalo Trace and Blanton’s

These two bourbons are remarkably different, starting in their used mash bill content. Buffalo Trace uses Mash Bill #1, and Blanton’s uses Mash Bill #2.

Blanton’s has a higher alcohol content of 46.5% with a complex and more rounded profile.

Meanwhile, Buffalo Trace has 45% ABV having a softer and more approachable palate.

How They Compare 

Buffalo TraceBlanton’s
Mash BillMash Bill #1 (10% or less rye)Mash Bill #2 (12%-15% rye)
Age StatementNAS(rumored 4 to 8 years)NAS(rumored 6 to 8 years)
Alcohol Content45% ABV46.5% ABV
PalateRich notes of oak, vanilla, brown sugar, and baking spiceCreamy mouthfeel, sweet caramel, fruit flavors, rich oaky notes, and a bit of spice
NoseCaramel, cinnamon, vanilla, oak, and a bit of spiceVanilla, butterscotch sweetness, oak, honey, and caramel
FinishMedium to long-finish with vanilla and oaky notes Long, sweet, velvety finish with spice and vanilla
How To ServeNeat, On the rocks, CocktailNeat, On the rocks
Comparable ToMaker’s Mark, Evan WilliamsEagle Rare, Four Roses Single Barrel

Buffalo Trace Bourbon 

Buffalo Trace Distillery


When it comes to product availability, it has regular production releases, so bottles of Buffalo Trace might be easier to find. 

“…We are committed to maintaining the highest quality whiskey at fair prices.”

– Sara Saunders, Buffalo Trace Distillery Vice President

But depending on your region and allocation, it can be difficult to find.

Mash Bill & Alcohol Content

Buffalo Trace doesn’t disclose its exact mash bill content, but it is made from Mash Bill #1, known as the ’low rye mash’ with malted barley and at least 51% corn for it to be bourbon. [1]

This mash bill contains 10% or less rye grain, the same mash bill used for Stagg Jr and Eagle Rare.

A bottle of Blanton is aged in new oak barrels and then is bottled at 90-proof. 

Fun Facts:

  • Buffalo Trace Distillery is the oldest operating distillery in the US. [2]
  • It has used the same recipe and bourbon-making process for the last 200+ years.
  • It won a Double Gold North American Bourbon & Whiskey Competition in 2019.

Blanton’s Single Barrel Bourbon

Blanton's Bottling Line at Buffalo Trace Distillery


Bottles of Blanton’s bourbon whiskey are elusive in liquor stores and hard to find.

But some people believe that only the ’hype’ impacted its market demand.

Mash Bill & Alcohol Content

Bottle of Blanton’s

Blanton’s Single Barrel bourbon’s mash bill uses the Mash Bill #2, and like Buffalo Trace, it doesn’t reveal its exact content, but this mash contains 12%-15% rye.

After Blanton’s matures in a new oak barrel, it is bottled at 93-proof.

Fun Facts:

  • It’s the world’s first “single-barrel” bourbon.
  • There are eight distinct horse and jockey stoppers from Blanton’s.
  • It won a Double Gold Medal in 2012 at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

Are Buffalo Trace & Blanton’s the Same?

No, they are not the same, and they mainly differ in (1) used mash bill, (2) alcohol content, (3) price point, and (4) taste.

Although these two bourbons are produced by Buffalo Trace Distillery, Buffalo Trace and Blanton’s tastes and flavors on the palate are unmatched.

Buffalo Trace vs Blanton’s Price Comparison

Buffalo TraceBlanton’s
Average PriceAround $23.99/750ml (Total Wine)Around $187.99/750ml (Caskers)

A bottle of rich bourbon whiskey from Blanton’s costs more than $100 and is way more expensive than a bottle of Buffalo Trace.

Between Buffalo Trace vs Blanton’s price point, Buffalo Trace’s is more budget-friendly, and at less than $50, you can enjoy drinking a well-rounded bourbon.

FAQs Related to Buffalo Trace vs Blanton’s

What’s the difference between Buffalo Trace and Blanton’s?

Buffalo Trace is a bourbon whiskey known for its affordability and versatility, while Blanton’s is a higher-end bourbon celebrated for its distinctive bottle shape and smooth, complex flavor profile.

Which one is smoother, Buffalo Trace or Blanton’s?

Blanton’s is often considered smoother than Buffalo Trace due to its higher quality and more refined taste, but personal preferences may vary.

Can I use Buffalo Trace and Blanton’s interchangeably in cocktails?

While both Buffalo Trace and Blanton’s can be used in cocktails, Blanton’s is typically reserved for sipping due to its higher quality and nuanced flavor profile.

Which one is better for sipping neat, Buffalo Trace or Blanton’s?

Blanton’s is generally preferred for sipping neat due to its smoothness and complex flavor profile, whereas Buffalo Trace may be better suited for cocktails or mixed drinks.

What are the main flavor differences between Buffalo Trace and Blanton’s?

Buffalo Trace often exhibits flavors of caramel, vanilla, and oak, whereas Blanton’s offers a more complex palate with notes of caramel, honey, citrus, and spice.

Is Blanton’s more expensive than Buffalo Trace?

Yes, Blanton’s is typically more expensive than Buffalo Trace due to its higher quality and limited availability.

Are there any limited edition releases or special editions for Buffalo Trace and Blanton’s?

Both Buffalo Trace and Blanton’s occasionally release limited edition or special edition bottlings, offering unique experiences for bourbon enthusiasts.

Final Verdict

In this battle between two premium bourbons, Buffalo Trace vs Blanton’s, we have to admit that Blanton’s Single Barrel classic and traditional bourbon punch stood out more.

Whether it’s all hype or not, a bottle of Blanton’s is worth trying.

But don’t get us wrong—we appreciate Buffalo Trace’s well-rounded taste profile with its price.

It can be a better casual everyday bourbon choice because of its lower price.


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