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What is Going On With Buffalo Trace & Yellowstone? Explained

What is Going on With Buffalo Trace and Yellowstone

Last Updated on December 16, 2023 by Lydia Martin

Buffalo Trace has been in the spotlight since it’s been featured on the fifth season premiere of Costner’s “Yellowstone.” 

If you’re one of those who’ve noticed the appearance of Buffalo Trace bourbon on the show, good for you, but for those who’ve missed the episode, you can still see BT soon. 

But what is going on with Buffalo Trace and Yellowstone? To clear this out, here we’ll break down the good news. 

What You Need To Know About Buffalo Trace & Yellowstone Partnership 

Buffalo Trace Distillery Water Tank

Buffalo Trace Distillery has an ongoing partnership with Yellowstone and Darden’s Yard House restaurants. 

This partnership entails 85 Yard House branches across the 27 US states, including selected restaurants to feature an exclusive Buffalo Trace Yard House Yellowstone Single Barrel Select.

Also, BT and Yellowstone are releasing limited edition merchandise, which includes: 

  • Barware (rocks glass)
  • Apparel (shirts, crewneck sweatshirts, trucker hats)

Why Did Buffalo Trace Bourbon Appear On Yellowstone? 

Buffalo Trace Bourbon recently appeared on Yellowstone, a hit US show starring Kevin Costner. 

This product appearance on the show is a result of the ongoing partnership between Yellowstone of the Paramount Network and the spirits company Sazerac, which owns Buffalo Trace.  

When Did Buffalo Trace Appear In Yellowstone?

Yellowstone Ranch

The appearance of Buffalo Trace in the Yellowstone show occurred on the premiere night of the fifth season of Yellowstone on the Paramount Network (November 13, 2022). 

And it looks like a great move from the Sazerac Company as they chose to partner with a good show.

The premiere night reportedly recorded around 12.1 million viewers [1]. 

Based on Nielsen (a US-based information, data, and market measurement company), it emerged as one of the show’s most popular episodes so far.  

How Did Buffalo Trace Appear In Yellowstone?

For those who have yet to watch the premiere episode of the fifth season on Yellowstone, Buffalo Trace Bourbon appeared in some scenes where the characters were enjoying the drink. (Actually, Weller appeared on the show, too.)

Buffalo Trace was also featured in an advertisement during the season premiere of Yellowstone.  

Sazerac confirmed this advertisement as a campaign that will run throughout the season of Yellowstone, exclusively at Paramount Network.  

Who Drank BT In The TV Show?

Beth Dutton holding Bottle of Weller

The character seen enjoying a drink of Buffalo Trace (and Weller) on the show is Beth Dutton alongside John Dutton. 

Fun Fact: Beth and John Dutton were Bulleit Bourbon drinkers before until they switched to Weller and Buffalo Trace.  

Is Buffalo Trace Bourbon The Only Whiskey Featured On The Show? 

No. Buffalo Trace isn’t the only whiskey expression featured on the Yellowstone show. As we’ve mentioned earlier, Weller was on that show, too. 

Buffalo and Trace Weller bourbons are seen enjoyed by the show characters. Weller is also a creation of Buffalo Trace Distillery, still under the ownership of the Sazerac company.  

Should Viewers Expect To See BT On The Show?

Hand Holding Bottle of Buffalo Trace

Fortunately for Buffalo Trace fanatics, you can expect to see Buffalo Trace bourbons on the Yellowstone show. 

And guess what? You can glimpse the Buffalo Trace expressions, not just once, twice, but many times throughout the show’s fifth season on the Paramount Network. 

“Fans love our whiskeys because we don’t waver on quality and craftsmanship – we absolutely don’t bottle our whiskey until it’s ready, and we refuse to cut corners.”

— Andrew Duncan, Global Brand Director of the Buffalo Trace Distillery

Additionally, viewers and whiskey fans won’t just see Buffalo Trace on the show but on a few sets of merchandise, like hats and shirts— in collaboration with Yellowstone. 

If you’re aiming to get a hold of this limited edition merchandise of Buffalo Trace x Yellowstone, you can go ahead straight to the Buffalo Trace Distillery website or visit personally the Buffalo Trace Distillery gift store located in Frankfort, KY.   


Does Buffalo Trace make Yellowstone whiskey?

No. Buffalo Trace isn’t making Yellowstone whiskey, and you won’t ever see that happen, even in the future. There is already a Yellowstone whiskey produced by the Limestone Branch Distillery. So, there’s no way Buffalo Trace will make another Yellowstone whiskey. 

Does Buffalo Trace sponsor Yellowstone?

Buffalo Trace is not just a sponsor of Yellowstone; BT is currently a partner of the show [2]. So, expect to see more Buffalo Trace bourbons throughout the Yellowstone fifth season. 

Final Thoughts 

This recent move of the Sazerac Company, involving Buffalo Trace Distillery, means they’re ready to invest in making award-winning whiskeys and expanding and welcoming more whiskey fans through Yellowstone. 

This move isn’t new in various industries, and it’s just surprising knowing about the first-ever public show collaboration of Buffalo Trace (and they even opt to run ads). 

Well, as whiskey fanatics, let’s congratulate Buffalo Trace and Yellowstone for this wonderful partnership.

For sure, many people are looking forward to new plans and projects soon.  


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