What Time Can You Buy Beer in Michigan? Complete Buying Guide

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If you think Michigan is only known for its automobile industry and the Great Lakes, let me tell you another famous thing about the Wolverine State.

Michigan has over 400 craft breweries and is home to some of the best-known breweries in the world, like Bell’s and Founders.

And with all the wide range of beer products I’ve been able to experience in the state, there’s one thing you should know about before going there – what time can you buy beer in Michigan?

When Can You Buy Beer In Michigan?

Pouring Beer on a Glass

You can purchase beer in Michigan between 7 a.m. and 2 a.m. for off-premise and on-premise consumption. These sales hours can apply on Sundays but with proper licenses and permits.

Some holidays may also cause a change in Michigan’s sale of alcohol. On December 25, beer sales hours are not allowed before noon, but on January 1, on-premise consumption is allowed until 4 a.m.

Understanding Michigan Beer Laws

Michigan is known for its craft beer culture throughout the country. There are no dry counties there, and beer sales hours across the state are almost the same every day of the week.

“It takes only one drink to get me drunk. The trouble is, I can’t remember if it’s the thirteenth or the fourteenth.” – George Burns, Comedian

Bars and restaurants in Michigan with self-serving “beer or tap walls” limit their beer serving to up to 16 ounces. But minors buying beer, wine, and liquor remains illegal according to Michigan alcohol laws.

Places That Sell Beer & Their Sale Hours

Bottle and a Can of Beer With Glasses

Grocery Stores

Beer sales hours in Michigan are relatively lenient almost anywhere. A grocery store can sell beer, liquor, and wine from seven in the morning until two in the morning the next day, Monday through Saturday.

Sunday sales of beer in Michigan can be at the same time if the business has a proper license.

Gas Stations

Gas stations also provide a convenient option for those who want to drink beer. The alcohol sales hours of gas stations are aligned with grocery stores.

Buying beer for off-premise consumption is available during the operating hours of gas stations but not beyond 2 a.m.

Some gas stations with an attached grocery store may close earlier, so the beer purchasing time is much shorter.

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Bars & Restaurants

Drinking laws have permitted bars and restaurants in Michigan to offer self-serving “beer or tap walls.”

The employees of these establishments in Michigan that we talked to revealed that these self-serve machines have helped them control customers’ consumption of beer, wine, and cocktails.

The sales hours of bars and restaurants are from seven in the morning until two, Monday through Saturday. Then, Sunday sales can start at the same time if they have the proper license.

Package & Liquor Stores

A good selection of beer can be sold in package and liquor stores. You can purchase your favorite refreshments as early as 7 a.m. or a little later, from nine until eleven in the morning.

Their closing time, as we’ve noticed, is around 10 p.m. to midnight. But they may not be open from Monday through Saturday, so remember to inquire about your local stores’ sales hours.

Breweries & Taprooms

With over 400 craft breweries in Michigan, it would be a miss not to visit some of the most talked about breweries, right?

However, despite the lenient beer selling time in Michigan, the breweries and taprooms we visited only start operating around noon and end around midnight. They are open Monday through Saturday, but Sunday sales may be subject to local rules and regulations.

Is Beer Delivery Allowed In Michigan?

Glass of Beer

Yes, beer delivery is allowed in Michigan. To-go alcoholic drinks are available for delivery even from bars and restaurants in Michigan until 2025 [1].

“From the heart of Michigan’s breweries to the soul of every sip, these beers tell the story of the state, one glass at a time.” – Liquor Laboratory

The original container of the beer should be sealed and closed off, and it must be delivered and sold to a person beyond 21.

The receiver should have a valid identification to prove their age, especially if they don’t appear at least 50.


What are the blue laws in Michigan?

The “blue law” in Michigan refers to restricting alcoholic beverages on a specific day, such as Sundays, due to religious activities.

Michigan has already amended this “blue law” in 2010, letting retailers with a special permit to sell alcohol on Sundays for as early as 7 a.m. [2]

Can you buy beer in Michigan on Easter Sunday?

Yes, you can buy beer in Michigan on Easter Sunday. But on holidays like Christmas Day and New Year, buying beer may not be available in most counties and cities in Michigan.

Easter always falls on Sundays, and before 2011, establishments were not allowed to sell beer and other alcohol in Michigan until noon.

In Summary

Beer sales in Michigan are allowed any day of the week, and buying beer is permitted almost anywhere.

However, some establishments can choose not to sell alcohol on Sundays.

Michigan’s alcohol laws prohibit people below the legal drinking age to drink beer or other alcohol. Carrying an open container in public or inside a motor vehicle is also illegal.

If you are caught driving under the influence in Michigan with the addition of open containers, you may end up doing community service, having your license suspended or in jail.



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