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What Time Does Sheetz Stop Selling Alcohol? Resolved (2024)

What Time Does Sheetz Stop Selling Alcohol 

Sheetz, your ultimate convenience destination, has it all – even alcohol! But here’s the catch: although Sheetz proudly boasts a 24/7 schedule, that doesn’t automatically grant a green light to stroll in any time for a beer run.

So what time does Sheetz stop selling alcohol?

I visited Sheetz several times to give you this guide for your next late-night Sheetz alcohol purchases.

When Does Sheetz Stop Selling Alcoholic Beverages?

Sheetz Convenience Store

Sheetz would stop selling liquor from 10pm to 2am. These sales hours depend on various factors such as the location, liquor laws, type of liquor, and licenses.

Sheetz would stop retailing/selling alcoholic drinks 15 to 30 minutes before the designated time.

A Sheetz store in central Pennsylvania is the first convenience store in the state to sell wine following the passing of Act 39.” – Daisy Ruth, Digital Producer

It is to give the customers and employees leeway if the store gets busy and they reach the counter beyond the specified time.

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Why It Stops Selling Liquor At A Certain Time


Each state has its own set of laws that control when stores can sell alcohol. Local and national holidays may also affect the selling hours of alcoholic drinks.

For each state and county, you would notice that the alcohol sales stop 15 to 30 minutes before the time restriction. It means that if the state or county only gave them until midnight, Sheetz would stop from 11:30 to 11:45 pm.

Liquor Laws Based on State

Sheetz is widely available in six states. Sheetz has many Pennsylvania locations where you can buy beer until 1:30 am.

They could still sell alcoholic beverages in Ohio until at least 2:00 am and until before midnight for Virginia and West Virginia.

In North Carolina, Sheetz stops selling beer no later than 1:30 am. But in Maryland, the sales hours of alcohol vary significantly from county to county.

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Liquor Type

Different alcoholic beverages have different selling hours in many stores.

In Pennsylvania, malt or brewed beverages (two six-packs per transaction) are available in beverage outlets or restaurants (in restricted two cases).

Wines are limited to three liters per transaction in bottle shops and convenience stores, while it is only available to sell liquor in a State-operated liquor store.

Beer sales differ from wine sales in licensed premises, such as in Virginia’s grocery stores and gas stations.

Liquor License Type

For gas stations like Sheetz, different licenses are needed before they serve alcohol in various retail locations. A liquor licensee who also possesses a Sunday Sales Permit would be able to sell alcohol on Sundays.

Other retail licensees needed additional permits to sell drinks off-premise. According to Pennsylvania State Police, you can only purchase beer and wine for consumption within the store’s premises from licensed holders.

The license dictates whether customers can drink in the convenience store or only take home alcoholic beverages.

Do All Sheetz Stores Sell Alcohol?

Bottles of Wine on a Rack

No, not all Sheetz stores sell alcohol despite its continuous operation 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. As mentioned, it depends entirely on the state and local laws.

Some stores only sell malt or beer and wine, while others can serve until before 2am Monday through Saturday.

As for Maryland, the regulations vary significantly, so it’s hard to mention a specific time.

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List of States It Sells Liquor

Sheetz sells alcohol in six states in the US: Pennsylvania, Ohio, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, and North Carolina [1].

With over 600 stores, Sheetz offers almost anything—baked goods, salad, and any convenient item you would ever need when you’re on the road.

It was established by Bob Sheetz in 1952, and until now, his family still owned and operated the company.

What Time Does Sheetz Start Selling Liquor?

Sheetz may start selling liquor at around 7am to 9am, Monday through Saturday. Similar to when it should stop retailing liquor, Sheetz still needs to follow the laws and regulations of their location.

In Virginia, the sale of liquor starts at 6am every day, but holidays like the New Year can affect these schedules [2].

However, other nightlife establishments can be exempted from restricted sales of liquor.

What Time Does Sheetz Stop Selling Alcohol On Sundays?

Buying Liquor

On Sundays, Sheetz stops selling beer, wine, and liquor on Sundays at the same time as its Monday through Saturday schedule. Similar to grocery stores, the closing time may only differ by one to two hours.

Retail liquor outlets needed a Sunday Sales Permit to sell liquor on Sundays.

However, Sheetz may start selling beer, wine, and liquor later every Sunday, typical for convenience or grocery stores.

“At Sheetz, liquor becomes an added delight, enhancing the convenience experience.” – Liquor Laboratory

But in Maryland, you may notice that some stores here, such as Garrett and Baltimore County, do not allow alcohol sales on Sundays.

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Are alcohol sales limited to specific days of the week at Sheetz?

No, alcohol sales are not limited to specific days of the week at Sheetz. But you may find that these convenience stores followed restricted hours and days set by the local municipalities and state laws.

What are the alcohol purchase hours on weekends at Sheetz?

On weekends, the liquor purchase hours at Sheetz are usually around 6am until 2am (except Sundays). However, the sales hours should still comply with the state law and regulations of where Sheetz convenience store is located.
So some stores may begin selling alcohol a little later (especially Sundays) and stop retailing/selling a bit earlier or around midnight.

What are the alcohol sale hours at Sheetz?

The alcohol sale hours at Sheetz, especially on weekdays, can start from 7am until 2 am. Remember that Sheetz will stop retailing/selling liquor for approximately 15 to 30 minutes before the designated time.

When does Sheetz stop selling beer?

Usually, Sheetz would stop selling beer at around midnight to 3am. Sometimes, and if licensed, Sheetz can sell beer much later than fine wine and liquor.

Are Sheetz alcohol sales hours the same across all locations?

No, Sheetz alcohol sales hours may differ between locations due to variations in state and local regulations governing the sale of alcohol.

Can I purchase alcohol from Sheetz 24/7?

In some areas, Sheetz may be permitted to sell alcohol 24/7, while in others, there may be restrictions on the hours during which alcohol can be sold. It depends on the specific laws and regulations in place.

Are there any exceptions to Sheetz’s alcohol sales hours?

Some states or localities may have exceptions to alcohol sales hours for certain holidays or special events. Additionally, certain types of alcohol, such as beer or wine, may have different sales restrictions than spirits.

Does Sheetz have any policies regarding responsible alcohol sales?

Yes, Sheetz is committed to responsible alcohol sales and may have policies in place to prevent sales to individuals who are underage or intoxicated. They may also provide training to employees on responsible alcohol service.

On A Final Note

Sheetz is a convenience store chain famous for its coffee, wings, sub sandwiches, pizza, and wraps. And it also has liquors!

But there are laws they need to follow. Some Sheetz convenience stores may sell beer only, while others can sell wine. For instance, you can buy wine at Pennsylvania gas stations, limited to three liters per transaction.

If you want to buy alcohol with a higher ABV, you have to go to Pennsylvania’s government-run stores.

Despite that, you may find that not all Sheetz sell alcohol, and their alcohol sales stop may be affected by Daylight saving time.

You must present identification if you are at a legal age for drinking alcohol.


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