What To Mix With Cognac? Top 9 Mixers (2023 Updated)

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Cognac is a luxurious spirit that most drinkers often use as an aperitif and digestif. However, amidst the battle of whether cognac is best partnered before or after meals, did you know that cognac is also a great mixer? 

If you want to level up your drink, you must know what to mix with cognac to create a satisfying and mouth-watering classic cognac cocktail.

Top 9 Cognac Mixers For Your Next Party 

9. Soda Water

Soda Water

Although many people are familiar with adding water to their whiskey, it’s not widely practiced with other beverages such as cognac.

This is a shame since this soda water adds a great amount of flavor and another dimension to the drink. 

Don’t overdo it, though, as a few drops can easily stir up the flavors and aromas of the spirit. 

8. Sweet Vermouth

Sweet Vermouth

Sweet vermouth mixes well with cognac. Using a cocktail shaker, you can create a delicious cognac cocktail with sweet, rich botanicals in just a snap.

The French Manhattan cocktail is one popular cocktail that uses cognac and sweet vermouth’s rich botanicals.

7. Iced Tea

Iced Tea

Combining cognac with tea is a great way to enhance a drink that’s typically a favorite of most drinkers. You can spice up typical cognac cocktails by adding iced tea. 

This recipe combines 1.5 ounces of VSOP (Very Superior Old Pale) or VS (Very Special) of the famous cognac with various other ingredients such as Grand Marnier, simple syrup, and fresh lemon juice. 

Shake it up, pour it into your prepared glass, and enjoy, but remember to drink responsibly!

6. Lime Juice/Lemon Juice

Lime Juice

Do you want to try something new with your favorite bottle of cognac? The Hennessy Margarita is a great way to introduce yourself to the world of cognacs.

It combines the smooth flavors of the French brandy with the aged tequila and lime juice. 

Combining lime juice and cognac tastes similar to Sidecar and Margarita. The combination of these two drinks makes for a sophisticated yet nuanced beverage.

5. Wines


Cognac and sparkling wine is a perfect pairing drink. You can create delicious cognac cocktails with these blends, plus a sugar cube.

Well, it’s just a matter of imagination and creativity to turn a simple spirit into an impressive drink. 

We suggest opting for a Hennessy cognac and any demi-sec [1] sparkling spirit to prepare a remarkable classic cocktail. 

4. Lemonade


Lemonade is a good mixer of your favorite cognac that can make a perfect cocktail.

Cognac and lemonade, plus the presence of an orange twist (or orange liqueur), can make a savory Sidecar cocktail.

Decorate it with a lemon wedge, and you’re ready to drink. 

3. Coca Cola

Coca Cola

To some, mixing vodka and Coke is not feasible. But when it comes to drinking cognac, combining the two will surely capture the palate of alcohol drinkers.

The time-honored taste of Coke (especially the Cherry Coke) combined with the powerful eau de vie creates an infusion that will delight anyone. 

A good combination of ice, lemon, and a splash of fizzy water (or hot water) is a must. A good choice for cognac is either a VSOP or Napoleon.

2. Aromatic Bitters

Aromatic Bitters

Cognac mixes well with aromatic bitters. If you love Manhattan or Old Fashioned cocktails, you’ll love this unique blend of cognac and aromatic bitters (especially the Angostura bitters from New Orleans).

It’s a powerful and complex beverage that’s ideal for alcohol lovers. 

1. Ginger Ale

Ginger Ale

The combination of ginger’s sweet and spicy flavor with the smooth and creamy taste of a VSOP or VS makes for a great long beverage.

If you’re craving a refreshing and long-lasting thirst quencher, pairing a good VSOP with ice and a good amount of ginger is a must. 

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Is cognac mixed with anything?

Yes, you can mix cognac with almost anything. From the traditional lemonade to soda, Coke, ginger ale, and many more, you can make a long drink or classic cocktails with cognac. 

Can you mix cognac with other alcohols?

Yes, you can mix cognac with other alcohols like rum (particularly white rum), brandy, vodka, and even whiskey. For example, the Vieux Carre cocktail mixes rye whiskey and cognac.   

So, What Do You Mix With Cognac? 

You can mix cognac with water/soda, aromatic bitters, lemonade, vermouth, and tea. Nine cognac mixers on our list will surely satisfy your palate.

Whether you want to try a Japanese cocktail, Creme De Menthe, Milk Punch, or drink Cognac Margarita, you can use the mixers we listed above to spice your night or reward yourself after a long day. 

So, what are you waiting for? Prepare your favorite cocktail glass with these mixers, and make yourself a delicious beverage. But remember, drink responsibly!  



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