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What to Mix with Jäger: Crafting Flavorful Cocktails (2024)

What to Mix With Jager

If you want to elevate your Jagermeister drink and make it a more satisfying quencher, you’re in for a treat! I’ve been there, and there’s one simple solution to level up this drink – use a mixer!

But with all the alcoholic mixers available, deciding what to mix with Jager for an enhanced bar drinking experience can be tricky.

Since I’ve tried and tested a myriad of mixers, I’m here to break down my top Jagermeister mixers that will surely shake drinks up!

Top 12 Jäger Mixers To Try

1. Red Bull

Can of Red Bull Drink

Star Rating: ★★★★★

Why I Like It: Red Bull and Jäger is a classic for a reason. The energizing jolt of the caffeine combined with the robust, woody notes of Jäger creates a unique drink that’s both vivacious and grounding.

“One shot of Jagermeister can turn an ordinary night into an extraordinary adventure.” – Liquor Laboratory

Every gulp swears an adventure, making it a steadfast favorite in the world of Jäger mixers. Just two ingredients, Jäger and Red Bull make the best Jäger Bomb, perfect for your late-night escapades.

Warning: They are not mixed in equal parts.

Additionally, this pairing is famous not only for the complementary flavors but also for the way Red Bull’s caffeine balances the sedative nature due to the significant alcohol content in Jägermeister, which was stored in oak barrels.

But what other alcoholic drinks can you mix with Red Bull?

2. Ginger Beer

Bottles of Ginger Beer

Star Rating: ★★★★★

Why We Like It: Ginger beer infuses a spicy kick, turning the Jägermeister mix into a festive, spirited booze. The robust combination of flavors, warmth, depth, and complexity makes for a perfect cocktail.

The intricate, herbal essence of Jägermeister finds its match in the spicy zing of ginger beer, leading to a refreshing yet bold cocktail recipe.

The profound herbal flavors of Jägermeister merge seamlessly with ginger beer’s lively and piquant notes.

Ideal for lively soirees and frat parties, opting for Jägermeister mixed with ginger beer guarantees an experience that stimulates the senses and keeps you coming back for another taste. But what does Jager taste like?

3. Cranberry Juice

Bottle of Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice

Star Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

Why I Like It: I like how cranberry juice enhances Jager’s earthy tones with its tart punch, providing a refreshingly bright cocktail.

This vibrant mixture promises a sensory experience where tart flavors meet bitter undertones, creating a refreshing, zesty delight.

The complex, herbal taste of Jägermeister beautifully complements various fruit juices such as apple, orange, and lemon, as highlighted earlier.

Yet, there’s something profoundly captivating about the bold, tart edge and visual appeal cranberry juices introduce, making it a standout mixer.

4. Coffee

Glass of Coffee

Star Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

Why I Like It: People from Germany and worldwide have discovered the delightful pairing of Jägermeister with coffee. The bold, aromatic essence of coffee complements splendidly with Jager’s herbal complexity.

The richness of coffee beans intertwines with Jager’s complex flavors, yielding a tasty Jägermeister Cold Brew drink.

I could’ve rated this combination even higher if not for Jägermeister’s recommended serving temperature (best served at -0.4°F to appreciate its intricate flavors fully).

I tried this pairing, Jägermeister blended with hot coffee. It’s not my favorite recipe (obviously), but it coins the mix, called Jägermeister Kaffee.

5. Ginger Ale

Glass of Homemade Ginger Ale

Star Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

Why I Like It: I like how ginger ale creates a hop of flavors when mixed with Jagermeister. Each sip is a perfect blend of sweetness and spiciness, bringing out Jager’s intricate herbal complexity.

The delightful zing of ginger ale (much more than a root beer) makes every sip a revelation – a mix that’s both refreshing and irresistible, especially with a lime squeeze.

If you’re thinking of making a Moscow Mule, Jagermeister, and Ginger Ale is a great combination (but this mix may also be called Jagermeister Mule!)

6. Lemonade (Lemon Juice)

Lemonade on a Pitcher

Star Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

Why We Like It: Lemonade introduces a citrusy zest that cuts through the depth of Jägermeister [1], delivering a refreshing, lively cocktail.

This combination is perfect for a sunny afternoon, where the zest meets depth, creating a refreshing, buoyant cocktail – Cold Brew Lemonade.

The sharp, sour flavor of citrus blends remarkably with the spirit, highlighting its most succulent, fruity, and zesty tones.

To create a delightful mix of lemonade and Jägermeister, gently pour a small amount of Jäger over a tall glass filled with lemonade. You can add simple syrup for added sugar – it’s up to you. But how many Jager bombs can kill you?

7. Apple Cider

Homemade Apple Cider

Star Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

Why We Like It: Apple cider and Jägermeister are autumn encapsulated in a drink. The sweet, earthy tones of cider weave through Jager’s complexity, creating a cocktail recipe that’s warm and rich.

This is an unexpected pairing for me. But given that several of the 56 ingredients of Jägermeister [2] are essential oils extracted from various fruits, their skins, peels, and barks, this combination makes sense!

The presence of apple juice in many fruit juice blends aligns it as a natural companion to Jägermeister, effortlessly complementing its hidden fruity nuances.

Now, I prefer apple cider to pineapple juice!

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8. Cola/Coke

Coca Cola Bottles

Star Rating: ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆

Why I Like It: Cola or Coke brings a caramelized sweetness that complements Jagermeister’s complex, bitter elements. The perfect combination of cola and Jägermeister strikes a balanced melody of flavors.

It’s the comforting classic, like a warm hug in a glass – simple yet satisfying. With this pairing, you can make an American version of Cuba Libre [3].

Begin with a pour of 2 ounces of Jägermeister, followed by adding ice and Coke (or any soda pop) to fill the glass.

The cola’s sugary flavor harmoniously contrasts the Jäger’s subtle bittersweet licorice undertone. Lastly, garnish the drink with a lime garnish for a zestful touch.

9. Orange Juice

Freshly Squeeze Orange Juice

Star Rating: ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆

Why I Like It: The citrusy burst of orange juice brings out the lively, spirit side of Jägermeister. Each sip boasts deep, intricate notes of the liquor to the bright, sunny aisles of an orchard – it’s a morning sunrise in a glass.

The orange peel (or lemon peel), one of the 56 botanical elements of Jägermeister, is amplified by the vibrant, sweet, and zesty notes of fresh OJ (which I like better than the flavors of pineapple juice!)

This blend breathes new life into the cocktail scene, providing a compelling alternative to the commonplace Vodka Screwdriver cocktails we’re all too familiar with.

10. Club Soda

Star Rating: ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆

Why We Like It: Club soda imparts a light, crisp, refreshing base that elevates the intricate layers of Jägermeister. I like how this club soda lets Jager’s robust character shine, creating clean and complex drinks.

Regardless of whether you refer to it as soda water or seltzer, this sparkling soda water adds a lively effervescence to the richness of Jägermeister drinkstoning down the pronounced licorice flavor.

If you’re unfamiliar with the taste of Jägermeister, a blend of club soda and ice presents an excellent starting point for your exploration.

11. Beer

Glass of Beer

Star Rating: ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆

Why We Like It: Beer melds into woody notes of Jägermeister, crafting a drink that tastes hearty and robust. Each sip oozes the rustic charm of an old tavern.

It’s a dependable companion to Jägermeister, though it might not be everyone’s first choice due to varied tastes and beer options.

It might not promise an unforgettable experience (for all), but for me, its consistency, readiness, and laid-back nature make it a solid choice for a mixture. Actually, you can try root beer, too!

But is Jagermeister whiskey?

12. Milk

Pouring Bottle of Milk on a Glass

Star Rating: ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆

Why We Like It: Milk tames the robust character of Jägermeister, providing a creamy, subdued cocktail. It’s a touch of the wild spirit of Jäger – a gentle, soothing blend.

Jägermeister possesses a distinct, intense taste profile, a blend of bitter, sweet, and tart notes, contrasting significantly with milk’s soothing, mild taste.

“I doubt anyone on deathbed has said, “Boy, I wish I had taken more shots of Jagermeister.” – Jason Flamm, Writer/Author 

Milk gives a gentle, calming experience reminiscent of childhood treats, while Jägermeister introduces a more adventurous, mature profile.

Yet, this stark contrast doesn’t negate the surprisingly harmonious and comforting blend they create when combined.

Note: The star rating was determined during a blind taste and based on every mixer’s flavor’s balance, aroma, smoothness, and quality when used in cocktails.

FAQs Related to What to Mix with Jäger

What is the right way to drink a Jager Bomb?

To drink the Jager Bomb cocktail the right way, drop a shot of Jägermeister into a Red Bull’s glass and let the fusion of energy and depth kickstart your night.

Is Jägermeister good for your stomach?

A bottle of Jägermeister can be good for your stomach if taken in moderation. Initially crafted as a “digestif,” this liqueur was meant to soothe the stomach and aid digestion after a meal [4].
Nowadays, it has found its way to the lively atmosphere of any bar, popular with college kids. Beyond its social appeal, it’s also believed to encompass certain health advantages.

Why do Jäger Bombs make you so drunk?

Jager Bomb drinks can make you so drunk due to the combination of Red Bull’s caffeine and the alcohol from Jägermeister, heightening the effects and making you feel drunker.

What type of alcohol is Jagermeister?

Jagermeister is a type of herbal liqueur and not a rum or whiskey (like some people believed). Like gin, Jägermeister is made from a wide array of herbs, fruits, roots, and spices.

What are some Jägermeister shot combinations?

Aside from the classic Jägerbomb, you can mix Jägermeister with various liqueurs or spirits for shots. For example, combining Jägermeister with peach schnapps creates a “Surfer on Acid” shot, or mixing it with Goldschläger results in a “Liquid Cocaine” shot.

Can Jägermeister be mixed with fruit juice?

Yes, Jägermeister can be mixed with fruit juices like orange, cranberry, or pineapple juice to create refreshing cocktails.

Are there any non-alcoholic mixers for Jägermeister?

While Jägermeister is typically mixed with alcoholic beverages, you can also mix it with non-alcoholic ingredients such as soda water, lemon-lime soda, or even cold brew coffee for a unique twist.

What are some Jägermeister cocktail recipes?

Some popular Jägermeister cocktail recipes include the Jägermeister Sour (made with Jägermeister, lemon juice, and simple syrup), the Jägermeister Spice (made with Jägermeister, apple cider, and cinnamon), and the Jägermeister Spice Mule (made with Jägermeister Spice, ginger beer, and lime juice).

Key Takeaways

Though each combination has its unique allure, the iconic combo of Jagermeister spirit and Red Bull steals the spotlight for its energizing, robust taste that turns any gathering into a celebration.

But all the cocktail mixers mentioned above work well with Jägermeister, and the best mixer will depend on your taste preference since taste is subjective.

So, I highly suggest trying the different drinks until you find which combination will satisfy your palate!


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