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What to Wear to the Club: 15 Cool Outfits (2024 Edition)

What to Wear to the Club

Last Updated on March 12, 2024 by Lydia Martin

Choosing a club outfit to look effortlessly cute and cool can be easy for some. While this ease may be due to their natural style and intuition, it’s mainly a fruit of trial and error.

But if you’re a first-time club-goer or just a socially awkward person trying to have new adventures, you might want to know what to wear to a club to look cool.

Our team went to different clubs and interviewed stylish club patrons for their recommendations. So, if you’re looking for outfit ideas for your upcoming bar hopping, here are different styles to consider.

Top 15 Club Outfit Ideas You Need To Try

15. Button-Up Shirts With Fitted Jeans Or Chinos

Man Wearing Button-Up Shirts With Fitted Jeans

Button-up shirts are a practical choice for dressing up a casual outfit, which is acceptable for most clubs. Pair them with chinos or skinny jeans for a fashionable look.

Although there’s still debate about whether to wear a button-up shirt in a tucked or untucked manner, for casual settings, untucked is typically better.

14. Suits For Men

Man Wearing Casual Suit Outfit

A dark color suit, such as navy or black, is your best choice, which you can pair with a white shirt. If you want to avoid the tie, remove the top two buttons of your shirt.

A suit will look great on you at a more formal establishment, but it might not be appreciated by younger individuals at a more casual club scene.

13. Fitted T-Shirts

Close Up Image of a Man Wearing Fitted T-Shirts

If you plan on dressing up for the club this summer, a fitted tee is a stylish summer outfit. It’s comfortable, offers a bit of a show of skin, and keeps you cool as you dance.

“What to wear to a club? Let style ignite the night!” – Liquor Laboratory

While black cotton shirts are typically the main choice for men, you can experiment with different patterns and colors. Various fabrics, such as lace, satin, and mesh, can be used.

12. Hooded Jackets

Man Wearing Hooded Jacket

If you want something simple to wear to a club, a simple yet sophisticated jacket can be your best bet. Dark colors, like navy blue, are often the ideal choice for winter club outfits.

For an edgier look, wear to a club a hooded jacket for a little bit of character. Make sure that the fit is slim and that it doesn’t obscure your lines. A bulky jacket can look awkward.

11. Overshirts

Man Wearing Overshirts

A good clubbing outfit involves layering a shirt over another. For example, a slim T-shirt or tank top can look great as an overcoat.

If you want to widen your upper body or your club outfit’s personal style, don’t include a form-fitting garment. You can wear overshirts as your club attire.

10. Pants & Jeans

Hand Holding Folded Jeans

You don’t necessarily have to wear a dress or suit to parties. A pair of jeans or pants is a great alternative to wear to a club.

Try shiny, glittering, or sequined bottoms if you plan on making a statement.

Also, you can opt for chinos, which you can wear in dressier and casual settings, or trousers for more sophisticated and upscale clubs.

9. Cowboy Boots

Cowboy Boots on a Rack

Because of how comfortable they are, cowboy boots are often more practical than heels to wear to a club.

Besides cowboy boots, opt for ankle boots or platforms with an open-toe for a more sophisticated look.

Also, we suggest Chelsea boots or thigh-high boots (or knee-high boots) if you want to wear shoes that are something more rebellious and alluring.

8. Skirts, Dresses, & Platform Heels

Woman Wearing Sexy Black Dress

A skirt or a bodycon dress, paired with high heels, is a perfect outfit when dressing up for a Saturday night out or a birthday party.

Wear a mini-skirt if you want something sexy with a more sophisticated look.

Club Tips: For a fancy nightclub, go for either a short or long skirt. A long skirt can look glamorous, especially with a slit.

7. Button-Down Shirts

Man Wearing An Oxford Button Down Shirt

Girls can sport button-down shirts, just like boys. If you like, you can also unbutton them over tank tops, like on a button-up shirt.

But if you want button-down shirts untucked, we suggest pairing them with jeans or leather pants or anything in line with the dress code (for an upscale bar).

6. Bodysuits

Woman Wearing Long Sleeve Bodysuit

A standard bodysuit covers the torso and upper body, similar to a ballet leotard [1]. On the other hand, a full bodysuit is meant to hug your curves from the bottom to the top.

A lot of people consider bodysuits to be a staple when it comes to clubbing outfits. You can choose from various colors and cutouts and, sometimes, show off a lot of skin.

5. Corsets

Woman Wearing Corset

While we’re in the modern era, you can still try to bring back some old fashion styles, like wearing corsets. This helps accentuates your curves to look sexier.

You can wear a bodycon dress, a button-down shirt, or a long sleeve shirt with a corset on top. If you want to explore more club outfits, include corsets in your style. It won’t let you down.

4. Statement Top With Metallic Pants & Heels

Woman Wearing Statement Top shirt

Instead of wearing a plain T-shirt and pants, why not pair a statement top with metallic pants and heels? If you want something more noticeable, this is the perfect style.

To accessorize, wear hoop earrings or bracelets to complete your look. You’re a sure star on the dance floor.

3. Jumpsuits & Rompers

Woman Wearing Red Jumpsuit

A good choice for club dressing is a pair of comfortable and versatile rompers or jumpsuits. Besides, you don’t have to worry about coordinating your top and bottom.

There are so many options with these pieces, and you can go for a vintage vibe with wide-legged trousers or show off your legs in a mini-dress [2].

2. Denim Jackets & Tube Tops

Denim Jacket on a Hanger

You can combine denim jackets and tube tops for a casual look, perfect for casual venues. You can also wear a cute crop top and a leather jacket.

This is one of the versatile club outfits you can pair with fitted pants or mini-skirts. Also, pairing and wearing heels or white sneakers [3] are a good idea.

1. Loop Earrings & Black Classic/Mini Dress

Different Style of Earrings

If you want a classic look, pair black or dark gray dresses with loop earrings. Also, you can pair your dark-colored dress (like cocktail dresses) with strappy heels for a more casual outfit.

“One is never over-dressed or underdressed with a Little Black Dress.” — Karl Lagerfeld, German Fashion Designer

Depending on your style preferences, you opt for velvet ropes as your belt and classic pumps if you want an accent piece. You can also bring a small purse during a special occasion.

FAQs Related to What to Wear to the Club?

What should I wear to the club?

Dressing for the club typically involves stylish and trendy attire that reflects the venue’s atmosphere and dress code. Opt for fashionable yet comfortable clothing that allows you to move and dance freely.

Is there a dress code for clubs?

Many clubs have specific dress codes, which may vary depending on the venue’s style and clientele. Common dress codes include smart casual, cocktail attire, or even themed dress nights. It’s essential to check the club’s website or call ahead to inquire about their dress code policy.

What is considered appropriate club attire for men?

Men can opt for stylish yet casual outfits, such as well-fitted jeans or trousers paired with a button-down shirt, polo shirt, or stylish T-shirt. Adding a blazer or jacket can elevate the look, along with trendy footwear like dress shoes or fashionable sneakers.

What are some fashion tips for women going to the club?

Women have a range of options for club attire, including dresses, skirts, jumpsuits, or stylish separates. Choose outfits that highlight your personal style and make you feel confident. Consider accessorizing with statement jewelry, heels or stylish flats, and a trendy clutch or handbag.

Can I wear jeans to the club?

Yes, jeans can be appropriate for the club, especially if paired with a stylish top and accessories. Opt for well-fitted jeans without rips or tears, and pair them with a fashionable blouse or shirt to create a polished look.

Are there any items of clothing that are typically not allowed in clubs?

Some clubs may have restrictions on certain items of clothing, such as athletic wear, flip-flops, or overly casual attire like tank tops or shorts. It’s essential to check the club’s dress code policy beforehand to avoid any issues.

Should I wear comfortable shoes to the club?

Yes, wearing comfortable shoes to the club is essential, especially if you plan to dance or spend a lot of time on your feet. Opt for stylish yet comfortable footwear like heels with adequate support, fashionable sneakers, or chic flats.

In Summary

You have a lot of club outfits to try, from basic to trendy to formal wear or a stylish outfit, perfect for different places, from an upscale club or business casual setting to a standard bar.

You can make these fashion tips an ultimate women’s guide (and men’s, of course) to style while considering your personal preference.

So, dress up, have fun, and drink moderately!


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