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15 Best Alcohol Bottles For A Party: Listed (2024 Updated)

Best Alcohol Bottles For A Party

Last Updated on February 24, 2024 by Lydia Martin

The best alcohol bottles contain not just delicious taste and quality spirits but also have distinct shapes and shades or are crafted from fancy materials.

Every liquor lover surely wants to collect these fancy bottles to display or bring them to a gathering to impress the host and the guests.

I’ve enjoyed chatting with several seasoned alcohol bottle collectors who’ve generously shared their insights about the best alcohol bottles for a party.

15 Best Alcohol Bottles For A Party 

1. Blanton’s Bourbon

The Blanton's Bourbons Lineup

Ancient Age Distillery (now Buffalo Trace Distillery) wanted to create a spirit that would have a lasting impact on the industry — and that spirit was Blanton’s single-barrel bourbon.

Based on the bottle collectors we interviewed, this is the first ultra-premium bourbon whiskey with a signature bottle, making a strong first impression. The bottle itself is a combination of a perfume bottle and a grenade.

“Collecting bottles is like collecting stories; each one has a tale to tell, waiting to be uncorked.” -Liquor Laboratory

Collector’s Tip: Each bottle has seven different racehorse toppers, each with a letter spelling “Blanton.” 

2. Samurai Vodka

Samurai Vodka with glass, lime and ice

The Samurai vodka bottle has a jagged middle section and an offset design, giving it the appearance of being slashed by a sword.

This Japanese vodka is a must-have for any party, especially if you want new spirits from the usual vodka or Japanese whisky. 

3. Crystal Head Vodka

Crystal Head Vodka on a black background

In 2009, actor Dan Aykroyd collaborated with John Alexander, an artist, to create Crystal Head vodka — with a unique liquor bottle shaped like a skull. 

The bottle took over two years to create, inspired by the 13 crystal skulls discovered worldwide.

Besides, the vodka inside was filtered seven times, three of which were filters of Herkimer diamonds. 

4. Jack Daniel’s Chess Game

Jack Daniel's Chess Game Set on Top of a Table

Chess as a party game? This seems unusual, but you can turn it into something exciting with Jack Daniel’s Chess Game collection. 

As a wine enthusiast, I am impressed as it features 32 individually carved bottles, each with a story about the company’s history. 

The chess board also serves as the carrying case for all the pieces, with each piece containing a shot of Jack Daniel’s spirit that you can drink neat.

5. Medea Vodka Programmable Liquor Bottle

Bottle of Medea Vodka Customizable Led Display

Medea vodka will impress your techy guests because of its digital touch, allowing anyone to customize the colors and messages on its LED display.

So this seven-time award-winning liquor can be lit up with sentimental messages, which you can personalize depending on the event.

6. Ladoga Imperial Collection

Ladoga Imperial Collection Vodka Egg Ruby

The idea behind this alcohol bottle is that any premium vodka [1] should be in fancy bottles. 

So, the egg-like outer base was made with 24-karat gold and crystal, and the inside features four Venetian glasses in a decanter. 

A golden eagle miniature on top is available in different colors, making these bottles worth collecting – especially for Russian vodka extremists.

Buying Tip: Each egg costs around $4000 to $8600; only 100 bottles are sold each year. 

7. Armand da Brignac Champagne


Nicknamed “Ace of Spade,” this Champagne was named after Jay Z when he became an investor in the company.

It was featured in his 2006 music video for “Show Me What You Got.” Each bottle is made with metal and has its labels hand-applied using French pewter.

So, who would not want to hold and try this Champagne bottle, especially for your music-lover friends?

8. Haig Club

man holding Haig Club Bottle

Haig Club is made with different grains and is characterized by its distinctive square blue bottle, which looks like a lustrous cologne.

What’s more interesting is that sports and style celebrity David Beckham collaborated with the brand, attracting fans and football fanatics.

9. Frozen Ghost Vodka

3 bottles of Frozen Ghost Vodka

This bottle of alcohol is best for Halloween parties because it features a frighteningly cool design. 

There’s a silhouette of a man trapped inside the bottle, and as you turn it around, he follows you until he disappears completely [2]. 

This impressive yet chilling holographic artifice will leave a mark on anyone who sees it. 

Disturbing Fact: Legend has it that this liquor bottle is made from cursed water, which is said to have been haunted by a farmer who tried to steal the recipe. 

10. Milagro Tequila Romance

hand holding Milagro Tequila Romance Bottle

This bottle is a must-have not just for any gathering but for any collector. The bottle features four different pouring areas and two separate chambers.

The inner chambers are filled with Blue Agave Select Reserve Anejo, while the outer chambers are filled with Reposado tequila for well-balanced enjoyment.

11. Louis XIII Black Pearl

Bottle of Louis XIII Black Pearl in a box

The Louis XIII Black Pearl is one of the most sought-after liquor bottle designs, which will wow guests at any event.  

This rare blend of French brandy is aged up to a hundred years in the Grande Champagne.

Although it may look like an ancient deadly weapon, the bottle’s Baccarat crystal reflects and refracts light.

Even more mind-blowing, this bottle features a special anniversary edition made with real gold, titanium, and carbon.

12. Bombay Sapphire Revelation Collection


The Bombay Sapphire Revelation Collection is a great bottle released for a limited time. Only five bottles exist–shipped to different cities worldwide: London, Singapore, Sydney, Dubai, and New York.

The proceeds from the purchase benefit a good cause, the Smile Train, a charity that helps children with cleft palates.

Quick Fact: Each bottle costs around $200,000, and the persons who purchased have received a one-year supply of the Bombay Sapphire gin.  

13. KAH Tequila

Kah Tequila Bottle

KAH tequila is made from blue agave, aged in oak barrels to enhance its dried fruits flavor, and the bottle design was inspired by Mexico’s Day of the Dead celebrations [3].  

“[These tequilas have] distinctive nuances that take you on a journey from the front to the back palate, with a finish that makes you come back for another sip.” – Crystal Chasse, Beverage Creative Director

It may not seem like your typical party liquor (due to the story behind it), but it’s all about the taste and experience.

This unique tequila may not be a real skull, but it’s full of spirit.

14. St-Germain Elderflower Liqueur

Bottle of St-Germain Elderflower Liqueur with ice bucket,stirrer and a glass

St. Germain Elderflower Liqueur is rich and creamy, perfect for those passionate who enjoy slow sipping.

To wow your herbal-fanatic guests, relay to them that each bottle contains up to 1000 wild elderflower blossoms – handpicked.

15. Anestasia Vodka

Anestasia Vodka at a Liquor Store

Yuliya Mamontova created Anestasia vodka using a secret formula her grandmother passed down.

This bottle’s jagged crystal-like appearance makes it an eye-catching addition to any cocktail party.

Popular Opinion: Anestasia vodka speaks for “women empowerment as this female-owned brand supports NGOs, focusing on helping women worldwide. 


What’s the best alcohol bottle gift for a man?

Blanton’s bourbon is the best alcohol gift for a man, especially for those who love bourbon.
Aside from its sophisticated bottle, the spirit inside is crafted to impact the industry notably. 

Why should you have cool alcohol bottles for a party?

Cool alcohol bottles for your party make the event even more enjoyable and mind-boggling for your guests.
It’s also a way to exhibit your collections while allowing the guests to experience fancy spirits. 
However, if you serve cocktails, you can place them in a large punch bowl or individual glasses instead, especially if it is an Old Fashioned cocktail with Angostura bitters, whiskey, and simple syrup.

What’s the most expensive alcohol bottle?

The most expensive alcohol bottle is the D’Amalfi Limoncello Supreme [4], priced at around $44 million.
Only one bottle exists, adorned with an 18.5-carat diamond on the front and a 3-carat diamond on its neck.   

What are the best alcohol bottles for a party?

The best alcohol bottles for a party depend on factors like the size of the gathering, the preferences of the guests, and the types of cocktails or drinks being served.

Should I offer a variety of alcohol bottles at a party?

Offering a variety of alcohol bottles ensures that there’s something for everyone’s taste preferences. Consider including options like vodka, rum, whiskey, tequila, and gin.

What size bottles should I buy for a party?

Opt for larger-sized bottles, such as 1.75 liters (handle) or 1 liter, to accommodate the needs of a larger group of people and minimize the need for frequent refills.

Are there specific brands of alcohol that are popular for parties?

Some popular brands of alcohol for parties include Smirnoff vodka, Bacardi rum, Jack Daniel’s whiskey, Jose Cuervo tequila, and Tanqueray gin, among others.

Should I consider pre-mixed cocktails or drinks for a party?

Pre-mixed cocktails or drinks can be convenient for parties, as they save time and effort in preparing individual drinks. Consider options like margarita mix, sangria, or canned cocktails.


Key Takeaways 

If you plan to have a holiday gathering, you might need an alcohol bottle that’s appropriate for the occasion. 

You can customize a basket containing the best alcohol bottles and glasses. It’s a bit expensive, but it’s well worth it if you’re acquainted (and related) to many drink enthusiasts. 

Also, these cool bottles are a must-have for collectors.

But whether you want to sip the spirit inside or serve an affordable spirit using a fancy bottle, it’s always your call. 


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