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Where To Buy Buffalo Trace Bourbon: Shopping Guide (2024)

Where to Buy Buffalo Trace Bourbon

Last Updated on March 1, 2024 by Lydia Martin

Do you want to know where to buy buffalo trace bourbon? We know that some of you are struggling to find a bottle of Buffalo Trace bourbon because BT juices are incredibly bang for your buck but allocated in some places.

As soon as it hits the liquor shelves, it sells out quickly, and Buffalo Trace Distillery gift shops and liquor stores impose purchasing limitations. 

So, where can you buy Buffalo Trace bourbon? We’re here to help you out, so read on. 

Where Can You Buy Buffalo Trace Bourbon Bottles?

Bottle of Buffalo Trace with shelves of liquor on the background

While it can be challenging to find these expressions, you can buy Buffalo Trace bourbon in Buffalo Trace Distillery’s physical and online gift shop but with certain purchasing limitations. 

There are online liquor shops like Drizly, Total Wine, Wooden Cork, and Caskers where you can score a bottle but expect that the price point varies. 

Finding a bottle of Buffalo Trace bourbon may not be easy, especially if it is allocated in some states.

For instance, in Western Pennsylvania and North Carolina, BT rarely hits the shelves, and when they do, they sell out quickly and impose purchasing limitations. 

If you get lucky, there are local liquor stores with a nice inventory of Buffalo Trace bourbon. 

Also, check grocery stores like Costco, Walmart, and Winco because they may also sell Buffalo Trace bourbons. 

Possible Places You Can Buy Buffalo Trace Bourbon 

Buffalo Trace Distillery – Gift Shop (Physical Store)

Buffalo Trace Distillery admits that they are struggling to meet the consumer’s demands, and as they work to expand their production capacity, sadly, they impose purchasing limits. 

Buffalo Trace bourbon is available in their physical gift shop located at their distillery.

We tried to buy three bottles of Buffalo Trace bourbon to bring home from their physical gift shop but to manage the shortage, the bourbon is limited to one bottle for each visitor per day. 

Buffalo Trace Distillery Online Gift Shop

Buffalo Trace Online Website

Buffalo Trace Distillery opened an online gift shop where you can buy Buffalo Trace bourbon, branded apparel, collectibles, home goods, and gifts. 

Aside from Buffalo Trace bourbon, there are other spirits from Buffalo Trace Distillery that you can score on their online gift shop. 

However, the availability of the bourbons in their gift shop is not guaranteed.  

Online Liquor Shops

If you want your Buffalo Trace bourbon delivered right to your doorstep, there are online liquor shops that sell Buffalo Trace bourbon, but the price varies. 

Drizly online sells Buffalo Trace at around $34.99, while in Total Wine, you can snag a bottle for around $24.99. 

WoodenCork sells Buffalo Trace bourbons for around $44.99, while Caskers sells it at roughly $61.99, which is way too high for a BT (but since it is a secondary market, this thing is not surprising). 

Local Liquor Shops

You can visit your local liquor shops for the availability of Buffalo Trace bourbon. 

Buffalo Trace bottles are readily available on the West Coast and in the Western States like Arizona and Nevada.

Our friends in South Texas, Florida, Alabama, Oregon, and Illinois tipped us off that you can find Buffalo Trace in local liquor shops at around $28-$33 per 750ml. 

In addition, buying BT is like buying water in New York City. 

In Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Maryland, and Delaware, Buffalo Trace rarely hits the shelves, and when they do, it’s gone in an hour (absolute madness). 

Worst of all, the markup is ridiculous in some states like NC and LA. 

Grocery Stores

costco store

Good for some states; you can head to the grocery stores to snag a bottle of Buffalo Trace bourbon. Costco Stores in DC receive shipments every once a month. 

Buffalo Trace bourbon is everywhere in Arizona; grocery stores have ten rows deep and clog up the bottom shelves at around $23.

You can also check Winco and Walmart for availability. 

Where To Buy Buffalo Trace Bourbon Online

Buffalo Trace Bourbon, renowned for its quality and balanced flavor profile, is often sought after by whiskey enthusiasts. To purchase Buffalo Trace Bourbon online, several reputable platforms offer a convenient and reliable shopping experience.

Many well-established online liquor retailers, including but not limited to ReserveBar, Drizly, and Total Wine & More, frequently carry Buffalo Trace Bourbon in their inventory.

Additionally, the official Buffalo Trace Distillery website often features an online store where enthusiasts can purchase the bourbon directly from the source.

While availability may vary due to high demand and limited production, these online platforms provide a convenient avenue for whiskey enthusiasts to explore and purchase Buffalo Trace Bourbon from the comfort of their homes, ensuring a reliable and efficient delivery of this beloved spirit.

It’s advisable to check the shipping regulations and availability in your specific location before making a purchase.

Can You Easily Buy It In Kentucky?

Unfortunately, it is not easy to buy Buffalo Trace in Kentucky.

To get a bottle, you either know someone, be at the right place at the right time, overpay or go to other states where it is available. 

Kentucky is one of the worst places to find BT with the tourism [1] and all, plus the secondary ruined the market. Also, some stores in KY only sell it to their VIP list.

The demand for BT is high, and the best chance for getting one is heading to the distillery. 

Why Is Buffalo Trace So Hard To Find Now? 

Many of you wonder what’s the hype with Buffalo Trace that it is extremely hard to find.

To give you some real answers, here are the possible reasons why it is hard to find:

  • It is a decent bourbon.
  • It is cheap (unless you get it at the secondary market). 
  • It is allocated in some states. 
  • The demand is high, but the supply is limited. 
  • The secondary market sucks. 
  • Sazerac possibly manipulates the distribution for artificial scarcity (who knows?) 

Is Buffalo Trace Bourbon Allocated?

Bottle of Buffalo Trace Bourbon

Yes, Buffalo Trace bourbon is allocated in other places. As Buffalo Trace Distillery is aware of the shortage of BT juices, there are places where the allocation is a thing. 

Stores don’t get to say how much they will receive and when the next shipment will be. 

Is There A Shortage Of Buffalo Trace Bourbon? 

Yes. Based on the Buffalo Trace official website, there is a shortage of Buffalo Trace bourbon. 

Since bourbon should age in barrels for many years [2], the supply is insufficient to meet today’s demand. 

Is Buffalo Trace Worth The Money? 

Buffalo Trace Bottle and a Glass

Yes, Buffalo Trace is worth the money. One of the main reasons why people are going crazy over BT juices is that the price point is hard to pass up. 

“We focus on delivering authentic products that consumers can have confidence in while balancing innovation with tradition,

– Harlen Wheatley, Master Distiller at Buffalo Trace.

For around $25-$30, Buffalo Trace is an incredibly solid buy. Also, it does not taste cheap for its price. 

However, if you buy the BT spirit for around $50 and up, think twice because other bourbons may taste way better for this price. 


Why is Buffalo Trace hard to find?

Buffalo Trace’s scarcity is often attributed to its popularity and the high demand for this well-regarded bourbon. The distillery faces challenges in keeping up with the global demand for their products. Limited production, careful aging processes, and the brand’s reputation for quality contribute to its scarcity on the shelves of liquor stores.

What is the retail price of Buffalo Trace?

The retail price of Buffalo Trace bourbon can vary based on factors such as location, taxes, and store pricing policies. On average, as of my last knowledge update in January 2022, a standard 750ml bottle of Buffalo Trace may be priced in the range of $25 to $35. However, prices can fluctuate, and it’s advisable to check with local retailers for the most current pricing.

Is Buffalo Trace bourbon expensive?

Buffalo Trace bourbon is generally considered affordable and falls within a reasonable price range compared to some higher-end or rare whiskies. Its reputation for quality at a relatively accessible price point contributes to its popularity among bourbon enthusiasts.

Is Buffalo Trace a top shelf whiskey?

Buffalo Trace is often considered a top-shelf whiskey, particularly in its category of affordable bourbons. While it may not be as expensive as some ultra-premium options, its consistent quality, smooth taste, and widespread acclaim elevate it to top-shelf status among bourbon enthusiasts.

Why is Buffalo Trace so expensive?

While Buffalo Trace is not typically considered expensive in the realm of premium whiskies, occasional increases in demand and limited availability can drive up prices. Additionally, certain special releases or allocated batches, known for their uniqueness, may command higher prices on the secondary market.

What is so special about Buffalo Trace bourbon?

Buffalo Trace bourbon is highly regarded for its balance of flavors, smoothness, and affordability. Its mash bill, which includes a blend of corn, rye, and barley, contributes to a rich and complex profile. The bourbon undergoes careful aging in charred oak barrels, adding depth and character. The distillery’s commitment to quality and the consistent delivery of a well-crafted product contribute to what makes Buffalo Trace special.

How do you drink Buffalo Trace bourbon?

Buffalo Trace bourbon can be enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or in cocktails. Its versatile and approachable nature makes it suitable for various preferences. Many enthusiasts appreciate sipping it straight to fully experience its flavors, while others enjoy it in classic cocktails like an Old Fashioned or a Bourbon Sour.

Is Buffalo Trace a good beginner whiskey?


Yes, Buffalo Trace is often recommended as a good bourbon for beginners. Its well-balanced flavors, relatively low price point, and smooth finish make it an approachable choice for those new to whiskey. It provides an excellent introduction to the world of bourbon without overwhelming the palate.

What is the most expensive brand of bourbon?

As of my last knowledge update in January 2022, some of the most expensive bourbon brands include Pappy Van Winkle, which is highly sought after and known for its rarity, as well as certain limited-edition releases from other distilleries. Prices for these rare and aged bourbons can reach thousands of dollars per bottle.

Is Buffalo Trace still hard to find?

As of my last knowledge update in January 2022, Buffalo Trace can still be challenging to find in some regions due to high demand and limited production. However, availability can vary, and it’s worth checking with local liquor stores or online retailers to see if it has become more accessible in your area.

Can you easily buy Buffalo Trace bourbon at any store?

No, you cannot easily buy Buffalo Trace bourbon at any store. You have to present an ID to prove you can legally purchase alcohol. 

It can be hard to find and buy BT bourbons at any store because it is allocated in most states.

Also, note the state laws about the date and time to purchase Buffalo Trace bourbons. 

What’s the best state to find Buffalo Trace bourbon?

Florida, Colorado, California, South Texas, Florida, Alabama, Oregon, and Illinois are some of the best states to find Buffalo Trace bourbon. 

Wrapping Up 

Buffalo Trace can be really hard to find in some places for many reasons, such as allocation, high demand and limited supply, and hoarding. 

But it is good to know that you can head to the distillery for a decent bottle of Buffalo Trace bourbon. 

Local liquor shops, online liquor stores, and grocery stores also sell Buffalo Trace bourbon, but the price may vary depending on your location. Happy hunting! 


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  2. 5 rules that make it bourbon
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