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Angels Envy vs Blantons Bourbon: Which is Better? (2024)

Angel's Envy vs Blanton's

Last Updated on March 1, 2024 by Lydia Martin

Blanton’s and Angel’s Envy are two of the most talked about bourbons in the whiskey world today. 

The beautiful horse stopper of Blanton’s will look nice in your home bar, but does it taste better than it looks?

How true is it that Angel’s Envy got a better deal than the angels? 

Read on for the bourbon showdown between Angels Envy vs Blantons and see if they live up to the hype. 

Blanton’s & Angel’s Envy Bourbon Compared

Angel's Envy and Blanton's Bottle with Glasses, Oranges, and Lemons, Angels Envy vs Blantons

Angel’s Envy is a small batch bourbon whiskey finished in port barrels, while Blanton’s is a single barrel bourbon. 

Blanton’s bourbon boasts higher alcohol proof and aged longer than Angel’s Envy. With all the hype about Blanton’s, it is more expensive than Angel’s Envy bourbon

Blanton’s is a high-rye bourbon with around 12-15% rye on its mash bill [1], while Angel’s Envy features a higher rye content with around 18% rye on its mash bill.

History & Origin 

It was 1984 when Blanton’s was released by Buffalo Trace Distillery as the first ever single barrel bourbon sold in the market.  

Angel’s Envy was founded in 2010, and it’s one of the first American whiskey producers that practice a secondary finishing process. 

Distillation & Maturation Process

Whiskey Barrels, angel's envy vs blanton's

Blanton’s is an award-winning single barrel bourbon and since no two barrels have similar tasting notes, expect that some batches are good and some are great. 

It is aged for around six to eight years in newly charred oak barrels to develop its profile [2], and since Warehouse H is made of metal, it ages faster. 

On the other hand, Angel’s Envy is aged between four and six years in new 53-gallon white oak barrels and blended for the ideal flavor profile. 

Then, it undergoes finishing in port barrels for another six months and blends it again for the ideal tasting notes. 

“We felt the taste profile of a ruby port would be perfect for finishing our whiskey, so we took the leap,”

– Wes Henderson, Master Distiller. 

Mash Bills & Alcohol Content 

Angel’s Envy uses the proprietary mash bill of 72% corn, 18% rye, and 10% malted barley. It features 43.3 % ABV or 86.6 proof. 

On the contrary, Blanton’s bourbon uses the Buffalo Trace mash bill #2, and while the exact ratio is not disclosed, it features around 12%-15% rye on its mash bill. 

Blanton’s bourbon boasts 46.5% ABV or 93 proof. 

Tasting Notes

Blanton’sAngel’s Envy
PalateBrown sugar, dark fruits, fairly spicy, vanilla, baking spice, burnt cookie dough with some citrusTouch of grapes, light maple syrup, bitter chocolate, caramel, and vanilla
NoseCinnamon, toffee, vanilla, leather, alcohol, and custardVanilla, Popcorn, charred oak, ethanol, and light grapes
ColorBeautiful amber colorGold with reddish amber hue
FinishMedium length, bitter cacao, tannins, and a slight spicy biteLingering sweetness, clean with hints of Madeira


man opening bottle of Blanton's Single Barrel Bourbon, angels envy vs blantons

Angel’s Envy can be easy to find, especially if you are near their distillery.

Our friends in Denver, Chicago, Seattle, and Oregon mentioned that it is easy to find this bourbon in their locations. 

However, it can be challenging to find because Blanton’s bourbon is allocated in some states.

In addition, while it is available in different places, it is usually available at a higher markup. 

Ownership & Distillery 

Louisville Distilling Company produces Angel’s Envy in Louisville, Kentucky and Bacardi Limited owns the bourbon brand. 

Buffalo Trace Distillery crafts Blanton’s bourbon in Frankfort, Kentucky, and Sazerac Company owns the brand. 

Price Point & Value 

Blanton’s bourbon is more expensive than Angel’s Envy. However, Angel’s Envy is a bang for your buck. 

Angel’s EnvyBlanton’s
Average PriceRoughly $54.99Roughly $136.47

*Average prices are based on Drizly. Prices may vary in local liquor shops.

Fun Facts 

man holding angel's envy bourbon whiskey, Angels Envy Vs Blantons


  • It is the world’s first single barrel.
  • It features eight horse stoppers that you can collect. 
  • The stoppers are spelled “B-L-A-N-T-O-N-S,” and S shows the horse crossing the finish line. 

Angel’s Envy

  • It’s one of the first whiskey producers with secondary finishing.
  • Angel’s share evaporates during barrel aging, and Angel’s Envy is what retains in the barrel. The founder joked that they got a better deal than the angels.
  • It is American made, but Scotch inspired.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Blanton’s harder to find than Angel’s Envy?

Yes, Blanton’s harder to find than Angel’s Envy. 

Since the bottlings are allocated in some places and because of its ridiculously high markup on the secondary market, finding Blanton’s at MSRP is challenging. 

Is Angel’s Envy a better sipper than Blanton’s?

Yes, Angel’s Envy is a better sipper than Blanton’s. Since it is a solid beginner bourbon with low proof, it is smoother, and the cask finish helps round out the bourbon flavors. 

What whiskey is most like Blanton’s?

Blanton’s is renowned for its unique flavor profile, characterized by rich caramel, vanilla, and a hint of spice. While each whiskey possesses its own distinct qualities, Buffalo Trace Distillery, the producer of Blanton’s, offers other notable bourbons that share similarities. Eagle Rare, also crafted by Buffalo Trace, is often considered a close counterpart, featuring a smooth and well-balanced taste with notes of toffee and oak. Additionally, Elmer T. Lee Single Barrel, another creation from the same distillery, shares some flavor characteristics, including a sweet and spicy complexity that whiskey enthusiasts appreciate.

Is Blanton’s bourbon top shelf?

Blanton’s bourbon is undeniably classified as top-shelf whiskey. Its status is attributed to the meticulous production process, which includes single-barrel aging and a careful selection of high-quality ingredients. The distinctive horse stopper and unique bottle design further emphasize its premium status. Recognized for its exceptional craftsmanship, Blanton’s has earned a reputation as a sought-after and prestigious bourbon, often associated with connoisseurs and collectors. Its limited availability and high demand contribute to its esteemed position on the top shelf of whiskey enthusiasts worldwide.

Is Blanton’s high end?

Indeed, Blanton’s is considered a high-end bourbon. The term “high end” in the whiskey world is indicative of superior quality, craftsmanship, and a distinct flavor profile. Blanton’s fulfills these criteria with its single-barrel aging process, ensuring each bottle offers a unique and exceptional tasting experience. The attention to detail in production, coupled with the limited supply and exclusive packaging, positions Blanton’s as a premium choice among high-end bourbons. Its elevated price point reflects the commitment to quality and the prestige associated with this distinguished whiskey.

Why is Blanton’s so popular?

Blanton’s popularity can be attributed to a combination of factors that set it apart in the world of bourbon. The single-barrel aging process imparts a distinctive and consistent flavor profile that resonates with whiskey enthusiasts. Its rich and complex taste, featuring notes of caramel, vanilla, and spice, has garnered widespread acclaim. Additionally, the iconic bottle design and collectible horse stoppers contribute to its appeal among both connoisseurs and collectors. The limited availability of Blanton’s adds an element of exclusivity, driving heightened demand. The brand’s commitment to quality, coupled with its storied history and association with Buffalo Trace Distillery, further enhances its desirability, making Blanton’s a revered and sought-after choice in the world of premium bourbons.

What is John Wick’s favorite bourbon?

While John Wick, the iconic fictional assassin portrayed by Keanu Reeves, is often associated with a sophisticated taste for bourbon, his favorite is not explicitly mentioned in the movies. However, Blanton’s has become somewhat synonymous with the character due to its prominent appearance in the films, contributing to the perception that it could be John Wick’s preferred bourbon.

Does John Wick drink Blanton’s?

Yes, John Wick is depicted enjoying Blanton’s bourbon in the film series. The choice of Blanton’s adds a layer of sophistication to the character, aligning with John Wick’s refined and discerning taste. The prominence of Blanton’s in the movies has led to increased recognition and popularity for the bourbon, with fans of the franchise often associating the brand with the iconic character.

Why is Blanton’s so rare now?

Blanton’s bourbon has become increasingly rare due to its meticulous production process and high demand. The uniqueness of Blanton’s lies in its single-barrel aging method, where each barrel imparts distinct flavors to the whiskey. This process, while contributing to the bourbon’s exceptional quality, also limits the overall production volume. As the popularity of Blanton’s has surged in recent years, the combination of limited production capacity and a growing global fan base has resulted in scarcity. Collectors and enthusiasts actively seek out Blanton’s, further intensifying its rarity and making it a coveted find in the whiskey market.

Why is Blanton’s bourbon so rare?

Several factors contribute to the rarity of Blanton’s bourbon. Firstly, the single-barrel aging process, a key element of Blanton’s production, means that each bottle offers a unique flavor profile. While this adds to the appeal, it also restricts the quantity of bottles that can be produced from a single barrel. Additionally, the Buffalo Trace Distillery, where Blanton’s is crafted, maintains strict quality standards, further limiting the number of barrels deemed suitable for bottling as Blanton’s. The growing global demand for premium and collectible bourbons has exacerbated the scarcity, as enthusiasts and collectors vie for the limited supply. As a result, Blanton’s has become not just a bourbon but a rare and sought-after treasure in the whiskey world, with its scarcity only enhancing its allure.

What is the smoothest bourbon?

Determining the smoothest bourbon is subjective, as individual preferences play a significant role in taste experiences. However, bourbons often praised for their smoothness include Pappy Van Winkle’s Family Reserve, W.L. Weller Special Reserve, and Maker’s Mark. These bourbons are celebrated for their balanced and mellow flavor profiles, making them popular choices among those seeking a smoother sipping experience.

What is the closest bourbon to Blanton’s?

In the realm of bourbons similar to Blanton’s, Eagle Rare is often considered a close counterpart. Both Blanton’s and Eagle Rare are produced by Buffalo Trace Distillery, sharing a commitment to quality and a meticulous aging process. Eagle Rare boasts a smooth and well-balanced flavor profile with notes of toffee and oak, making it a favorite among bourbon enthusiasts who appreciate the qualities found in Blanton’s.

What is the same distillery as Blanton’s?

Blanton’s and Eagle Rare both originate from the Buffalo Trace Distillery, a renowned and historic distillery located in Frankfort, Kentucky. Buffalo Trace is known for producing a wide range of high-quality bourbons, and its commitment to craftsmanship and tradition is evident in both the Blanton’s and Eagle Rare expressions. The shared distillery heritage contributes to the similarities in their production processes and overall commitment to excellence.

What’s better Blanton’s or Eagle Rare?

The comparison between Blanton’s and Eagle Rare is subjective, as personal taste preferences play a significant role. Both bourbons come from the Buffalo Trace Distillery and share a commitment to quality, but they offer distinct flavor profiles. Blanton’s is known for its rich caramel, vanilla, and spicy notes, while Eagle Rare offers a smoother taste with hints of toffee and oak. Ultimately, the choice between Blanton’s and Eagle Rare comes down to individual preferences, and some may prefer the complexity of Blanton’s, while others may favor the smoothness of Eagle Rare. Both bourbons have earned acclaim in the whiskey community, and the decision often hinges on the unique characteristics each enthusiast seeks in their sipping experience.

Final Verdict: Angels Envy Vs Blantons

Angel’s Envy presides over Blanton’s in this bourbon showdown. 

Blanton’s is a good pour, but it is an overly hyped and overrated bourbon. There’s nothing distinctive with this bourbon, so paying double the MSRP is not worth it. 

Angel’s Envy’s port cask finish does a nice job rounding off the standard bourbon flavors. It is light and soft, which is a good choice for casual and novice drinkers. 


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