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Which Sam’s Club Locations Sell Liquor? (2024 Updated List)

Which Sam's Club Locations Sell Liquor

Sam’s Club is a large warehouse business market offering various items in numerous US cities. You can buy many products in this store, from groceries to furniture to liquors.

But if you want to purchase alcohol, where store you should visit? Which Sam’s Club locations sell liquor? We got you!

Below are states where Sam’s Club sells liquor – be it beers, wines, tequilas, and other spirits.

11 States Sam’s Club Sells & Delivers Liquor To

1. Wyoming

Sam's Club Warehouse at Wyoming

Sam’s Club has raised its glasses to Wyoming location, offering various liquors to delight the state’s enthusiasts. You can check out exquisite whiskeys, fine wines, and everything in between.

“Keeping one’s guests supplied with liquor is the first law of hospitality.” – Margaret Way, Australian Writer

If you’re from Wyoming, you can savor your favorite spirits without driving for miles. Among other liquor stores in the state, we find Sam’s Club in Wyoming a good liquor store to purchase drinks.

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2. Illinois

Sam’s Club has an impressive assortment of spirits right to your doorstep. You can find premium liquors, whether you prefer a smooth bourbon or a crisp vodka.

We suggest registering for a membership service to take advantage of the perks as you order and checkout your preferred spirits.

3. Minnesota

Sam's Club Minnesota

Sam’s Club in Minnesota location has an extensive range of spirits straight to your door, enhancing any imbibing experience.

It’s easy to order through their app, and you can checkout the prices before you pay. Among their liquor selection, we like their cognacs and champagnes the most.

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4. Idaho

If you’re from Idaho, Sam’s store sells and delivers alcohol. Various types of liquor are available, from wine, tequila, beer, and many more.

If you’re a club member, you can get discounts. This has attracted members and consumers for months now, alongside their selection of premium spirits.

5. Missouri

Sam's Club

Missouri residents, the wait is over! Sam’s brings the celebration to your home with its extensive range of liquor delivery services.

Visit their store and discover many top-quality spirits, ensuring consumers like us have an enjoyable shopping experience.

6. California

From sun-kissed vineyards to artisanal distilleries, California’s location diverse liquor store gets even better with Sam’s Club liquor delivery.

Instead of roaming every bar or liquor store, we suggest checking Sam’s for your favorite alcohol. It’s much more convenient now as most Sam’s Club locations operate delivery services.

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7. Ohio

We uncovered a vast collection of premium spirits in Ohio, from aged whiskies to velvety liqueurs. Besides, there are various alcohol proof available, from the standard 40% to high-proof spirits.

Every Friday after work won’t be the same anymore as you can easily grab the finest flavors in no time without leaving your town.

8. Florida

Sam's Club Florida

Sam’s in Florida featured a delivery service straight to your doorstep. Remember – you have the option to shop in-store and pay cash.

You’ll see a number of alcohol options in this store, alongside grocery items, home goods, and electronics. We suggest buying their sparkling wines, top-shelf rums, and enticing cocktails.

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9. Texas

Everything’s bigger in Texas, including the spirits collection from Sam’s Club. We like the impressive selection of liquors, which we can pick up or have delivered.

Whether you’re a whiskey fan or a tequila lover, you can buy them all at Sam’s Club [1], making every Texan celebration even grander.

10. Connecticut

Sam's Club Connecticut

For Connecticut residents, you can always check out and indulge in the luxury of premium liquor delivered straight to your home.

From classic brandies to trendy gins, explore a world of flavors and elevate your sipping experience with Sam’s Club.

11. Hawaii

In case you go to Hawaii, Sam’s Club store sells alcohol of different types – from wine, beer, and spirits. Also, you have the option to pick up, shop in-store, or opt for a delivery service.

“Sip, savor, and celebrate—the spirit of Sam’s Club delivers liquor delight to your doorsteps!” – Liquor Laboratory

This store is the perfect place to purchase party drinks or if you’re looking for a nice present. Whether you’re celebrating by the beach or gathering with friends, Sam’s Club offers top-notch spirits.

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FAQs Related to Which Sam’s Club Locations Sell Liquor?

Does Sam’s Club have their own liquor?

Yes, Sam’s Club have their own liquor, called the Member’s Mark [2], that started in 2010.

Does Sam’s Club sell alcohol in Ohio Location?

Yes. Sam’s Club sells alcohol in Ohio though there are certain regulations within the city, so it’s essential to check with the state and the liquor stores first.

Can you buy alcohol on Sam’s Club Scan & Go?

You can buy alcohol and pay for it on Sam’s Club Scan & Go app. However, specific policies may vary based on laws within your city and individual store regulations.

How many states does Sam’s Club sell alcohol to?

Sam’s Club business sells alcohol to 11 states across the US, including Idaho, California, Ohio, Hawaii, Florida, Texas, Connecticut, Wyoming, Illinois, Missouri, and Minnesota.

How can I find out if my local Sam’s Club sells liquor?

You can check the Sam’s Club website or contact your local Sam’s Club directly to inquire about their liquor selection and whether they sell alcohol.

Do all Sam’s Club locations have the same liquor selection?

Liquor selection can vary between Sam’s Club locations based on factors such as state laws, customer demand, and store size. Larger stores may have a wider selection compared to smaller locations.

Are there membership requirements to purchase liquor at Sam’s Club?

Yes, Sam’s Club requires a membership to purchase alcohol, including liquor. You must have a valid membership to make purchases at Sam’s Club.

On A Final Note

Sam’s Club stores operate across the US, offering food, furniture, electronics, and alcohol.

But liquor sales and delivery services are only available in 11 regions, including Wyoming, Illinois, Minnesota, Idaho, Missouri, California, Ohio, Florida, Texas, Connecticut, and Hawaii.

If you’re from any of these areas, you can enjoy the convenience of purchasing a wide range of spirits from Sam’s Club, elevating any celebration with top-quality beverages that can be delivered right to their doorsteps.




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