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Who Makes Kirkland Canadian Whisky? (2024 Updated)

Who Makes Kirkland Canadian Whisky

Last Updated on February 24, 2024 by Lydia Martin

Kirkland brand liquor is generally considered a decent buy given its price range. And what makes Kirkland more interesting is the speculations regarding its manufacturer being one of the big distillers.  

Do you have any idea who makes Kirkland Canadian whisky? Keep reading if you want to know the truth. 

Kirkland Canadian Whisky – Who Makes It?

Kirkland Canadian Whisky

There are hearsays that Crown Royal manufactures this spirit. As we all know, the Kirkland Signature brand markets several whiskeys.

Since there’s no confirmation between the brands, we can say that Costco really did a great job guarding the identity of its partners. 

According to our whiskey experts, this is Costco’s private label brand.

Currently, Costco carries 10 whiskey expressions under the Kirkland signature brand: bourbons and Kirkland signature Irish whiskey, Kirkland signature blended Scotch whisky, Tennessee whiskey, and a Canadian whisky.

Does Crown Royal Make it? 

During our taste test of the Kirkland signature Canadian spirit, it had an aroma and smack profile similar to Crown Royal.

So, we think it leads to the speculations that Crown Royal makes the Kirkland signature booze. 

Upon consulting the Certificate of Label Approval (COLA) [1] of the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau, Costco only listed the Tennessee Distilling LTD as their distiller. 

What Makes People Think So?

As we mentioned earlier, this spirit has a very close palate profile and nose to Crown Royal. However, we can still distinguish Crown Royal from Kirkland.

The Kirkland version is a little bit spicier than Crown Royal because of its long aging process. 

The blended Crown Royal comprises 50 different types of hooch, each with its own distinct mash bill.

According to Costco, the Kirkland Canadian spirit has four ingredients: 2% rye, 2% barley, 94% corn, and 1% Sherry. 

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How Crown Royal Resembles Kirkland Canadian Whisky

Crown Royal Canadian Whisky

The Kirkland label is very similar to that of Crown Royal. The purple colorway, the standing lion logo, and the cursive font are too similar.

We can’t see why Crown Royal would allow this to happen without permission.

Also, the standing lion and purple colorways are too similar for them not to sue if they didn’t have an agreement.

Also, both whiskeys share the same color – golden amber – and their finish is closely related, providing warming and pleasantly spice notes. 

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What Experts Say Who Could Be Its Manufacturer

  • Based on our expert opinion, Kirkland Tequila is manufactured in the same distillery as Cielo Tequila.
  • Gordon Biersch brews Kirkland Beer.
  • Jim Beam manufactures Kirkland Rum and Bourbon. 
  • Either Macallan Distillery or Alexander Murray distills Kirkland Scotch.
  • Kirkland Vodka is manufactured by the same employees, using the same water source that Grey Goose uses. 
  • Irish Distillers LTD manufactures Kirkland Signature Irish Whiskey label. 

Is Kirkland Canadian Whisky Sourced?

Kirkland Canadian Whisky with glass

Kirkland Canadian Whisky could be sourced. Older bottles have revealed in their labels that the whisky is imported by Wide World Importers, a company once associated with Sazerac, but is now listed as inactive.  

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Fun Facts

Tasting Notes


These whiskeys boast a sugary cookie flavor with hints of peppermint and mild teaberry. It comes with a little punch on the mid-palate but is not too wild. 


A glass of whiskey

This booze comes with a golden amber color, which is very soothing and interesting to the eyes. Also, its elegant bottle is a plus point. 


You can expect a clean bouquet with the fragrance of fruit and baked goods with a flavoring and vegetal element. 


This Kirkland version from Costco provides a smooth with subtle warming seasoning notes.

You can expect a biscuit-like background that lingers on the throat as you move forward. 

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Price & Value

The Kirkland Signature Canadian alcohol has an estimated price of $21.99 (depending on liquor stores).

Additionally, here’s the breakdown of prices of Kirkland’s signature whiskey.

You can definitely get a delicious and high-quality drink at an affordable price in this price range. You can easily find them in your favorite stores. 

*Average prices are based on Total Wine, Wine Searcher, and Drizly online. Prices may vary in local liquor shops.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Kirkland Canadian whisky taste like Crown Royal?

Kirkland Canadian whiskies have a very similar savor profile to Crown Royal. Due to this fact, it is widely believed that Crown Royal manufactures the Kirkland signature brand. 

Is Kirkland Canadian whisky top-shelf?

Kirkland whiskeys are somehow considered top-shelf. This bottle possesses the quality you’ll need to enjoy a delicious and relaxing drinking experience.

The company that produces these whiskeys and the Costco brand ensure to provide whiskey drinkers a spirit worth beholding.   

Who manufactures Kirkland whiskey?

Kirkland whiskey, including Kirkland Canadian Whisky, is a private label brand owned by Costco, the multinational retail giant.
Costco sources its Kirkland Signature products from various suppliers and manufacturers, keeping the actual producers and distilleries behind Kirkland whiskey under wraps.
The secrecy surrounding the manufacturing partners is a common practice in the private label industry, allowing retailers like Costco to provide quality products at competitive prices while maintaining exclusive relationships with their suppliers.

What is Kirkland Canadian Whisky?

Kirkland Canadian Whisky is a blended Canadian whisky that falls under the Kirkland Signature private label owned by Costco.
The specific details about the composition and production process of Kirkland Canadian Whisky are not publicly disclosed by Costco.
However, as a Canadian whisky, it is likely crafted in accordance with the regulations set by the Canadian government for whisky production.
Canadian whiskies are renowned for their smooth and approachable character, often featuring a blend of different grain whiskies and aged in oak barrels.

What brand of scotch is Kirkland?

Kirkland Signature offers a variety of Scotch whiskies under its private label. The specific brand of Scotch associated with Kirkland can vary over time, as Costco has been known to source from different Scottish distilleries.
Similar to the practice with their Canadian whisky, Costco maintains discretion about the identity of the actual distilleries involved in the production of Kirkland Scotch.
These Scotch whiskies are often well-received by consumers for their quality and value, offering an affordable option for those seeking the distinctive flavors of Scotch without the premium price tag.

Where is Kirkland Canadian whiskey distilled?

The exact distillery where Kirkland Canadian Whisky is produced is not disclosed by Costco.
The company maintains a deliberate ambiguity about the sourcing of its private label products, including Kirkland Canadian Whisky, as part of its business strategy.
By not revealing the specific distillery or location of production, Costco retains flexibility in its relationships with suppliers and can negotiate favorable terms to ensure the quality and value of the product.
It is known, however, that Canadian whiskies, including those under the Kirkland brand, must adhere to the regulations set by the Canadian government for whisky production, ensuring a certain standard of quality and authenticity.

What brand owns Kirkland?

Kirkland is owned by Costco, a renowned multinational retail corporation.
Kirkland is Costco’s private label brand, allowing the company to offer a wide range of products, including Kirkland Canadian Whisky, under its own name.
As a private label, Kirkland products are sourced and manufactured by various suppliers, enabling Costco to provide quality items at competitive prices while maintaining control over the branding and specifications.

What are the ingredients in Kirkland Canadian whiskey?

The specific details regarding the ingredients in Kirkland Canadian Whisky are not publicly disclosed by Costco.
However, as a Canadian whisky, it is crafted following the regulations set by the Canadian government for whisky production. Canadian whiskies typically include a blend of different grain whiskies, such as corn, rye, barley, or wheat.
The grains are mashed, fermented, distilled, and then aged in oak barrels, contributing to the smooth and nuanced flavor profile characteristic of Canadian whiskies.

What type of whiskey is Kirkland?

Kirkland offers a variety of whiskies under its private label, including Canadian whisky. The type of whisky produced by Kirkland can vary, and besides Canadian whisky, they also offer Scotch whisky.
The specific characteristics of the whisky depend on the region and production methods.
For instance, Canadian whiskies are known for their smooth and light profile, often achieved through blending different grain whiskies, while Scotch whiskies can vary widely in flavor, influenced by factors such as the region of production, the type of grains used, and the aging process.

How much is Kirkland Canadian whiskey in Canada?

The price of Kirkland Canadian Whisky in Canada can fluctuate based on several factors, including the specific location, taxes, and any promotions or discounts offered by Costco.
As Costco frequently updates its product offerings and pricing, the cost of Kirkland Canadian Whisky may vary between different provinces and territories.
Customers are encouraged to check with their local Costco warehouse or visit the official Costco website for the most up-to-date information on pricing and availability.
Additionally, regional liquor regulations and taxes can influence the final retail price of alcoholic beverages, contributing to potential variations in the cost of Kirkland Canadian Whisky across Canada.

What’s the difference between whisky and Canadian whisky?

The distinction between whisky and Canadian whisky lies in their production methods, geographical origins, and regulatory standards.
While the term “whisky” is a broad category encompassing various styles globally, Canadian whisky specifically refers to whisky produced in Canada.
Canadian whisky is often known for its smooth and light profile, achieved through blending different grain whiskies, such as corn, rye, barley, or wheat.
Additionally, Canadian whisky is typically aged in oak barrels for a specified period, contributing to its unique character.

What does Kirkland Canadian whiskey taste like?

The taste of Kirkland Canadian Whisky can vary slightly, as it is influenced by factors such as the blend of grains, the distillation process, and the aging in oak barrels.
Generally, Canadian whiskies, including Kirkland’s, are known for their smooth and approachable flavor profile.
The palate often includes notes of caramel, vanilla, and subtle spice, creating a well-balanced and easy-drinking experience.
However, individual preferences for taste can vary, and the best way to discover the specific flavor nuances of Kirkland Canadian Whisky is to try it firsthand.

What is Canadian whiskey called?

Canadian whisky is simply referred to as “Canadian whisky” or “Canadian rye whisky,” depending on the grain content.
In Canada, the term “rye” is often used broadly to describe all types of Canadian whisky, regardless of whether or not they contain rye grain.
This nomenclature reflects historical traditions, as rye grain has been a significant component in many Canadian whisky recipes.
However, it’s essential to note that the use of the term “rye” in Canadian whisky does not necessarily indicate the predominant grain in the blend.

Where is Kirkland liquor made?

The specific details about where Kirkland liquor, including Kirkland Canadian Whisky, is made are not publicly disclosed by Costco.
Kirkland is a private label brand, and Costco maintains discretion about the sourcing and manufacturing of its private label products.
This allows Costco to establish relationships with various suppliers while providing flexibility in terms of product specifications.
While the exact distilleries or locations of production are not disclosed, Kirkland ensures that its products, including its liquor offerings, adhere to quality standards and regulations, delivering a value-driven and reliable experience to consumers.

So, Who Makes Kirkland Canadian Whisky?

Costco label has managed to create a wide variety of products under a single brand name, making them more affordable while keeping their manufacturing partners a secret. To clarify, Costco doesn’t operate or own any breweries, making us wonder who really makes the Kirkland Canadian Whisky. 

Overall, assuming that Crown Royal is behind the Kirkland Canadian Whisky production, they really did a good job introducing a close-to-perfection spirit! 


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