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Who Owns Howler Head Whiskey? (2024 Best Edition)

who owns howler head whiskey

Last Updated on April 13, 2024 by Lydia Martin

If you’re an avid viewer of UFC-MMA, the name Howler Head whiskey probably rings a bell (pun intended). Unlike Conor McGregor’s Proper 12, a famous name is rarely attached to this whiskey label. 

But really, who owns Howler Head whiskey? Read on to find out!

About Howler Head Whiskey’s Owner 

Howler Head Whiskey

Howler Head is owned by Steve Lipp, a whiskey entrepreneur, and Jason Wooler, Chief Executive Officer of Wooler Brands, Inc. The label is UFC’s official whiskey partner. 

Despite UFC President Dana White consistently promoting the brand during interviews and on his social media, he doesn’t own the brand, as many people assumed. 

According to Wooler, they are excited to partner with Dana White and UFC, one of the world’s greatest marketing and brand-building entities globally.

Dana’s authenticity and personality aligned perfectly with Howler Head’s brand DNA, making them perfect partners. The partnership with the brand was first launched in 2021.

Who Really Owns It 

The Howler Head Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey brand is owned by Steve Lipp, a whiskey entrepreneur, and Jason Wooler, CFO of Wooler Brands, Inc. 

Steve Lipp is a Scotsman whose brother-in-law’s father was in the distillery business and urged him to invest in a Scotch whisky company.

He eventually created his own label, Alexander Murray & Co. 

Meanwhile, Wooler’s company, Wooler Brands, Inc., aims to help small, emerging brands in navigating the US market.

Wooler has over 25 years of experience in the beverage industry, with a history of working for Jim Beam and Southern Wine and Spirits. 

The partnership with the combat sports company under a new sponsorship category had led the flavored whiskey to quickly become one of the best-selling whiskey brands.

In return, the whiskey gets a branded presence at all UFC fight night events and in-venue and onsite fan activations. 

Who People Think Owns Howler Head 

Who People Think Owns Howler Head 

Wooler Brands, Inc. 

Wooler Brands produces Howler Head. This corporation is one of the largest private-label premium spirits suppliers in the United States, spearheaded by Jason Wooler. 

Steve Lipp

Steve Lipp

Steve Lipp, an entrepreneur, founded the brand and partnered with UFC with the help of Tyson Fury’s manager, the famous English promoter Frank Warren. 

Dana White

Many people assume that Dana White, UFC President, owns the flavored whiskey brand because he constantly promotes it on his social media. 

The truth is, UFC President Dana White is just a fan of the flavored whiskey. He doesn’t own Howler Head. 

During one interview, Dana White claimed that he fell in love with the bad-ass brand during the pandemic and considers it the best whiskey he’s ever tasted.

He’s excited to have the brand on board as an official partner under a new sponsorship category. 

Conor McGregor

Conor McGregor

Conor McGregor is the founder of authentic Irish whiskey Proper 12. His affiliation with UFC has led people to believe that he had something to do with Howler Head. 

No, Conor McGregor is not associated with the flavored whiskey brand (although it is a running joke among die-hard fans). 

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Howler Head Tie-Ups 

Howler Head with glass

Howler Head is the official flavored whiskey partner of UFC,  the world’s biggest mixed martial arts organization, with a fan base of over 625 million worldwide. 

You will always find the whiskey branding through their telecasts, on-premises retailers, UFC events, onsite fan activations, and even fan engagement campaigns in some of the most prestigious arenas all over the world. 

If you’re a regular UFC viewer, you might have seen Howler Head throughout their telecasts, retailers, and even select fan engagement campaigns.

The flavored whiskey is available in 45 states across the United States and abroad in Canada and the United Arab Emirates. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who distills the Howler Head brand? 

Howler Head’s bourbon base is distilled by Master Distiller Ron Call of Green River Distilling Co. in Owensboro, Kentucky. He distills it with the help of a 100-year-old Vendome copper column still. 

Is Howler Head whiskey made in Kentucky?

Yes, Howler Head is made in the Green River Distilling Co., located in Owensboro, Kentucky.

What Whisky does Dana White own?

Dana White, the president of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), owns a whiskey brand called “The Macallan,” which is known for its premium and high-quality single malt Scotch whiskies. The Macallan is celebrated for its rich heritage and dedication to crafting exceptional whiskies, making it a fitting choice for a connoisseur like Dana White.

Who sponsors Howler Head?

Howler Head, a banana-infused Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey, is sponsored by the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). The unique and bold character of Howler Head aligns with the dynamic and energetic nature of UFC events, making it a suitable partner for the promotion.

What is the official whiskey of the UFC?

Proper No. Twelve Irish Whiskey, founded by former UFC champion Conor McGregor, is the official whiskey of the UFC. McGregor’s brand has become synonymous with the sport, and its partnership with the UFC reflects the shared values of determination, passion, and a commitment to excellence.

Who bought Jack Daniel’s?

Jack Daniel’s is not owned by an individual but is part of the larger spirits conglomerate Brown-Forman Corporation. Founded in 1875, the brand has remained under the ownership of the Brown-Forman Corporation throughout its history. Brown-Forman is an American-owned company with a diverse portfolio of spirits, and it continues to oversee the production and distribution of Jack Daniel’s, one of the world’s most iconic and widely consumed Tennessee whiskies.

Does Howler Head taste like banana?

Yes, Howler Head is known for its distinctive banana flavor. This Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey is infused with natural banana flavors, creating a unique and bold profile that sets it apart from traditional whiskies. The banana notes contribute to the spirit’s character, offering a flavorful and unconventional drinking experience.

Does McGregor own Howler Head?

No, Conor McGregor does not own Howler Head. While McGregor is associated with the spirits industry as the founder of Proper No. Twelve Irish Whiskey, Howler Head is a separate brand. Howler Head is owned by Grain & Barrel Spirits, a company that focuses on crafting innovative and flavored spirits, including the banana-infused Howler Head Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey.

Did Conor McGregor sell his whisky?

As of my last knowledge update in January 2022, Conor McGregor had not sold Proper No. Twelve Irish Whiskey. However, situations may have changed since then, and I recommend checking the latest news or official statements for the most up-to-date information on Conor McGregor’s involvement with Proper No. Twelve.

Who owns Dalmore whisky?

As of my last knowledge update in January 2022, Dalmore whisky is owned by Whyte & Mackay, a Scottish spirits company. Whyte & Mackay acquired Dalmore Distillery in 1960. The Dalmore is renowned for its premium single malt Scotch whiskies, known for their complexity, richness, and the use of various cask finishes. Ownership of distilleries and brands can change, so it’s advisable to verify the current ownership status through recent sources.

What kind of alcohol is Howler Head?

Howler Head is a flavored whiskey, specifically a Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey infused with natural banana flavors. This unique spirit combines the rich and traditional characteristics of bourbon with the distinctive taste of ripe bananas, creating a one-of-a-kind drinking experience.

Is Howler Head a whiskey?

Yes, Howler Head is classified as a whiskey, more specifically a Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey. It adheres to the regulations and standards for bourbon production, which includes being distilled in Kentucky, aged in new charred oak barrels, and meeting specific criteria for mash bill composition.

What do you drink Howler Head with?

Howler Head can be enjoyed in various ways, and the choice of how to drink it depends on individual preferences. It can be sipped neat to appreciate the full spectrum of its flavors, including the prominent banana notes. For those who prefer mixed drinks, Howler Head can be used in cocktails like the classic Old Fashioned or enjoyed with a splash of soda or ginger ale. Experimenting with different mixers allows drinkers to customize their experience and discover new and exciting flavor combinations.

Where is Howler Head whiskey made?

Howler Head whiskey is made in the United States, specifically in Kentucky. Kentucky is renowned for its bourbon production, and the state’s distilleries, including those crafting Howler Head, benefit from the region’s long history and expertise in producing high-quality whiskies. The choice of Kentucky as the production location aligns with the tradition and excellence associated with bourbon, contributing to the overall quality and authenticity of Howler Head whiskey.

Does China own Jack Daniels?

No, Jack Daniel’s is not owned by China. Jack Daniel’s is a brand of Tennessee whiskey, and as of my last knowledge update in January 2022, it is owned by the Brown-Forman Corporation, an American-owned spirits and wine company. Brown-Forman, based in Louisville, Kentucky, has been the owner of Jack Daniel’s since acquiring the distillery in 1956.

Why is Jack Daniel’s not bourbon?

Jack Daniel’s is not classified as bourbon due to its unique production process. While it meets the criteria to be labeled as bourbon in many aspects, there is a key difference in the filtering process. Jack Daniel’s undergoes an extra step known as the Lincoln County Process, where the whiskey is filtered through sugar maple charcoal before aging in barrels. This additional step imparts a smooth and mellow character to the whiskey, but it disqualifies it from being officially labeled as bourbon, which must meet specific production standards without such additional filtration.

Who owns Jim Beam whiskey?

As of my last knowledge update in January 2022, Jim Beam is owned by Beam Suntory, a subsidiary of Suntory Holdings, a Japanese brewing and distilling company. Jim Beam, one of the most iconic names in American bourbon, has been under the ownership of Beam Suntory since 2014 when Suntory Holdings acquired Beam Inc. Beam Suntory is a global spirits company with a diverse portfolio, and Jim Beam remains a flagship brand in its collection of whiskies.

So, Who Owns Howler Head Whiskey?

Howler Head is owned by Steve Lipp and Jason Wooler. Lipp and Wooler partnered with UFC through the help of Tyson Fury’s manager, English promoter Frank Warren.

The banana-flavored whiskey is now the UFC’s official flavored whiskey partner. 

Despite what many believe, UFC President Dana White does not own the brand.

During one interview, Dana White claimed he fell in love with the bad-ass brand during the pandemic and considers it the best whiskey he’s ever tasted. 


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