Why Does Tequila Make Me Angry? Answered (2023 Updated)

Last Updated on August 22, 2023 by Lydia Martin

Unlike other alcoholic beverages, tequila has this bad reputation that, when consumed, it’ll get you either extremely cheerful, angry, mad, or crazy. 

You may ask yourself, why does tequila make me angry? Are there secret ingredients in it? 

The answer may shock you, so read on.

3 Possible Reasons Why Tequila Makes You Angry & Crazy 

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3. Contains Ethanol

There are no secret ingredients in tequila, but one ingredient that can make you angry and crazy is ethanol.

Ethanol is present in every spirit you consume and it is what affects you. 

Ethanol is a depressant, but when consumed immoderately, the euphoric effects may turn to anger and madness. Find out if you can be allergic to tequila here.

2. High Alcohol Content

Tequila contains high alcohol content that can drastically affect our mood and behavior. 

Alcohol tolerance varies depending on the person.

Still, high alcohol content can get you drunk easily and quickly, which may lead to someone being overly emotional, angry, and even crazy. But how long will tequila stay in your system?

1. Consumed In Shots 

Tequila is typically consumed in shots, and this is what is to blame for why it makes you angry.

Your consumption is one of the most logical explanations for your feelings. 

Shots tend to get you drunk easily because you take it more quickly than when you drink beer or wine.

It gets absorbed faster by your body, and your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) will rise. 

If you consume three or four shots in an hour, you’ll get intoxicated before you know it. 

The combination of a great amount of alcohol, high alcohol content, and a faster rate will impair your brain function, which results in poor judgment, madness, and anger. But is tequila bad for gout?

How Do You Not Get Angry When Drunk? 

Drink Tequila Shot With Lime & Salt

To avoid getting angry when drunk, build a mindful practice and know your limits. 

It will be hard to control yourself when you get too drunk, so consume tequila moderately.

It would also help to identify your anger triggers and find the right support. 

We all get angry sometimes, but sometimes, it gets worse that you may have some serious anger issues.

It will surely help if you stop drinking alcohol and get therapy. But what does tequila really taste like?

Can Tequila Make You More Aggressive? 

Tequila will not make you more aggressive, but too much alcohol will.

Given that tequila has high alcohol, high consumption will make us more aggressive and angry. 

Experts say that high alcohol consumption can make us act in ways we would not normally, including being more aggressive or angry.

Alcohol can affect our brains and impair our judgment [1]. 

“If drinking allows you to engage in behavior you wouldn’t engage in otherwise, maybe you shouldn’t be doing it,”

– Maria Pagano, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Psychiatry. 

How Does It Affect Your Mood? 

2 shots of tequila with lime and salt

Our brain relies on the balance of chemicals and processes, and since tequila is an alcohol, it is a depressant that can disrupt the balance and affect our actions, thoughts, and feelings. 

As you consume more tequila, the impact on your brain function increases. There’s a big possibility that your negative emotion will take over. 

High consumption of alcohol can be linked to aggression which may lead to anger, aggressiveness, anxiousness, and depression. 


Can tequila make you happy? 

Yes, tequila can make you happy, like it can make you angry or crazy.

If you consume it moderately, it can uplift your mood and make you feel good and happy. 

What does tequila do to a woman? 

Tequila can make women happy, crazy, and even horny. Tequila can bring a euphoric effect on women.

Also, studies show that tequila is beneficial for women’s sex drive.

Key Takeaways

There is no secret ingredient to why tequila can make you angry. It only boils down to what you are drinking and how you drink it. 

Tequila has a high alcohol content, and when you consume it in shots at a faster rate, your body will absorb it quickly, affecting your brain function. 

Alcohol can be tricky. It is known as a liquid of courage, but like it can make you happy, it can also make you angry, mad, or crazy, so drink moderately. 



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