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Whiskey Advent Calendar Costco: Is It Available? (2024)

Whiskey Advent Calendar Costco

If you plan for the holidays, how about some whiskey advent calendar? Costco offers whiskey advent calendars so you can count down to Christmas in a merry way.

However, does Costco sell whiskey advent calendars for whiskey enthusiasts?

We went to multiple Costco stores to check and look at what we found.

Whiskey Advent Calendar Costco

woman holding whiskey advent calendar box

Costco offers advent calendars every year to keep the holiday spirit as Christmas is fast approaching.

This 2023, your countdown to Christmas will be extra special with the Costco whiskey advent calendar, the Whisky Tour Gift Box.

You can enjoy 24 50ml of Scotch whiskies, two tasting glasses, and a wooden cabinet. These unique expressions will take you on a whisky tour of Scotland.

Each day is a new discovery, and every sip is a delightful surprise in the whiskey advent calendar.

-Liquor Laboratory

As you approach December 24, you can enjoy a 50ml premium Scotch whisky daily.

Aside from a boozy advent calendar, you can hit your local Costco stores with wine (cabernet sauvignon, sauvignon blanc, pinot noir, pinot grigio, chardonnay), canned cocktails, and beer selections alongside holiday decorations and Christmas trees. 

Whiskey Advent Calendar – Costco Edition

Whisky Tour Gift Box

I came across this fantastic find at Costco today. It is a whiskey advent calendar that includes 24 50ml tasting samples, complete with two tasting glasses for the ultimate tasting experience and a wooden cabinet for storage.

I can’t guarantee how long this offer will be available, but let me share what is inside the gift box:

  • Reusable whisky wood cabinet with 24 drawers and two side glass holders

  • 2 spirits nosing glasses with a narrow opening

  • Brochure on the background of the whiskies, tasting notes, and the map and introduction of five Scottish whisky regions.

  • 24 rare and aged single malt and blended Scotch whiskey from 5 Scottish Whisky Regions:

  1. Single Malt – 4 Years from Glentauchers Distillery

  2. Single Malt – 7 Years from Tullibardine Distillery

  3. Single Malt – 5 Years from Undisclosed Distillery in Highland Region

  4. Single Grain – 15 Years from Port Dundas Distillery

  5. Single Malt – 5 Years from Ardmore Distillery

  6. Single Malt – 9 Years from Tamnavulin Distillery

  7. Single Grain (Batch Strength) – 15 Years from Invergordon Distillery

  8. Single Malt – 5 Years from Tormore Distillery

  9. Single Malt – 11 Years from Glencadam Distillery

  10. Single Malt – 10 Years from Auchroisk Distillery

  11. Single Malt – 4 Years from Caol Ila Distillery

  12. Blended Malt (Batch Strength) – 6 Years from Undisclosed Distillery in Campbeltown Region

  13. Single Grain – 10 Years from Girvan Distillery

  14. Single Malt – 5 Years from Linkwood Distillery

  15. Single Malt – 7 Years from Ballantruan Distillery

  16. Single Malt – 5 Years from Benrinnes Distillery

  17. Single Grain – 13 Years from North British Distillery

  18. Single Malt – 4 Years from Deanston Distillery

  19. Single Malt – 13 Years from Tomintoul Distillery

  20. Single Grain – 14 Years from Strathclyde Distillery

  21. Blended Malt – 7 Years from Undisclosed Distillery in Lowland Region

  22. Single Malt – 11 Years from Miltonduff Distillery

  23. Blended Malt (Special Reserve) – 12 Years from Undisclosed Distillery from Islay Region

  24. Blended Scotch (SECRET – OLD & RARE) – 21 Years from Undisclosed Distillery and Region

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How Much Is It?

The 2023 Whisky Advent Calendar from Costco Warehouse costs about $149.99 to $159.99.

Since you will get twenty-four 50ml bottles of Scotch whiskies, it’s about $6.66 for a shot of premium Scotch whiskies- a good deal.

When Does Costco Usually Release Advent Calendars? 

small bottles of whiskey from advent calendar box

The advent calendars started rolling out in Costco stores in the first week of October and are exclusively available in Costco stores. 

“Quantity is the name of the game here. Check to see what the calendar promises.”

– Martyn James, Consumer Expert

It is exciting to get alcohol advent calendars because the producers claim that the selections differ yearly. 

Are Whiskey Advent Calendars Worth It? 

The 2023 Whisky Advent Calendar from Costco is worth it, and most people look forward to it every holiday season.

Similar to previous editions (Red Wine Advent Calendar from Flying Blue Imports), this calendar includes two nosing glasses and 24 miniature bottles of Scotch whisky, one for each day leading up to Christmas.

If you’re a fan of trying new whiskies and enjoy the excitement of Advent calendars, this product will likely be well worth your while.

You can drink one advent whiskey, beer, or wine from December 1 to 24 as you wait for Christmas day.


How do you get an advent calendar at Costco?

To get an advent calendar at Costco, head to the Costco store and purchase one. A few weeks before Christmas, it can be a nice gift for those who love whiskey, bourbon, wine, and beer. 

For the most part, it can be a fun way to celebrate Christmas with your friends and family.

Do you start an advent calendar at number one or number 24?

You start an advent calendar at number one. The point of the calendar is to count up to the days before Christmas, so start at the beginning.

What Does the Whiskey Advent Calendar from Costco Include?

The contents of Costco’s Whiskey Advent Calendar may vary from year to year. Typically, it includes a selection of miniature bottles of whiskey from various brands and regions, providing a unique tasting experience throughout the holiday season.

How Much Does the Whiskey Advent Calendar at Costco Cost?

The cost of the Whiskey Advent Calendar at Costco can vary depending on the brands and types of whiskey included, as well as any promotions or discounts available at the time of purchase. It’s advisable to check with your local Costco store or their website for current pricing information.

When Does Costco Typically Sell the Whiskey Advent Calendar?

Costco usually sells the Whiskey Advent Calendar during the holiday season, starting in the months leading up to December. However, availability may vary, so it’s advisable to check with your local store or monitor their website for updates.

Are the Whiskeys in the Advent Calendar Full-Sized Bottles?

No, the Whiskey Advent Calendar typically contains miniature bottles (also known as “samples” or “nips”) rather than full-sized bottles. This allows for a diverse selection of whiskies to be included in the calendar without the need for larger packaging.

Is the Whiskey Advent Calendar at Costco Suitable as a Gift?

Yes, the Whiskey Advent Calendar from Costco can make a thoughtful and enjoyable gift for whiskey enthusiasts or anyone looking to explore a variety of whiskies during the holiday season. Its unique presentation and selection of samples make it a fun and festive gift option.

Final Verdict

Last year, Costco offered beer and wine advent calendars for the upcoming holiday, but this 2023, you can now enjoy 24 unique expressions from their Whisky Tour Gift Box.

Each item is concealed in a true advent calendar fashion [2], so no peeking, and look forward to your daily surprise. The offerings are carefully selected to give you a new taste every day. 




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