Whiskey Advent Calendar At Costco: Is It Available? (2023)

Last Updated on August 22, 2023 by Lydia Martin

If you plan for the holidays, how about some whiskey advent calendar? Costco offers advent calendars, so you can count down to Christmas in a merry way. 

However, does Costco sell whiskey advent calendars for whiskey enthusiasts? Read on to find out.

Does Costco Have Advent Calendars? 

woman holding whiskey advent calendar box

Costco offers advent calendars to keep the holiday spirit as Christmas is fast approaching.

You can enjoy two boozy advent calendars: the Wine Advent-ure and the Brewer’s Advent calendar. 

While Costco does not offer whiskey advent calendars, you can hit Costco stores with wine and beer advent calendars alongside holiday decorations and Christmas trees. 

Costco advent calendars come with a bottle or can each day as you approach December 24. 

Advent Calendars Available In Costco 

Wine Advent-Ure 

The Wine Advent-Ure is a 24-bottle advent calendar that offers various wines from Chardonnay to red blends. 

Flying Blue Imports is behind the advent calendar and is exclusively available at Costco stores. 

Beginning December 1, you can open a new 375ml bottle and discover a new wine from worldwide wine regions. 

Brewer’s Advent Calendars

man holding Brewers Advent Calendar box

The Brewer’s Advent Calendar is a beer-themed advent calendar that features 24 different 16.9 oz cans of Austrian and German craft beers. 

KALEA produces the product list, and the brand calls the brewer’s a “cult item” as it sells out quickly in different countries, and many beer connoisseurs look forward to it. 

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How Much Is It?

The 2022 Wine Advent-ure calendar costs around $99.99 in Costco. Since you will get twenty-four 375ml bottles, it’s about $4 for each ½ bottle of wine- a good deal. 

The 2022 Brewer’s Advent Calendar is around $69.99 per box, which increased by $10 from last year’s release.

Since you will get twenty-four cans, it’s about $2.91 per craft beer can.  

When Does Costco Usually Release Advent Calendars? 

small bottles of whiskey from advent calendar box

The advent calendars started rolling out in Costco stores in the first week of October and are exclusively available in Costco stores. 

It is exciting to get alcohol advent calendars because the producers claim that the selections differ yearly. 

“Quantity is the name of the game here. Check to see what the calendar promises”

– Martyn James, Consumer Expert

Are Whiskey Advent Calendars Worth It? 

While Costco does not offer whiskey advent calendars, the two alcohol advent calendars they offer are worth it.  

You can drink one advent beer or wine from December 1 to 24 as you wait for Christmas day.  


How do you get an advent calendar at Costco?

To get an advent calendar at Costco, head to the Costco store and get one. Also, it can be a nice gift for those who love wine and beer. 

Do you start an advent calendar at number one or number 24?

You start an advent calendar at number one. The point of the calendar is to count up to the days before Christmas [1]. 

Final Verdict

While Costco has no whiskey advent calendar, Costco traditionally offers beers and wines advent calendars for the upcoming holiday. 

Each item is concealed in a true advent calendar fashion, so no peeking, and look forward to your daily surprise.

The offerings are carefully selected to give you a new taste every day. 



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