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Women Who Drink Whiskey: Why It Makes Us Attractive (2024)

Women Who Drink Whiskey

Whiskey is no longer a man’s drink, and women take whiskey in large numbers as the long-held stereotypes no longer apply to the nuances of the dram. 

But do you know there’s much more to say about women drinking whiskey?

Let’s talk about the women who drink whiskey and why whiskey has become a drink of choice for many women. 

Yes, Women Do Drink Whiskey 

woman drinking whisky

Whiskey has been pointed to as a “man’s drink,” but the world is continuously changing in more ways, including the consumption of distilled spirits. 

Almost 37% of women in the US drink whiskey, over twice since the 90s.

Up to this day, women are getting involved not only in drinking as they explore the whiskey industry. 

Many female celebrities, TV personalities, royalties, and politicians enjoy drinking whiskey, and some are involved in the whiskey industry. 

The classic catchphrase “you are what you eat” holds true and is similar to what you drink.

More women are into whiskey drinking, and the choice of poison says a lot about themselves. 

What Does Drinking Whiskey Say About A Woman? 

Badass Smart

Whiskey is different from other alcoholic beverages because it comes in different sub-categories depending on the ingredients and standards.

When a woman is specific with their whiskey type or brand, it shows what and why she wants it.

She knows how to appreciate whiskey because of the time and effort that goes into each bottle. 

Whether a Kentucky bourbon, Canadian, American, or Scotch, she is badass smart if you see her sipping it.

Some drink whiskey as fuel before they write a novel or start a new song.   

Sexy & Confident

Nothing is sexier than a woman who knows how to handle herself and her liquor.

She is confident and knows how to handle her liquor because it’s strong in flavor, taste, and ABV. 

There are inevitable nights that end with lost cell phones and hysteria for those who drink vodka, gin, wine, and sweet cocktails because high sugar content makes you drunk quicker. 

However, female whiskey drinkers can pace and control themselves and stick to whiskey drinking the entire night. She is fun to watch but hard to keep. 

Intellectually Interesting 

woman holding glass of whisky

Women who love to drink whiskey are intellectually interesting because, in the first place, they chose whiskey over a glass of wine or a shot of vodka

The girl who drinks whiskey is proven a conversationalist. You can easily start a small talk with women if they are drinking Jameson or Jack Daniel’s.

Nothing surprises a woman who drinks white wine, coffee, or beer, and nobody starts a conversation with “I like to drink wine”; however, it is for a woman who drinks whiskey.

Mysterious But Awesome

It is common to see a woman in a bar having fun with friends with glasses of cocktail or wine and taking a shot of tequila.

However, if she’s drinking whiskey, she is mysterious but awesome.

Beware of a girl who drinks distilled spirits because she can be crazy, reckless, and mysterious.

You often find her in a corner, observing everybody while sipping her whiskey.

Risk Taker & Bold

Women who drink whiskey are bold, honest, and risk-takers. They are not afraid to be different and stick up for themselves. 

They don’t let anyone walk over her, just like whiskey does.

Like whiskey, they are bold, full of flavors, strong taste, and aggressive but sometimes regretted in the morning.  


Ordering a glass of whiskey is not for the faint heart.

If a woman wants to go all out and order whiskey from a bartender, she is firm with her decision and does not half-assing. 

She’s the kind of girl ready for a memorable night with a good spirit and company.

Whether you agree or not, a woman who knows how to drink whiskey is hot unless she drinks cheap whiskey. 

8 Sassy Women Who Drink Whiskey 

8. Amy Schumer

photo of Amy Schumer

Amy Schumer is a stand-up comedian, and her favorite liquor to drink? Whisky from Scotland.

In her GQ article about her fantasies, Amy mentioned former president Obama and Lagavulin, 16-year.  

She said that in her fantasy, Barack sent her a glass of Lagavulin, her favorite Scotch whisky.

They spend the night in a Preservation hall while smoking cigars and drinking Scotch. 

7. Lady Gaga

The Mother of All Monsters, Lady Gaga, admitted that she drinks Jameson Irish whiskey while she writes her song instead of eating food. 

All she needs to write a good song is a bottle of Jameson whiskey and a good melody.

Also, it was not a paid advertisement; she was crediting the music she made with Jameson. 

6. Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton always makes time for a glass of whiskey.

In 2008, she was seen knocking back Crown Royal way back 2008, and her tour to Maker’s Mark Distillery in 2016 proved her love for it. 

The feeling is mutual because the distillers in DC named one of their whiskeys “Rodham Rye” to honor Hillary Clinton [1].

It is a tribute to women in history and women in our everyday lives. 

5. Halle Berry

photo of Halle Berry

Halle Berry is a bona fide whiskey lover, and she has proven it while promoting her movie Kingsman at San Diego Comic-Con [2]. 

She surprised her fans by appearing to drink half a pint of whiskey poured by Channing Tatum without a blink-like she’s drinking water with ice.  

Whether she didn’t like to answer the question or it was difficult to answer, one thing is for sure, she can handle drinking whiskey with grace, and that’s hot. 

4. Rihanna

Riri has been vocal about her love for whiskey, that she literally sings the whiskey’s praises in her song Cheers (Drink to That). 

Like Lady G, she’s a fellow Jameson lover, and in her song Higher, she’s mentioned another whiskey lyric “This whiskey got me feelin’ pretty.” 

It’s not surprising if we guess she’s drinking whiskey in her diamond-encrusted flask during her appearance at the Grammys. 

3. Mila Kunis

Mila Kunis seemed to enjoy bourbon and whiskey long before she became Jim Beam’s spokesperson. 

What can a woman do when she’s seen drinking whiskey? For Mila, she helped skyrocket bourbon sales by 43%. 

She loved to drink whiskey on the rocks and cocktails in her twenties.  

2. Christina Hendricks

Christina Hendricks seems not too different from Joan Hollaway, a hard-drinking secretary in AMC’s Mad Men.

She told Gizmodo that she fell in love with her husband over Scotch. 

Before she had the money-making opportunity with Johnnie Walker commercials, the spirit played a big role in her love life.

Her memory of her first date with her husband and Johnnie Walker Black on the rocks is still vivid. 

1. Kate Middleton

photo of Kate Middleton

Kate, Princess of Wales, “outdrunk” her husband, William, Prince of Wales during their visit to the Famous Grouse distillery.

She finished a shot of a 60% ABV whiskey at Healey’s Cyder in England. 

On their two-day trip to England, a few drinks were on tap for the British royal couple.

After they worked through six drinks, Kate downed the shot of a 120-proof whiskey.


What percentage of whiskey drinkers are women?

Almost 37 percent of whiskey drinkers are women, which continuously rises as women are more inclined to drink distilled spirits. 
Based on Fred Minnick, women represent 37% of whiskey imbibers in the United States [3]. 

Is whiskey good for women?

Yes, whiskey is good for women. Aside from being a low-carb drink, some studies show that moderate drinking of alcohol like whiskey can aid weight loss and prevent cancer and cardiovascular diseases.  

What do men think of women who drink whiskey?

Some find the idea sexy and can be a good opportunity to socialize at a bar.  

Is it unusual for women to drink whiskey?

Not at all! Women have been enjoying whiskey for centuries, and today, it’s a drink enjoyed by people of all genders.

What kind of whiskey do women like?

Just like men, women have diverse tastes in whiskey. Some may prefer smooth and sweet bourbons, while others enjoy smoky and peaty Scotch whiskies.

Is whiskey considered a man’s drink?

While whiskey has been associated with masculinity in the past, it’s an outdated stereotype. Whiskey is for everyone, regardless of gender.

Are there any benefits to women drinking whiskey?

Moderate whiskey consumption, like any alcohol, can have social and relaxation benefits. Plus, exploring different whiskey flavors can be a fun and rewarding experience.

Can women drink whiskey straight?

Absolutely! Many women enjoy sipping whiskey neat or on the rocks to appreciate its full flavor profile.

Key Takeaways

The gender norms in the whiskey industry are finally evolving since whiskey is no longer a man’s drink.

Women may raise eyebrows if they see you drinking beers instead of whiskey. 

Like men, women, of course, know how to appreciate a good bottle of whiskey, and they like their whiskey the same way they like their chances: equal. 

Women who drink whiskey are mysterious but awesome.

Back in the 40s, women whiskey drinkers were considered bad girls, but now it signifies strength, boldness, and intelligence. 


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