15 Best Drinks To Order At A Bar For A Man (2023 Updated)

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The idea of manly drinks is constantly evolving, and the “let me have some whiskey, neat” can be boring for some.

No drink cannot rise to the occasion, but who would want to look out of touch, boring or immature, by ordering the wrong thing at a bar? 

Here are the best drinks to order at a bar for a man that will defy expectations. 

15 Best Manly Drinks To Order At A Bar 

1. Old Fashioned

Old Fashioned has become popular since the 1960s, and this centuries-old concoction deserves the first spot of best manly drink to order at a bar. 

Old Fashioned is a classic cocktail that combines whiskey (usually bourbon or rye for those who want some kick), bitters, water, and a sugar cube.

It is traditionally served with a twisted orange peel or an orange slice. But what’s the best whiskey brand for an Old-Fashioned?

2. Martini

glass of martini garnished with orange peel

Martini is an ever-famous cocktail drink a man can order at the bar. It is a simple yet classic mixed drink, and it has become more popular since it appeared in James Bond movies.

There are different variations of Martini; you can have a dry, dirty, or perfect Martini. 

Martini is made from gin or sometimes vodka and vermouth. It is garnished with either a twist of lemon or olives. 

3. Whiskey on the Rocks

pouring whisky on a glass full of ice

If you don’t want something fancy and want to look like a real man, ask for a whiskey on the rocks.

Frank Sinatra, Mark Twain, and John Wayne are some famous people who love drinking whiskey on the rocks. 

Technically, whiskey on the rocks is just plain whiskey with ice, no mixers. The ice helps lessen the alcohol burn and makes the drink more enjoyable. 

4. The Manhattan

glass of manhattan cocktail with 2 bottles in the background

Manhattan has a great reputation for being one of the must-try drinks at the bar.

It is made from whiskey, sweet red vermouth, and bitters with a traditional maraschino cherry. 

It may not look manly, especially the cherry garnish on top, but don’t let it fool you because it has a high ABV. But what’s the best whiskey for a Manhattan?

5. Rob Roy

a glass of rob roy with maraschino cherry on the bottom

Rob Roy is an iconic New York City cocktail that a bartender first crafted in 1894. It is a type of Manhattan, but instead of rye whiskey, it is distinguished by using Scotch whisky. The drink was named after an opera based on Rob Roy, a Scottish hero. 

Like the typical Manhattan, the drink uses bitters and sweet vermouth. It has a nice kick because it contains high alcohol content from all the mixed ingredients. 

6. Manly Temple

Yes, Manly Temple is the masculine version of the Shirley Temple, and instead of using ginger ale, the base liquor used will be whiskey. It is then mixed with lemon-lime soda and grenadine. 

Despite its misleading pinkish color profile and garnishes on top, it is a stiff drink. Some bartenders use Sprite, but others prefer Club Soda for the drink. 

7. Black or White Russian

a glass of white russian cocktail

Another manly drink to order at the bar is the Black or White Russian. The Black Russian is made of vodka and coffee liqueur, while the White Russian is made from vodka, cream, or milk. The cocktail drink is served on the rocks. 

Does the drink originate in Russia? No, but it references the vodka originating in Russia [1]. 

8. Tom Collins

a glass of Tom Collins on a wooden table

Tom Collins is served in a Collins glass and has a lemon wheel on top. The popular cocktail drink is made from gin as the primary alcohol, and it is mixed with carbonated water, lemon juice, and simple syrup.

It is a versatile cocktail, and there are different variations for this cocktail, such as the Brandy Collins and Jack Collins. 

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9. Gibson

a glass of gibson cocktail drink

Gibson is a popular manly cocktail drink made from dry vermouth and gin. It is garnished with pickled onion and is somehow slightly related to Martini.

The cocktail drink is served in a Martini glass, and once the onion is combined, it gives a new flavor profile to the drink. 

10. Sazerac

glass of sazerac with orange peel

Sazerac is a popular cocktail drink made from cognac, sugar cubes, bitters, and absinthe.

It is notable for its preparation because it will take you some time and effort to craft the mixed drink. It originated in New Orleans in 1838 and is still popular today. 

11. Snakebite

snakebite cocktail with green apple and bottle cap on the wooden table

No, there’s no snake involved here, but the drink’s name is suitable because it has a nice bite of alcohol.

There’s a little controversy about Snakebite because many bars in the UK refuse to sell the drink because it can get people drunk very quickly. It is made from equal parts of hard cider and stout beer. 

12. Sidecar

a glass of Sidecar cocktail drink

Sidecar is a cognac-based cocktail drink, and it comes with lemon juice and orange liqueur. It is one of the best manly drinks since World War I and has deep roots in New Orleans. 

Over the years, it has evolved, and people use Cognac and Cointreau instead of the Spanish curacao and French cognac. 

13. Gin Tonic

a glass of gin tonic on a white countertop

Gin Tonic (G&T) is a masculine drink you can order at a bar, and it is light and refreshing.

It combines one part gin and two parts tonic water, and it is topped with a lemon wedge on top. It is a classy, easy, simple, and delectable cocktail drink. 

14. Kamikaze

glass of kamikaze cocktail with lime

You can consume Kamikaze as a drink or as a shot, and it is made from vodka, lime juice, and triple sec.

You can have it in the blue version by adding a drop of blue food coloring or blue curacao instead of triple sec. But what does Blue Curacao tastes like?

15. Four Horsemen

2 glass shots of four horsemen

Four Horsemen is one of the manliest drinks of all time. It combines four distilled spirits, Jim Beam bourbon, Jack Daniels Tennessee whiskey, Johnnie Walker Scotch whisky, and Jose Cuervo tequila. It has a serious kick and distinct burn.


How do you order drinks at a bar like a man?

To order drinks at a bar like a man, go straight to the bartender’s counter and say your order. Make eye contact, speak loud enough to be understood, and be polite. 

What is a classy drink for a man?

Martini is a classy drink for a man. It is an epitome of manly drinks, looks classy, and tastes like one [2]. 

Let’s Sum It Up

There you have it, the best drinks to order at a bar for a man.

Every cocktail mentioned above has a timeless appeal, and don’t be deceived by its appearance because they are packed with punch.  



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