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10 Best Drinking Games with Cups: Competitive Fun (2024)

Drinking Games With Cups

Are you looking to add excitement to an upcoming family reunion and gathering this holiday season? Well, let me share some of my favorite drinking games with cups. 

I have played these games with relatives and colleagues for years, and I guarantee they lead to establishing a solid bond among the participants on an epic night.  

Top 10 Cup-Drinking Games

1. Baseball Beer Pong

Group of Men Playing Baseball ​Beer Pong

Players Required: 4-10

Difficulty Level: Medium

Game Rules: This drinking game combines Beer Pong and Flip Cup while applying baseball’s house rules. 

For each round, aim to land your ping pong balls into your opponent’s cups. If you succeed, other players must drink, and vice versa.

2. Flip Cup

Playing Flip Cup

Players Required: 4+

Difficulty Level: Easy

Game Rules: This drinking game consists of two teams with Solo cups filled with beer lined up at the table.

“I envy people who drink – at least they know what to blame everything on.” – Oscar Levant, Pianist and Composer 

When the game begins, chug your drink and aim to flip the cup upside down. The first team to flip all the cups wins. The losing team drinks, and then the next round begins.

3. Confidence

Players Required: 4+

Difficulty Level: Easy

Game Rules: The first player will pour beer into a large cup, flip a coin, and call heads or tails.

If correct, they will pass the coin and drink to the next person, who will repeat the first step. If they are wrong, they will drink everything in the cup. 

Take a break from this fast-paced game if you feel signs of getting drunk, like drowsiness and losing balance [1]

4. Mexicali

Players Required: 4+

Difficulty Level: Medium

Game Rules: The first person will roll two dice and announce the result. The goal is to get other players to beat this dice roll.

The second player will roll two dice and announce a result, but they will hide the dice in a solo cup. If someone correctly guesses that they are bluffing, they will drink.

But if they really beat the previous roll, the one who calls out will drink. 

5. Beer Die

Playing Beer Die

Players Required: 4

Difficulty Level: Difficult

Game Rules: Beer Die is a test of precision played by two teams. You will need to throw a dice about nine feet into the air, and how it lands will determine the consequence. 

For instance, if the dice lands at one of your opponents’ cups, they will drink the beer, and you score points.

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6. Stack Cup Game

Group of People Playing Stack Cup Game

Players Required: 4+

Difficulty Level: Medium

Game Rules: Stack Cup or Rage Cage is all about speed. Prepare at least two ping pong balls and 20 Solo cups filled with beer at the center of the table for the Stack Cup.

The Stack Cup game’s goal is for one cup to catch up to the other player by quickly bouncing your ping pong ball into your cup. Once you catch up with the ball, you will stack your cup with the other cups.

The player you catch up on will take a drink from the center and start bouncing a ping pong ball using the same cup.

7. Fingers

Playing Fingers aka Finger It Drinking Game

Players Required: 4+

Difficulty Level: Easy

Game Rules: The goal is correctly guessing how many fingers would be left in the bowl. If you guess right, you can leave. The last person must drink the alcohol in the bowl, then another round begins.

8. Quarters

Players Required: 2+

Difficulty Level: Easy

Game Rules: Place an empty glass at the center of the table, in which players attempt to get a quarter into the shot glass and off the table. 

If you make it, choose someone to take a drink. If you miss, the play passes on to the next player. You can play it with two players.

9. Kings Cup 

Kings Cup Drinking Game

Players Required: 3+

Difficulty Level: Easy

Game Rules: Like the Stack Cup, Kings Cup is the perfect drinking game for larger groups. You would have to prepare an empty cup and a deck of cards at the center of the table. 

Each card represents different rules, but you can make house rules if you draw the King. For example, you may prohibit certain words; if someone mentions those words, they must drink three shots or down two drinks.

Alternatively, you can play this one with a Jenga tower. 

10. Blackout

Blackout drinking game

Players Required: 3+

Difficulty Level: Easy

Game Rules: Players take turns drawing a card from a deck and perform the action corresponding to the card. For instance, you may need to bark like a dog or message your ex.

“Cup-Drinking games are a fantastic way to liven up your gatherings and create unforgettable memories with friends.” – Liquor Laboratory

You must drink if you don’t do the actions indicated.

FAQs Related to Drinking Games with Cups

What is the drinking game with a table full of cups?

Stack Cup is a drinking game with a table full of cups. This game requires at least six cups, but having multiple players makes it more fun and exciting.

What drinking game has cups and balls?

Beer Pong, Stack Cup, and Four Corners require cups and ping pong balls. These games need focus and skill to win. 

Can you provide examples of popular drinking games with cups?

Examples of drinking games with cups include Beer Pong, Flip Cup, Kings (also known as Kings Cup or Circle of Death), Rage Cage, Quarters, and Civil War. Each game has its own unique rules and objectives, but they all involve cups as central elements.

How is Beer Pong played using cups?

Beer Pong is typically played with two teams, each standing at opposite ends of a long table. Players take turns throwing ping pong balls into cups filled with beer arranged in a triangular formation on the opposite side of the table. When a ball lands in a cup, the opposing team must drink the contents of that cup.

What is Flip Cup, and how is it played?

Flip Cup is a team-based drinking game where players stand on opposite sides of a table, each with a cup filled with a small amount of beer or other beverage. Players must drink the contents of their cup and then attempt to flip it upside down by flicking the rim with their fingers.

Can you explain how Kings (Kings Cup) is played using cups?

Kings, also known as Kings Cup or Circle of Death, is a card-based drinking game that involves a central cup placed in the center of a table. Players take turns drawing cards from a standard deck, with each card corresponding to a specific rule or action. The game culminates in the “Kings Cup,” where players pour a portion of their drinks into the central cup, and the player who draws the final king card must drink the concoction.

Key Takeaways

There’s a cup-based fun game for every party vibe, from Beer Pong to Stack Cup and Drunk Jenga to other drinking games.

To play these chaotic games, always practice responsible drinking and ensure you are at least 21, the legal drinking age [2].


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