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12 Best Margarita In A Can: Ready-To-Drink Guide (2024)

Best Margarita In A Can

Are you craving some delicious Margaritas, but you neither have the time to make one nor feel like going to the bar? 

If so, opt for the canned versions of tequila cocktails available at your local liquor store.

We’ve tasted our way through the competition to bring you the best-canned Margaritas, including the best Margarita in a can on our list. Let’s start.

Top 12 Best Margarita in a Can You Need To Try

12. JuneShine Tequila Margarita

Hand Holding JuneShine Tequila Margarita In Can

Average Price: around $13.99 per 4 pack – 12oz cans (Drizly)

Alcohol Content: 10% ABV

Why We Like It: JuneShine Tequila Margarita is a refreshing cocktail that brings classic Margarita to a new level—made with real tequila and fresh lime juices.

This improved classic cocktail packs a punch of orange flavor.

We enjoy the smooth taste of tequila with a hint of sweetness and a crisp finish in every sip, as if we were on a sunny beach.

11. Cazadores Spicy Margarita

Can of  Cazadores Spicy Margarita

Average Price: around $15.78 per 4 pack – 12oz cans (Drizly)

Alcohol Content: 5.9% ABV

Why We Like It: Cazadores Spicy Margarita will satisfy your craving for spicy Margaritas, making you feel like it’s Taco Tuesday.

What we love about this ready-to-drink Margarita is its perfect balance of heat and tang.

The zesty notes of lime and orange complement the fiery chili flavors, creating a unique taste that lingers on our tongues.

10. Crafthouse Cocktails Smoky Margarita

Average Price: around $19.99 per 750ml bottle (Drizly)

Alcohol Content: 13.9% ABV

Why We Like It: Crafthouse Cocktails Smoky Margarita features a smoky twist due to the addition of Oaxacan mezcal [1], differentiating it from other canned cocktails that taste good.

It elevates our drinking experience as we detect a touch of sweetness and tartness with the smokiness, adding depth and complexity to this iconic Margarita.   

9. Cutwater Lime Margarita

Cutwater Lime Margarita in Can on a Table

Average Price: around $13.99 per 4 pack – 12oz cans (Drizly)

Alcohol Content: 12.5% ABV

Why We Like It: Cutwater Lime Margarita is one of the most refreshing canned Margaritas made with cutwater tequila, triple sec [2], and lime juice.

We pick up a floral aroma and appreciate how the lime juice adds a tangy kick to balance the sweetness of cane sugar with a smooth, satisfying finish that lingers on our palate.

8. Post Meridiem Spirits Margarita

Close Up Shot of Post Meridiem Spirits Margarita

Average Price: around $19.10 per 4 pack – 100ml cans (Drizly)

Alcohol Content: 27.5% ABV

Why We Like It: Post Meridiem Spirits Margarita is one of the best ready-to-drink Margaritas made with silver tequila, orange curacao, and real lime juice.

“We usually have Margaritas on Thursdays, but since it’s Tuesday, I’ll make an exception.”

— Chelsea Handler, American Comedian, Actress, Writer, Television Jost, and Producer

Upon sipping, we taste this Margarita’s bright and tangy citrus flavor. Moreover, it leaves us with a smooth, sweet finish despite the punch of lime and orange.

7. Jose Cuervo Sparkling Margarita

CAn of Jose Cuervo Sparkling Margarita and a Glass

Average Price: around $9.89 per 4 pack – 12oz cans (Drizly)

Alcohol Content: 8% ABV

Why We Like It: Jose Cuervo Sparkling Margarita is one of America’s favorite ready-to-drink cocktails made with real Jose Cuervo tequila, triple sec, fresh lime, and citrus flavors.

This canned Margarita uses sparkling water for a fizzy twist, causing pleasant pain on the tongue [3]

It has a bright and tangy taste, with notes of lime and citrus complementing the smooth tequila base.

It also comes in different sparkling Margarita flavors like Paloma, Rose, and Strawberry Margarita.

6. Dos Equis Margarita

Dos Equis Margarita in a Can

Average Price: around $14.74 per 4 pack – 12oz cans (Drizly)

Alcohol Content: 10% ABV

Why We Like It: Dos Equis Margarita is a classic lime Margarita that delivers a perfect blend of premium tequila and lime with a hint of orange.  

As we dress this canned cocktail up with a salted rim, the balanced taste becomes more pronounced with a subtle touch of saltiness, giving it a real Margarita taste with a salty bite. 

5. Ranch Rider Spirits Margarita

Average Price: around $14.99 per 4 pack – 12oz cans (Drizly)

Alcohol Content: 5.99% ABV

Why We Like It: Ranch Rider Spirits Margarita is made with Reposado tequila, sparkling water, sea salt, and freshly squeezed orange and lime.

Our taste buds’ initial taste is the citrusy lime, followed by a hint of tanginess that complements the agave nectar’s sweetness.

4. MXD Margarita

Hand Holding CAn of MXD Margarita

Average Price: around $7.55 per 4 pack – 16oz cans (Drizly)

Alcohol Content: 12% ABV

Why We Like It: MXD Margarita is a traditional Margarita that boasts harmonious tangy lime, salt, and tequila blends.

We pick up both the brightness of the tangy lime and notes of orange and the boldness of the tequila upon our first sip.

The citrusy flavors are well-balanced and not too sweet, making it our go-to drink.

Furthermore, drinking this ready-to-drink Margarita with a salted rim contrasts the tartness, enhancing our overall experience with this drink.

3. Two Chicks Sparkling Citrus Margarita

Hands Holding Two Chicks Sparkling Citrus Margarita

Average Price: around $14.99 per 4 pack – 12oz cans (Drizly)

Alcohol Content: 5% ABV

Why We Like It: Two Chicks Sparkling Citrus Margarita is a tangy Margarita, bolder than any classic Margarita we’ve ever tasted.

It has a crisp and effervescent flavor profile that’s sweet and tangy.

We notice some prominent notes of lime and grapefruit juice and some fizz that lifts the flavors on our taste buds.

2. Cayman Jack Margarita

Man Holding Cayman Jack Margarita in Can

Average Price: around $18.99 per 12 pack – 12oz cans (Drizly)

Alcohol Content: 5.8% ABV

Why We Like It: Cayman Jack Margarita is one of the best pre-made Margaritas made with real cane sugar, blue agave nectar, and fresh lime juice.

It has a subtle kick, possibly due to the blue agave complemented by the zesty and citrusy taste. We love how the cane sugar’s sweetness rounds out the overall flavor experience.

If you enjoy a classic Margarita taste, Cayman Jack Margarita is the perfect drink for you.

1. Buzzbox Margarita

Woman Holding Buzzbox Margarita

Average Price: around $17.99 per 4 pack – 200ml cans (TotalWine)

Alcohol Content: 12% ABV

Why We Like It: Buzzbox Margarita is the best-canned cocktail on our list, made with premium silver tequila, lime, citrus flavors, homemade triple sec, and orange liqueur—containing no preservatives or artificial ingredients [4].

We adore how the citrusy notes of lime and orange blend well with the agave when we first drink it, creating a well-balanced taste, not too sweet and not too sour.

Furthermore, this canned Margarita is not too overpowering; instead creates a smooth and easy-to-drink experience for our palates.


How do you make canned Margaritas taste better?

The best way to make canned Margaritas taste better is by adding a squeeze of fresh lime juice, rimming the glass with salt, and serving over ice.

For an extra kick, add a splash of tequila to your canned Margarita. 

You can experiment with different combinations to find the perfect flavor that works for you.

Will canned Margaritas get you drunk?

Canned Margaritas, like all alcoholic beverages, can get you drunk, especially if you consume many canned Margaritas.

While the amount of alcohol varies, it’s always important to drink responsibly and moderately and be aware of your limit of consumption.

What Are Some Popular Brands Offering Margaritas in a Can?

Several popular brands offer pre-made margaritas in cans, including Cutwater Spirits, Jose Cuervo, and High Noon.

What Makes a Margarita in a Can Convenient?

Margarita in a can provide convenience for outdoor events, picnics, or gatherings where preparing cocktails from scratch may not be practical. They offer a ready-to-drink solution without the need for mixing ingredients.

Are Margaritas in a Can Ready-to-Drink or Do They Require Preparation?

Margaritas in a can are typically ready-to-drink, requiring no additional preparation. Simply chill the can and pour it over ice if desired.

Do Margaritas in a Can Taste as Good as Freshly Made Margaritas?

While nothing beats a freshly made margarita, many people find canned margaritas to be a convenient and tasty alternative. However, taste preferences may vary depending on individual preferences.

What Flavors of Margaritas Are Available in Cans?

Margarita in a can come in various flavors, including classic lime, strawberry, mango, pineapple, and more. Some brands also offer variations like spicy margaritas or margaritas with added fruit juices.

Are Margaritas in a Can Carbonated or Non-Carbonated?

Margaritas in a can can be both carbonated and non-carbonated, depending on the brand and product. Some are lightly carbonated for a fizzy texture, while others are non-carbonated for a smoother finish.

Can You Customize Margaritas in a Can with Additional Ingredients?

Yes, you can customize canned margaritas by adding extra ingredients like fresh lime juice, agave syrup, or additional spirits to adjust the flavor to your liking.

In Conclusion

While the best-canned Margaritas is a matter of personal preference and taste, you can use this guide to jumpstart your tasting journey with ready-to-drink Margaritas.

For a quick recommendation, if you prefer Margaritas with a more balanced taste, Cayman Jack Margarita, JuneShine Tequila Margarita, and Ranch Rider Spirits Margarita are for you.

If you love something that provides fruity, citrusy notes, MXD Margarita and Two Chicks Sparkling Citrus Margarita are the best options.

For such informatic knowledge visit The Liquor Laboratory.


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