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Who Makes Kirkland Margarita Mix? Costco’s Signature Sip 2024

Who Makes Kirkland Margarita Mix

When it comes to kicking back and relaxing with a refreshing summer cocktail, Kirkland Margarita is often my go-to choice. But who makes Kirkland Margarita Mix?

Well, I did the hard work of researching the answer so you could feel at ease. Let me walk you through the story behind this ready-to-drink, boozy goodness that has become a staple at countless gatherings and happy hours.

Who Makes Kirkland’s Signature Golden Margarita Premium?

Bottle of Kirkland's Signature Golden Margarita Premium

Kirkland’s Signature Golden Margarita is an exclusive product sold under the Costco-owned Kirkland’s Signature brand.

This Premium Golden Margarita is a favorite among those who appreciate the convenience of a premade cocktail without sacrificing its taste and quality.

“Margaritas aren’t just drinks; they’re memories in the making, thanks to Kirkland’s magic touch.” – Liquor Laboratory 

MPL Brands is a private-label company specializing in producing high-quality spirits and cocktail mixes for Costco’s Kirkland products.

Who Is MPL Brands?

MPL Brands, short for Master of Public Label Brands, is a company that specializes in creating and producing private-label spirits and cocktail mixes.

I find their expertise in crafting exceptional beverages has made them a trusted partner for Costco’s Kirkland’s Signature brand.

MPL’s dedication to excellence has contributed to the success and popularity of Kirkland Golden Margarita.

How Is Kirkland Golden Margarita Made?

Hand Holding Bottle of Kirkland's Signature Golden Margarita Premium

Kirkland Signature Golden Margaritas are made with a careful blend of high-quality ingredients.

Kirkland Golden includes gold tequila (not agave wine), citric acid, premium triple sec liqueur, natural lime juice, and a touch of cane sugar for the sweet flavor.

With the combination of alcohol and other ingredients, this ready-to-drink packs delicious and bright flavors of orange and lime juice, gold tequila, and triple sec liqueur.

Note that MPL Brands takes excellent care in selecting real tequila (instead of agave wine), ensuring that each bottle delivers an authentic taste with bright flavors.

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Where Is Kirkland Margarita Made?

Kirkland’s premade Margarita drinks are manufactured in Mexico, a country we all know for its rich real tequila heritage.

Mexico’s tequila-producing regions, particularly Jalisco, are known for producing some of the world’s finest tequilas [1].

By producing the Kirkland brand Margarita in Mexico, the MPL brand accesses the expertise of local distilleries and ensures that each bottle or drink packs authenticity.

Does Fabrica De Tequilas Finos Make Kirkland Margarita?

Bottle and a Glass of Kirkland's Signature Golden Margarita Premium

Fabrica De Tequilas Finos is a distillery based in Jalisco, Mexico [2], known for producing high-quality tequilas.

While they’re involved in producing some of Kirkland’s Signature products, they are not directly responsible for making the Kirkland Golden Margarita.

“A good Margarita, a good red wine. I like expensive alcohol, but not a lot of it. I don’t like to throw up.” — Denise Richards, American Actress and Television Personality

Kirkland’s Margaritas are a unique blend created by MPL Brands for Costco’s brand, which combines carefully selected tequila, triple sec liqueur, and other high-quality ingredients to deliver boozy goodness. But does Margarita mix have alcohol in it?

FAQs Related to Who Makes Kirkland Margarita Mix

Does Kirkland’s Margarita go bad?

Yes, Kirkland’s Margarita drinks can go bad over time. It’s crucial to check the expiration date on the glass bottle before use.
Proper storage, such as keeping it cool and dry, can help prolong its shelf life.

Is Kirkland’s Margarita discontinued?

Kirkland’s premade Margarita is only available in Costco stores. However, product availability can change, so it’s a good idea to check with your local Costco or visit their website for the most accurate information.

Where do you buy Kirkland’s Margarita?

You can buy a bottle of Kirkland’s Margarita exclusively at Costco. You can find it at your nearest Costco warehouse or order it online through the official Costco website if you have a Costco membership.

How much is Kirkland’s Margarita?

Kirkland’s Margarita is sold for around $11 per glass bottle. However, the price may vary depending on the store, location, and any ongoing promotions or discounts at Costco.
Generally, the price is affordable compared to buying individual cocktail ingredients, making it an excellent choice if you want to drink Margaritas.

Can I find information about the manufacturer of Kirkland Margarita Mix on the product packaging?

Yes, Kirkland Signature products typically provide information about the manufacturer or distributor on the product packaging. Look for details on the label or packaging to identify the producer.

Is Kirkland Margarita Mix made by a well-known beverage company?

Kirkland Signature products are often produced by reputable manufacturers or beverage companies known for their quality and standards. However, the specific manufacturer of Kirkland Margarita Mix may vary.

Does Costco disclose the manufacturer of Kirkland Margarita Mix?

While Costco typically partners with trusted manufacturers for Kirkland Signature products, the retailer may not always disclose specific details about the producers of private-label items like Kirkland Margarita Mix.

Can I contact Costco for information about the manufacturer of Kirkland Margarita Mix?

Yes, you can reach out to Costco customer service or visit your local Costco warehouse to inquire about the manufacturer of Kirkland Margarita Mix. They may provide you with relevant information or direct you to the appropriate channels.

Are there any clues about the manufacturer of Kirkland Margarita Mix based on taste or quality?

While taste and quality can provide some insight into the production standards of Kirkland Margarita Mix, they may not always indicate the specific manufacturer. Costco typically maintains high quality standards for Kirkland Signature products.

Final Thoughts

Kirkland’s Margarita drinks are made under MPL Brands, a private-label company specializing in crafting exceptional spirits and cocktail mixes.

This delicious Margarita is made with top-quality ingredients, including authentic tequila and orange and lime juice, while providing the convenience of premade cocktail drinks.

If you want to drink Margaritas but want to taste the classic in a convenient way, check the nearest Costco store near you to see if they sell this summer beverage!


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