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15 Best Places To Buy Whiskey & Bourbon Online (2024 Updated)

Best Places To Buy Whiskey Online

Last Updated on March 13, 2024 by Lydia Martin

Online shopping is a convenient way to search for rare and limited-edition whiskey bottles.

You don’t have to put in so much effort to have that special whiskey brand right at your own home.

However, there are a lot of unreliable alcohol stores on the internet, and some have ridiculously marked-up prices.

In this article, you’ll find the best place to buy whiskey online, where you can browse, pay, and wait comfortably for your order to arrive.

Top 15 Online Shops to Buy Whiskey & Bourbon

1. Bounty Hunter

Bounty Hunter, best place to buy whiskey online

Contact Details: [email protected] (800-943-9463)

Official Website: 

Head Quarters Address: 500 Devlin Road Suite 104 Napa, California (warehouse)

What They Offer:

Bounty Hunter has served as one of the best websites to buy whiskey online since 1994.

You can browse a good selection of more than two hundred bottles of whiskey products such as Scotch, rye, and bourbon. 

It also offers a set of gifts for the holiday season or any occasion like a birthday.

The company can also store your acquired distilled spirits six months after purchase. But you have to pay the fee with the original prices.

2. Caskers


Contact Details: [email protected] 

Official Website: 

Head Quarters Address: 244 Fifth Avenue, Suite F247, New York

What They Offer:

Launched by Moiz Ali and Steven Abt in 2012, Caskers help consumers find bottles of alcoholic drinks by connecting them with the right vendors or licensed parties.

They offer various whiskey bottles like Scotch whisky, bourbon, rye, Japanese whisky, and Irish whiskey.

There are also some good deals on liquor products such as rum, gin, tequila, and vodka.

However, you have to check if the product you purchase is eligible for shipping in your state.

3. De Wine Spot

De Wine Spot

Contact Details: [email protected] (718-388-9463) 

Official Website: 

Head Quarters Address: 428 Lorimer St, Brooklyn, NY

What They Offer:

This website offers some rare bottles of Scotch whisky, Japanese whisky, Indian whisky, and Irish whiskey at reasonable and good prices.

It delivers its product collection with good customer care and fast shipping.

De Wine Spot is also one of the websites that ship out internationally to countries like the UK, Japan, France, and Ireland. But what’s a good whiskey for a gift?

4. Drizly


Contact Details: [email protected] (774-234-1033)

Official Website: 

Head Quarters Address: 334 Boylston St, Suite 300, Boston, Massachusetts

What They Offer:

Drizly is available to over 100 million customers as a website and a phone application. It is a handy way of browsing distilled spirits if you’re looking for a new addition to your liquor cabinet.

Aside from the huge collection of American whiskey, the site also offers other tasty beverages, from beer to wine. 

It features a one-hour delivery time for some places such as Washington DC, Seattle, and Chicago.

5. Love Scotch

Love Scotch

Contact Details: [email protected] (818-483-3262)

Official Website: 

Head Quarters Address: 16938 Saticoy St, Van Nuys, CA

What They Offer:

Love Scotch has more than five hundred bottles of American whiskey products aside from their wide range of tequila, rum, vodka, and gin.

It also offers a good selection of rare whiskey bottles like Pappy Van Winkle and W.L. Weller Bourbon whiskey. 

Its shipping is only available in the United States, taking around five days to ship on the West Coast and around two weeks for the rest of the country. 

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6. Mash & Grape

Mash & Grape

Contact Details: [email protected] (844-338-4696)

Official Website: 

Head Quarters Address: Greater New York Area, East Coast, Northeastern US

What They Offer:

Mash & Grape is one of the best websites to visit if you plan to buy whiskey products and other spirits.

They have a wide range of Japanese whisky, Canadian whisky, Irish whiskey, Single Malt Scotch, Blended Scotch, rye, bourbon whiskey, and moonshine, with over 2000 bottles available. 

This shop offers good deals in their MashBox club, where they send an expertly selected bottle of spirit monthly, depending on your chosen subscription. 

7. Napa Cabs

Napa Cabs

Contact Details: (909-981-5641) 

Official Website: 

Head Quarters Address: 901 W Foothill Blvd, Suite A, Upland, CA

What They Offer:

Napa Cabs is a family-owned business established in 2004, selling the finest collection of liquor and wine that will fit your taste and pocket.

It features gift certificates for special occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries.

However, this online store cannot ship to some states like North Dakota, Tennessee, and Ohio.

They are also limited to delivery in some areas of Florida, Virginia, and other states.

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8. Potomac Wines

Potomac Wines

Contact Details: (800-333-2829)

Official Website: 

Head Quarters Address: 3100 M Street NW, Washington, DC

What They Offer:

This Washington-based shop has been a great source of premium-quality wines and spirits since 1969.

But after launching their online shop, you can now easily explore their huge collection of alcoholic beverages like whiskey, tequila, rum, cognac, sake, and vodka.

Although you can order from anywhere in the world, Potomac Wines can only deliver within the USA.

9. Reserve Bar

Reserve Bar

Contact Details: [email protected] (855-443-8144)

Official Website: 

Head Quarters Address: 426 Main St, Ridgefield, Connecticut

What They Offer:

In 2013, ReserveBar featured an impressive cutting-edge software specializing in customizing the newest releases from the limited-edition bottles of alcoholic drinks [1].

On this easy-to-navigate website, you have a wide range of choices in their huge collection of Irish whiskey, bourbon, rye, and Canadian whisky.

Aside from liquor products, it also dedicated a section for gift-giving ideas such as customized bottle engravings, whiskey glassware, and accessories.

In addition, their great delivery service makes ReserveBar one of the best places to buy whiskey.

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10. Saucey


Contact Details: [email protected] (213-204-9608)

Official Website: 

Head Quarters Address: Los Angeles, CA

What They Offer:

Saucey has a cool and simple interface with short descriptions of its brands and products.

It is probably the most limited in the delivery area, including Oakland, Sacramento, Chicago, and Los Angeles [2].

However, it is still a decent place to order online because they deliver your package fast and free if you live in the mentioned areas.

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11. Seelbach’s


Contact Details: [email protected]

Official Website: 

Head Quarters Address: 1010 E Adams St Ste 107, Jacksonville, Florida

What They Offer:

Blake Riber established Seelbach’s in 2018 after recognizing an opportunity that most liquor shops tend to overlook: marketing craft whiskey products.

So if you’re looking for new and a little bit exciting whiskey bottles aside from the regular big brands, this place got you covered.

It also offers a barrel program for group events like birthday parties and anniversary celebrations.

12. The Bottle Haus

The Bottle Haus

Contact Details: [email protected] (619-790-4174) 

Official Website: 

Head Quarters Address: 11766 Sunset Ave NE Bainbridge Island, Washington

What They Offer:

If you’re looking for rare and limited edition whiskey bottles, The Bottle Haus features a section exclusively for these products.

You can still find bottles of Michter’s 20-Year Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey and The Balvenie 40-Year Single Malt Scotch Whisky here, which is a good sign.

But you don’t have to worry if you’re only looking for a casual sipping whiskey. You can also explore over six hundred whiskey bottles in this online shop.

13. Total Wine

Total Wine

Contact Details: [email protected] (855-328-9463)

Official Website:

Head Quarters Address: 6600 Rockledge Drive, Bethesda, Maryland

What They Offer:

In 1991, brothers David and Robert Trone founded Total Wine.

It has more than two hundred local stores and more than three thousand distilled spirits available for reasonable prices. 

The website is easy to navigate, where you can find information, flavor profile, and recommendations for a specific bottle.

These features are not only insightful for beginners but also seasoned enthusiasts.

14. Wine.Com


Contact Details: [email protected] (800-592-5870)

Official Website:

Head Quarters Address: 114 Sansome Street 6th Floor San Francisco, CA

What They Offer:

Many wine enthusiasts are already familiar with this website for providing them with the best collection of wines since 1998.

Because of its undeniable success, the website also started selling around seven hundred whiskey labels online.

You can find Single Malt Scotch, Blended Scotch, Japanese whisky, bourbon, rye, and Irish whiskey bottles here.

15. Whisky Shop 

Whisky Shop

Contact Details: [email protected] (415 989-1030)

Official Website: 

Head Quarters Address: 360 Sutter Street, San Francisco, CA

What They Offer:

It is a great chance to visit this online store for hard-to-find whiskey bottles. They offer some old and rare Japanese whisky, Single Malt Scotch, Blended Scotch Whisky, and American whiskey bottles, including bourbon and rye.

You can also purchase at their physical store in California, full of friendly and knowledgeable staff about alcoholic drinks.

Best Place to Buy Bourbon Online

1. Mash & Grape

Mash & Grape Website

Contact Details: [email protected] (844-338-4696)

Official Website: 

Head Quarters Address: Greater New York Area, East Coast, Northeastern US

What They Offer: Mash & Grape can be your go-to online store for your bourbon needs.

The shop has a massive selection of bourbon whiskey to try depending on your chosen subscription.

We tried subscribing for two months and we were impressed with the scheduled deliveries and selection of bourbons.

2. Drizly

Drizly Online Website

Contact Details: [email protected] (774-234-1033)

Official Website: 

Head Quarters Address: 334 Boylston St, Suite 300, Boston, Massachusetts

What They Offer: Drizly is a reliable online liquor store you can count on when it comes to bourbon whiskeys.

Currently, there are almost 3,000 bourbon selections in Drizly to choose from. In addition, unlike other retailers, Drizly sells bourbon at a reasonable price.

You can have your favorite bourbon delivered right to your doorstep or send it as a gift to your friends and loved ones. Also, the website is easy to navigate.

3. Taster’s Club

Taster’s Club Online Website

Contact Details: (415) 562-6225

Official Website:

Head Quarters Address: 5201 Eden Avenue Suite 300 Edina, MN 55436

What They Offer: If you want to explore the bourbon world, Taster’s Club is one of the best places to buy bourbon online.

They have a bourbon club where you can personalize your journey by curating bourbon bottles from different distilleries and delivering them straight to your door.

We were impressed with this online store because every month, you’ll get to receive different bottles of bourbon whiskeys from award-winning distilleries in Kentucky.

4. Flaviar

Flaviar Online Website Store

Contact Details: [email protected]

Official Website:

Head Quarters Address: 244 Fifth Avenue, Suite F247, New York, NY 10001

What They Offer: If you want a nice selection of bourbon whiskey, especially the rare and hard-to-find bottles, Flaviar is one of the online stores to check out.

They offer a membership club where you can exclusively get Flaviar’s curated selection as well as the popular bottles from award-winning bourbon distilleries.

5. Total Wine

Total Wine Online Website

Contact Details: [email protected] (855-328-9463)

Official Website:

Head Quarters Address: 6600 Rockledge Drive, Bethesda, Maryland

What They Offer: Total Wine is a liquor online store that offers a wide selection of bourbon whiskeys.

Their website is easy to navigate so if you are not techy, it is not challenging for you to find the bourbon you are looking for.

They have recommended bottles, information, and flavor profiles of bourbons as your guide.

While online liquor store deliveries are convenient for many people, they can also pose risk to young risky drinkers, so be responsible.

“Our study indicates that while a wide range of people use online alcohol delivery services, there is a cohort of young risky drinkers who are using on-demand delivery services to prolong their drinking occasions” 

– Dr Sarah Callinan, CAPR Researcher

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you order whiskey online?

The first step in ordering whiskey online is checking if your region or area allows the shipment of alcoholic beverages.

Next is to prepare your identification that you are at least 21 years old.

Lastly, please read the information and reviews regarding the spirit brand before checking out. But can you buy alcohol on your 21st birthday?

How long does it take to receive the whiskey you ordered online?

It depends entirely on the liquor shop and supply before receiving the whiskey you ordered online.

The delivery can vary from an hour to at least a few weeks. For example, Drizly and Saucey offer fast delivery services in certain parts of the country. But can you buy alcohol with EBT?

What is the best website for rare whiskey?

De Wine Spot is the best website for rare whiskeys.

They offer various selections of rare Japanese, Scotch, Irish, and Indian whiskies at reasonable prices.

Is it cheaper to buy whiskey online?

Yes, it is cheaper to buy whiskey online.

Since most online stores don’t need to pay for rent, tax, and utilities with their physical store, the price is usually cheaper.

Which is the best website to ship whiskey?

Drizly is the best website to ship whiskey.

Aside from the massive selection of liquors, wine, mixers, and more, they offer same-day delivery and traditional shipping services.

What is the best whiskey company?

Determining the best whiskey company is subjective and dependent on personal preferences; however, notable companies such as Diageo, Pernod Ricard, and Brown-Forman are recognized for their extensive and diverse whiskey portfolios, encompassing well-known brands like Johnnie Walker, Jameson, and Jack Daniel’s.

What is the best whisky available?

The title of the best whisky is subjective and varies based on individual taste preferences; esteemed whiskies like Macallan’s Sherry Oak 18-Year-Old, Glenfiddich 21-Year-Old Reserva Rum Cask Finish, and Yamazaki 18-Year-Old Single Malt are often lauded for their exceptional quality and distinct flavor profiles.

Which country’s whisky is the best?

Determining the best country for whisky involves personal taste preferences; Scotland is renowned for its Scotch whiskies, while Ireland produces distinct and smooth expressions, and Japan is gaining global acclaim for its innovative and high-quality whiskies, leaving the choice ultimately in the hands of the individual drinker.

What is the most expensive brand of whiskey?

The world of luxury whiskies boasts numerous expensive brands, with The Macallan frequently dominating the list; their releases, such as The Macallan Fine & Rare Collection and The Macallan 1926, have achieved record-breaking prices at auctions, making them some of the most expensive and sought-after whiskies globally.

What type of whisky is the smoothest?

Defining the smoothest whisky is subjective, but certain styles are often praised for their smooth profiles; Irish whiskies like Redbreast 12-Year-Old and Jameson are recognized for their approachable and gentle character, while some Scotch whiskies, such as Glenlivet 18-Year-Old, offer a smooth and well-balanced drinking experience, appealing to those seeking a milder palate.Top of Form

Finding the Best Place to Buy Whiskey Online

Today’s world provides us with comfort and convenience in every aspect of our lives, especially in buying alcoholic beverages.

Drizly, Total Wine, Caskers, and Bounty Hunter are some of the best places to buy whiskey online.

We carefully choose websites with good delivery service, great customer care, and a wide variety of whiskey products.

However, there are currently 44 states in the USA that allow delivery of alcoholic drinks but states like Missouri and Ohio have strict restrictions.

Other states such as Texas, New Mexico, Oregon, Indiana, and West Virginia have a bit of similarity in their rules for shipping distilled alcohol.


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