10 Best Sodas To Mix with Whiskey (2023 Updated)

Last Updated on November 26, 2023 by Lydia Martin

Crafted from fermented and distilled grains using wooden casks, whiskey has been the go-to drink for centuries. 

This is especially true for whiskey lovers, who feel nothing is better than enjoying a glass of bourbon, rye, or Scotch.

While some fanatics prefer to drink whiskey straight or on the rocks, other drinkers opt for cutting the alcohol down using mixers. 

So in this post, let’s explore the best sodas to mix with whiskey

Top 10 Soda Mixers For Whiskey 

10. Coke

coca-cola in can and bottle

Probably the most popular drink to mix with whiskey is Coca-Cola. It adds a good amount of sweetness to the drink, with some depth of flavors.

For a perfect pairing, combine three parts cola with one part whiskey in a highball glass.

Shake it up a couple of times before adding in the ice cubes. For the garnish, add a slice of lime.

Also, you can make a “Jack in Black” cocktail using Coca-Cola (or any cola) and Jack Daniel’s.

To make it, fill a rocks glass with ice and add 35ml of Jack Daniels.

Then, mix a 15ml coffee liqueur and top it with cola. Stir gently and garnish it with cherry. 

9. Lemon & Lime Soda

lemon lime soda in a glass

Closer to lemonade, lemon-lime soda is on the sweeter side, making it a freshening soda to mix with whiskey. 

To make a simple lemon-lime and whiskey drink, just mix 1-part whiskey with 3-part lemon-lime soda in your highball glass filled with ice. 

But if you want something more elevated, try the Raspberry Lynchburg cocktail instead. Also, you can use Mountain Dew if desired.    

8. Club Soda

hand holding canada dry club soda

Flavored sodas are indeed an excellent mixer. However, the sweetness conceals the whiskey’s intricate flavors.

So if you’re not keen on the sweet side, you can mix whiskey with club sodas.

It has neutral flavors that will not interfere with the whiskey’s flavor.

Most importantly, club soda contains fewer calories and zero sugar, suitable for health-conscious peeps.

To make your drink: 

  • Fill your highball glass with ice cubes.
  • Then, pour in the 50ml whiskey (any bottle of your choice). 
  • Top it with club soda and garnish it with cherry or according to your liking.  

7.  Dr. Pepper

pouring dr. pepper in can

Dr. Pepper is another good mixer if you’re into sugary drinks, as it gives a twist to your whiskey. 

To make a delicious cocktail: 

  • Fill your highball glass with ice.
  • Mix 50ml whiskey and add Dr. Pepper. 
  • Then, grab a cherry for garnish. 

6. Root Beer

root beer on a big mug

 This drink imparts a sweet flavor and hints of spice that contrast the oak notes of whiskey. Compared to cola, root beer has a stronger and sweeter flavor.

Don’t panic if you only drink diet sodas; you can also find diet-friendly root beers [1]. Just choose the one you like and enjoy.  

To make drinks for guests:

  • Fill your root beer mug with ice. 
  • Mix in the 50ml whiskey of your choice.
  • Add the root beer, stir, then serve. 

5. Grape Soda

Grape Soda filled with ice on glass and a peppermint leaves

Sweetened beverages with the flavor of grapes taste really good with whiskey. You can also make tasty cocktails out of this combo.

To make a Grape Soda-Whiskey drink:

  • Fill your collins glass with ice. 
  • Combine 6 oz. grape soda and 2 oz. whiskey.
  • Stir well and top it with a lime wedge or a mint sprig.

Whiskeys that taste well with grape sodas include Jameson Whiskey, Journeyman W.R. Whiskey, and Nelson’s Green Barrier Tennessee Whiskey. 

4. Orange Soda

Homemade Orange Soda with ice on a glass

Like other flavored sodas, orange sodas are a good whiskey mixer next to lemonade.

The citrus, sugar, and sour flavors of orange sodas complement the taste of the whiskey, especially those with spicy vanilla notes. 

“Sleep late, have fun, get wild, drink whiskey.”

– Hunter S. Thompson, American Journalist

This drink can level up the flavors of orange-based whiskey cocktails, like Old-Fashioned and other classics. 

A glass of drink made with orange sodas, whiskey, ice, and some garnishes, is enough to have a refreshing day. 

Note: If you want to make a glass of Hot Toddy, we don’t recommend using orange sodas; better use freshly squeezed lemon or orange juice.  

3. Tonic Water


Equal amounts of tonic water with whiskey tastes deliciously well.

The bubbly and subtly sweet flavor of tonic water makes perfect cocktails– which is a nice alternative to soda water.

You can try making Whiskey Tonic by mixing tonic water and whiskey, topped with lemon. 

Or, try the Tonic and Bourbon cocktail by mixing simple syrup, lemonade (or lime juice), tonic water, and your favorite whiskey.    

2. Diet Coke

floating diet coke in a water

If you want to avoid the artificial sweeteners from any cola, but want something similar, then mix your whiskey with diet Coke.  

But know that the unnatural sweeteners from the cola tend to create a bitter aftertaste, so you might as well opt for a whiskey that features bolder notes to achieve the balance. 

We suggest trying a bottle of Glen Moray Elgin Classic, Kavalan Concertmaster, or Paddy Irish Whiskey.

1. Soda Water

Schweppes soda water and a glass

If you prefer a bubbly, chilled whiskey, mix it with soda water. This type of mixing was influenced by Japanese bartenders reinvigorating the humble drink.

The addition of this fizzy water complements most whiskeys with bold and intense vanilla flavors. 

Whether you want a whiskey with a sugary flavor or prefer funkier ones— soda water is versatile enough to achieve a balance of flavor. 

Don’t forget to add freshly squeezed lime to achieve the citrus bite. But, of course, you can use ready-made lemonade or lemon juice. 

Fill your highball glass with ice, pour the mixture, stir, and you’re ready to drink [2].    


Is soda good with whiskey?

Soda tastes good with whiskey as it opens and enhances the spirit’s flavor. Club sodas are the favorite mixers as they impart more invigorating flavors to the spirit. 

Is whiskey better with Coke or Sprite?

Whiskey is better with Coke than Sprite if you want to add a desirable amount of sugar to your whiskey.

But Sprite in your whiskey is better if you want to taste woody and fruity notes.  

Final Thoughts

There are many good alcohol mixers that you can try and experiment with until you achieve the flavors you’re craving. 

It is better to try any possibilities so you know which one to prepare, depending on your mood.

If you like something sweet today, try mixing root beer and lemon-lime sodas. 

But if you want something plain, go for the neutral- or subtly-flavored mixers like club soda, tonic water, and soda water. 



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