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17 Best Stagg Jr Batches Ranked: Full Guide (2024 Updated)

Best Stagg Jr Batches Ranked

Last Updated on March 5, 2024 by Lydia Martin

Stagg Jr. has been released twice a year, and it is the younger statement of the iconic George T Stagg bourbon. 

These recognizable bourbon batches are unfiltered, uncut, robust bourbon aged for nearly a decade, and boasts a bold character that reminds of the man himself. 

As Buffalo Trace will drop the ‘Jr’ on the next batches of Stagg Jr, here are the best Stagg Jr batches ranked by our experts from good to best. 

Top 17 Stagg Jr Batches (Ranked)

17. Batch 6 (Spring 2016) 

Bottle of Stagg Jr. Batch 16

Average Price: Roughly $899.97 (Flask Fine Wine & Whisky)

Alcohol Proof: 66.25 %

Why We Like It:

Stagg Jr Batch 6 surely has a welcoming punch in the face as it boasts 132.5 alcohol proof.

It offers an overwhelming and exceptional level of heat, spice, and hints of vanilla, toffee, and sweet cream. 

16. Batch 8 (Spring 2017) 

Average Price: Roughly $122.49 (Drizly)

Alcohol Proof: 64.75%

Why We Like It:

Stagg Jr Batch 8 has the most flavorsome and fruity from the entire portfolio.

While it offers heat, it has captivating notes of passion fruit, orange, and mango with overarching oakiness. 

15. Batch 16 (Summer 2021) 

Average Price: Roughly $374.99 (Wooden Cork)

Alcohol Proof: 65.45%

Why We Like It:

Stagg Jr Batch 16 features a rich chocolate-covered cherry and cinnamon that is thick on the palate.

It has an uncanny sweetness and gives a warm Kentucky bourbon hug.  

14. Batch 4 (Spring 2015) 

Average Price: Roughly $1,199.99 (Wooden Cork)

Alcohol Proof: 66.1%

Why We Like It:

Stagg Jr Batch 4 is one of the finest barrel-proof whiskeys from Buffalo Trace, and it is impressively balanced with a layered sense of smoothness, spice, and juiciness. 

13. Batch 14 (Summer 2020)

Bottle of Stagg Jr Batch 14 (Summer 2020)

Average Price: Roughly $284.94 (Drizly)

Alcohol Proof: 65.1%

Why We Like It:

Stagg Jr Batch 14 is a brilliant, bold, balanced bourbon whiskey [1] packed with punchy proof.

It is stunningly paired with a molasses-like mouthfeel and hints of oak, cherry, caramel, and vanilla. 

12. Batch 2 (Spring, 2014)

Average Price: Roughly $299.99 (Vintage Grape Wine & Spirits)

Alcohol Proof: 64.35%

Why We Like It:

Stagg Jr Batch is a highly anticipated follow-up to the original release, and it is one of the rarest and most sought-after iterations of bourbon in circulation.

It has refined sophistication and a bold flavor profile. 

11. Batch 3 (Fall 2014) 

Average Price: Roughly $1399.99 (Wooden Cork)

Alcohol Proof: 66.05%

Why We Like It:

The third release of Stagg Jr is one of the most well-rounded fireballs in their catalog.

It is a combination of intense heat with more refined flavors and a complex flavor profile. 

10. Batch 7 (Fall 2016)

Average Price: Roughly $999 (Wooden Cork)

Alcohol Proof: 65%

Why We Like It:

The Stagg Jr Batch 7 is not for the faint-hearted because it boasts 130 alcohol proof.

It bursts with a fiery flavor profile and a pronounced finish made from BT Mash Bill No. 1 [2].

9. Batch 10 (Spring 2018) 

Average Price: Roughly $

Alcohol Proof: 63.2%

Why We Like It:

If you want a lighter and more drinkable Stagg Jr release, the Stagg Jr Batch 10 is a good choice.

Using the same BT mash bill no. 1, it features a fruity, brighter but with no slouch on heat. 

8. Batch 17 (Winter 2021) 

Stagg Jr Batch 17 Whiskey

Average Price: Roughly $299.98 (Vine Republic)

Alcohol Proof: 64.35%

Why We Like It:

Stagg Jr Batch 17 is the final ‘Jr’ installment released before Buffalo Trace rebrands the catalog.

It is both smooth and scorching. Expect sweet vanilla, molasses, and caramel with oaky nuttiness. 

7. Batch 1 (Fall, 2013) 

Average Price: Roughly $1,799.99 (Wooden Cork)

Alcohol Proof: 134.4%

Why We Like It:

Stagg Jr Batch 1 started it all, and it has set the bar high for being the most punchy and potent batch ever released.

It has superior firepower and heat with hints of smokiness, cloves, and cherries. 

6. Batch 13 (Fall 2019)

Average Price: Roughly $325 (Take Your Pick Liquors)

Alcohol Proof: 64.2%

Why We Like It:

Stagg Jr is a ruthlessly rich and exceptional balance and complex bourbon whiskey.

This release is a must-have for collectors because it has a perfect balance of sweetness, spiciness, and subtle smokiness. 

5. Batch 5 (Fall 2015) 

Average Price: Roughly $999 (Wooden Cork)

Alcohol Proof: 64.85%

Why We Like It:

It’s not hard to fall in love with Stagg Jr Batch 5 because it is a decadent bourbon imbued with smooth vanilla and rich cocoa.

Also, the pepper and clove bring charisma to the complex flavor of the bourbon. 

4. Batch 11 (Winter, 2018)

man holding Bottle of stagg jr Batch 11

Average Price: Roughly $499 (Wooden Cork)

Alcohol Proof: 63.95%

Why We Like It:

Stagg Jr Batch 11 is a winter warmer, delivering sumptuous bite and heat from its alcohol-proof.

It is characterized by maple, bitter chocolate, and toffee, along with rewarding vanilla and oak notes.

3. Batch 15 (Winter 2020)

Average Price: Roughly $379.99 (Whiskey Caviar)

Alcohol Proof: 65.5%

Why We Like It:

The 2020 Winter Release of Stagg Jr is strong, heavy-hitting bourbon with powerful tongue potency and a luscious finish.

It has a robust profile complemented by pepper, oak notes, and brown sugar. 

2. Batch 12 (Summer 2019) 

Average Price: Roughly $699.99

Alcohol Proof: 66.15%

Why We Like It:

Stagg Jr Batch 23 is oozing charisma and class with its impressive and bold tasting notes.

It features the third-highest alcohol proof from the catalog, and while it is undoubtedly spicy, it is lauded for its complex tasting notes. 

1. Batch 9 (Fall 2017) 

Stagg Jr. Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey Batch 9

Average Price: Roughly $899.99 (Wooden Cork)

Alcohol Proof: 65.95%

Why We Like It:

Stagg Jr’s Batch 9 release boasts unadulterated potency and sophisticated complexity. It is full, bold, and rich in the nose, palate, and finish. 

“Spectacularly mind-blowing!”

– Jim Murray, British Spirits Writer, and World’s Most Influential Whiskey Critic

Stagg Jr Batch 9 gives a palate experience like no other and bursts a lengthy, fiery, and pronounced finish.

FAQs Related to Best Stagg Jr Batches Ranked

What is Stagg Jr.?

Stagg Jr. is a bourbon whiskey produced by Buffalo Trace Distillery, known for its high proof and intense flavor profile.

How are Stagg Jr. batches ranked?

Stagg Jr. batches are often evaluated based on factors such as flavor complexity, balance, intensity, and overall drinking experience.

Are there official rankings for Stagg Jr. batches?

While there are no official rankings provided by Buffalo Trace, whiskey enthusiasts and critics often share their opinions and preferences on different Stagg Jr. batches through reviews and online forums.

What makes a Stagg Jr. batch considered “the best”?

The perception of the best Stagg Jr. batch can vary depending on individual taste preferences, with some favoring batches that offer bold flavors, while others may prefer smoother and more balanced expressions.

Are there any specific characteristics to look for in highly ranked Stagg Jr. batches?

Highly ranked Stagg Jr. batches often exhibit characteristics such as rich caramel and vanilla notes, robust oak flavors, and a long, satisfying finish.

How do I determine which Stagg Jr. batch is right for me?

It’s recommended to explore different Stagg Jr. batches by sampling them or reading reviews to identify flavor profiles and characteristics that align with your personal preferences.

Are older Stagg Jr. batches typically ranked higher?

Age is not the only factor determining the quality or ranking of Stagg Jr. batches. Some younger batches may receive high praise for their exceptional flavor profiles and intensity.

In A Nutshell 

After tasting and careful deliberation, Stagg Jr Batch 9 gets the upper hand for being the best Stagg Jr released.

It has amazing tasting notes and a remarkable finish that will make you want another glass. 

No two rankings of Stagg Jr will be similar, but these iconic bourbons defy the limit with their hellish heat. 

Unless you taste every batch, there is no guarantee that your preference for the best will remain untouched. 


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