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10 Best Whiskey Ice Ball Makers in 2024: Full Reviews

Best Whiskey Ice Ball Makers

Last Updated on February 25, 2024 by Lydia Martin

Putting an ice ball in a dram of whiskey will let it stay cold for at least 60 minutes without diluting and changing its complex flavors. Ice balls have recently gained popularity in the past decade and have become an artistic and innovative way to design your favorite cocktails.

This article reviews the best whiskey ice ball makers our team has ever tried.

Top 10 Whiskey Ice Ball Makers You Need To Try

10. LiyuanQ Ice Cube Trays

LiyuanQ Ice Cube Trays on table

LiyuanQ offers one of the best ice molds for whiskey, juice, or mixed drinks for parties. The product has two trays, each composed of six individual molds. You can choose three mold sizes from 2 to 3 inches to perfectly accompany your dram of whiskey

Its built-in funnel allows you to fill the ice molds easily, and its silicone composition provides quick ice removal. The non-slip design lets you safely store it in the freezer with buckles to prevent liquid leaking. It is an easy-to-use dishwasher-safe product to add fun to your drinking.

9. Adoric Crystal-Clear Ice Ball Maker

Adoric Crystal-Clear Ice Ball Maker on desk

This affordable Adoric product provides two-pack molds, creating six ice spheres and six ice cubes simultaneously. Aside from freezing water, you can try cooling your favorite cocktail, coffee, or lemonade drink with this ice ball mold. 

The materials of Adoric make it easy to clean, easy to fill, and a leak-proof product. The ice spheres are easy to remove and slow to melt even after putting them in a glass. It is BPA-free and durable, letting you safely store it in the freezer without worrying about it suddenly cracking inside.  

8. TGJOR’s Ice Ball Tray 

TGJOR’s Ice Ball Tray on table

This product is a combination of silicone and plastic, and it produces up to six 2.5-inch spheres, a little bit bigger than most ice ball molds. The size makes the balls melt slower, chilling your whiskey longer without diluting and affecting its complex flavors.

You can stack up the ice molds inside the freezer if you are preparing for a house party and decide to buy more than one tray. It is an amazing gift for any alcohol enthusiast to make their glass of whiskey look cool and let them enjoy their drink a little better.

7. Arctic Chill 2.5 Inch Sphere Ice Mold

Arctic Chill 2.5 Inch Sphere Ice Mold on desk with box

One of the most highly recommended ice molds is the Arctic Chill Ice Mold. The design lets you save space in your freezer, providing two molds for 2.5-inch spheres. The product can keep odors out of ice and let you enjoy your whiskey’s original flavor profile.

If you want to create clear spheres with this product, we recommend you slowly freeze the water or cocktails by putting the tray inside another container for at least 24 hours. But remember not to overfill the ice molds and leave space for the water inside to expand.

6. Ice Genie Ice Maker

Ice Genie Ice Maker on table

Ice Genie provides an ice mold that simultaneously produces at least 24 ice spheres. Although the design can take up too much space in your freezer and does not make perfectly-shaped spheres, there is still something unique with this product.

It has a convenient design to release the ice spheres by squeezing the outer chamber easily. Then you can store the ice in the inner chamber of the product and put it back in the freezer. The inner chamber can hold up enough ice balls for your needs.

5. Chillz Extreme Ice Ball Molds

Chillz Extreme Ice Ball Molds on desk

This product is a four-set ice ball mold, creating 2.5-inch spheres that perfectly fit a rock glass or Old-Fashioned glass. You can easily wash these BPA-free silicone molds to avoid contamination. You can also use the tray to freeze fruit juice, soda, and other drinks without worrying about spillage.

The box instructs to fill only 90% of the ice ball molds from the top hole, but it still takes some practice to perfect a sphere. However, the design is still user-friendly and allows you to creatively store fruits and herbs before freezing.

4. Tovolo Sphere Ice Molds

Tovolo Sphere Ice Molds on table with box

Tovolo is one of the best stackable ice ball molds because of its durable and sturdy plastic material. It is an affordable product that lets you freeze good-sized ice spheres for just four to six hours. A line inside the mold guides you on how much water or drinks you can pour. 

Its only disadvantage is that it can create one ice sphere at a time, making you buy more than one set if you’re planning to invite guests.

3. Glacio Large Sphere Ice Mold Tray

Glacio Large Sphere Ice Mold Tray on desk

The Glacio Ice Mold is one of the most affordable products for creating ice spheres for your bourbon, Scotch, or Blended whiskey. These BPA-free individual molds can create four 2.5-inch ice balls at a time. The large sphere size means that it melts slowly, and it will not dilute your cocktail or liquor right away. 

You have to fill at least 80% of the tray before freezing, but since its color is solid black, it will take some practice to perfect a sphere.

2. W&P Peak Silicone Sphere Ice Tray

W&P Peak Silicone Sphere Ice Tray on table

W&P Peak Silicone Ice Tray is easy to use, fill, and dishwasher safe, making it one of the best ice ball molds for whiskey drinkers. This mold makes four individual rounds of ice to keep your alcoholic drinks cold but not diluted.

The sloped internal design lets you easily release a single 2 inches sphere without breaking the mold or twisting it. It is made of flexible silicone, BPA-free, dishwasher-safe, lead-free, and LFGB-approved, keeping your health safe from harmful chemicals.

1. Houdini Tray Ice Mold

Houdini Tray Ice Mold on desk

Houdini Tray provides a food-grade silicone mold that is affordable, simple to use, and dishwasher safe. The tray makes four thick, solid ice balls that you can easily release from the mold. This ice mold is easy to wash and fill with water, cocktails, and other beverages.

It can freeze melted chocolate or soft ingredients like mashed-up fruit, yogurt, or baby food. The ice balls melt slowly, letting you sip your whiskey without diluting its original taste.

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How To Make The Perfect Ice Ball For Whiskey

Making the perfect ice ball for whiskey takes a lot of practice with your product. Each sphere mold requires a different amount of liquid to prevent them from breaking as the water expands inside the freezer. After perfecting the ice balls, creating crystal clear ice spheres is your next challenge.

Filling the silicone trays using boiling or recently boiled water helps minimize the air bubbles or prevents cloudy ice [1]. You can also take advantage of the vertical space to carefully craft the perfect round ice.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are ice balls good for whiskey?

Yes, ice balls are good for whiskey. Ice balls make your whiskey cold, but its slow melting property keeps its flavor from getting watered down fast.

How long does a whiskey ice ball take to freeze?

The whiskey ice ball takes at least four hours to freeze. However, this estimated time may vary depending on environmental conditions and the water used. Given the right circumstances, hot water freezes faster than cold and warm water.

Are ice balls better than ice cubes?

Yes, ice balls are better than ice cubes. An ice cube melts faster than an ice ball of the same volume and surface area, diluting the distilled spirit quickly [2]

What is the best shape ice cube for whiskey?

The best shape for an ice cube in whiskey is often considered to be a large, dense cube with minimal surface area, commonly referred to as a “king cube” or “large ice cube.” This shape melts more slowly, preventing rapid dilution and allowing drinkers to savor the whiskey’s flavors without compromising its integrity.

How to make the best whiskey ice?

To make the best whiskey ice, use high-quality water and avoid impurities that can affect the ice’s taste. Using purified or distilled water and employing a slow-freezing method—such as using an insulated ice tray or an ice ball mold—results in clearer and denser ice cubes, enhancing the overall drinking experience.

How do you keep whiskey ice balls from cracking?

Preventing whiskey ice balls from cracking involves using hot or warm water to fill the molds and sealing them tightly before freezing. The gradual freezing process, along with warm water, minimizes the formation of cracks in the ice balls, ensuring they remain intact and aesthetically pleasing when added to whiskey.

What kind of ice do you use for whiskey?

For whiskey, it’s recommended to use large, slow-melting ice cubes or spheres. These can be in the form of king cubes or ice balls. The larger size and reduced surface area result in slower melting, preventing quick dilution of the whiskey and allowing the drinker to enjoy the spirit at a controlled pace.

What is the purpose of whiskey balls?

Whiskey balls, typically in the form of ice balls, serve several purposes. Firstly, they slow down the melting process, preventing rapid dilution of the whiskey. This preservation of flavor allows drinkers to experience the nuances of the whiskey for a more extended period. Additionally, the spherical shape of ice balls provides an aesthetically pleasing presentation, enhancing the overall drinking experience by adding a touch of sophistication to the glass. The use of whiskey balls is not only functional in terms of preserving taste but also adds a visual element to the ritual of enjoying whiskey.

How many ice cubes should you put in whiskey?

The number of ice cubes to put in whiskey is subjective and depends on personal preference. However, a common recommendation is to use one large ice cube or a couple of them to avoid rapid dilution while keeping the drink chilled. This allows the whiskey to be enjoyed at a controlled pace, preserving its flavors.

How do I get big clear ice cubes for whisky?

To achieve big, clear ice cubes for whisky, use distilled or purified water to minimize impurities that can cloud the ice. Boil the water before freezing to eliminate air bubbles, and consider using an insulated ice tray or a specialized ice mold that allows for slower freezing, resulting in clearer and denser ice cubes.

What is the difference between ice ball and cube in whiskey?

The main difference between an ice ball and an ice cube in whiskey lies in their shape and surface area. Ice balls, typically spherical, have less surface area than traditional cubes, which slows down the melting process, reducing dilution. The larger size and shape of ice balls also offer an elegant aesthetic, enhancing the overall presentation of the drink.

How to make whiskey ice balls?

To make whiskey ice balls, use a spherical ice mold designed for this purpose. Fill the mold with distilled or purified water, ensuring no impurities or air bubbles. Seal the mold and place it in the freezer. The slow-freezing process, along with the mold’s design, results in clear and solid ice balls that can be added to whiskey for a visually appealing and slowly diluting chilling effect.

How do you make clear whiskey balls?

Making clear whiskey balls involves using high-quality water, avoiding impurities, and using a specialized ice mold. Boil the water before freezing to eliminate air bubbles, and ensure the mold is sealed tightly during the freezing process. The slow freezing, combined with the absence of impurities and air bubbles, contributes to the clarity of the ice balls, providing an aesthetically pleasing addition to whiskey.

Final Verdict: Best Whiskey Ice Ball Makers

The best ice ball mold for whiskey is the Houdini Ice Maker. It is affordable, durable, and user-friendly. Unlike ice cube trays made of hard plastic, the ice ball silicone molds provide easy removal of the ice spheres. 

An ice sphere lets you drink cold, distilled spirit without diluting and watering down its original flavor profile. Some brands offer different ice varieties depending on the event, and you can choose from diamonds, golf balls, baseballs, and skulls. Most ice molds combine plastic and silicone for better results.


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