EH Taylor Small Batch vs Single Barrel Bourbons (2023)

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Buffalo Trace crafts great whiskey expressions, and one example is the EH Taylor bourbons. 

Among EH Taylor bourbons, the small batch and single barrel bottles are well-liked spirits. 

But if we’re going to choose one, which is the best pick?

We took the time to make an in-depth comparison to know if there are differences and similar points between EH Taylor Small Batch vs single barrel bourbon. Read on.  

EH Taylor Small Batch & Single Barrel Face-Off

Col. E.H. Taylor Single Barrel & Small Batch Bourbonon top of table

EH Taylor Small Batch and EH Taylor Single Barrel are made from the same mash bill (#1) as Eagle Rare and Buffalo Trace bourbons. 

Hand-selected barrels are used to age each of these spirits within the same warehouse, the Buffalo Trace Distillery. 

But small batch bourbon is aged using many barrels, sourced from the 6th floor of warehouse C, for around seven years, while the single barrel is aged for around 12 years in one barrel. 

While they’re both bottled-in-bond at 100 proof, the small batch is distilled within one season.

How Do They Compare? 

Small BatchSingle Barrel
Average PriceApprox. $40/750ml (MSRP)Approx. $59.99/750ml (MSRP)
Alcohol Proof90% ABV90% ABV
Age StatementNASNAS
PalateFlavors of oak, vanilla, caramel, spice, and a bit of leather on the palateFlavors of roasted oak, vanilla, caramel, sweet pineapple, cinnamon spice, cherry, and fruity notes
ColorDeep CopperCopper
NoseScent of chocolate, cherry, caramel, cinnamon, oak, and tobacco, with a slightly hit of ethanol on the nose Aromas of old leather, oak, vanilla, caramel, red apple, ginger, and black pepper on the nose
FinishMid-long with notes of cherry, charred oak, black pepper spice, and sweet vanilla  Long, spicy, and dry with hints of rich caramel, brown sugar sweetness, and vanilla
How It’s ServedWith a few drops of waterNeat

Production Process 

Distillery Equipment

EH Taylor Small Batch and Single Barrel bottles are produced at the Buffalo Trace facility. 

Various barrels are used to mature the EH Taylor Small Batch, while only one barrel type is used to produce EH Taylor Singe Barrel bottles. 

The production process of EH Taylor bourbon expressions is still based on Col. Edmund Haynes Taylor, Jr.’s technique in crafting the spirits way back 1880s. 

Quick Fact: Col. Edmund Haynes Taylor, Jr. (EH Taylor, for short) is one of the founding fathers of bourbon, who greatly contributed to the passing of the Bottled-in-Bond-Act in 1897.

Mash Bill 

Both small batch and single barrel bottles used mash [1] bill #1 (same as Stagg, Jr.), with low-rye content, and bottled at 100 proof (50% ABV).

They don’t carry an age statement on their label (same as Sazerac Rye) but are believed to be aged around 7 and 12 years, respectively. 


Colonel E.H. Taylor Small Batch Bottle and a glass on wooden table

EH Taylor is getting harder to find these days, and it depends on your region, as it’s deliberately allocated. 

But the availability of EH Taylor Small Batch vs. Single Barrel is more accessible– meaning, you can find a bottle of it in selected stores.  

E.H. Taylor Small Batch vs Single Barrel Price 

For budget-conscious folks, the $40 MSRP of EH Taylor Small Batch vs. Single Barrel $60 MSRP can be the main deciding factor. 

Yes, a bottle of EH Taylor small batch vs single barrel is cheaper.

But since they’re allocated expressions, the price goes up to $70-$100 and $150-$200, respectively. 

Is Single Barrel Worth The Upcharge?

Close Up Shot of Colonel EH Taylor Single Barrel Bottle

Yes. Singe Barrel is worth the upcharge.

A very sound whiskey that ably demonstrates the small Bottled-in-Bond sector of American whiskey making.

— Paul Pacult, Spirit Journalist/Author

EH Taylor Single Barrel is undeniably an excellent whiskey with delicious tasting notes, making it a satisfying drink.

Its great profile justifies its price– real value for money. 


Which is better sipped neat, EH Taylor Small Batch or Single Barrel?

The better whiskey for sipping or drinking neat is EH Taylor Single Barrel. It tastes sweet with a bit of spice, and it’s creamy and smooth on the finish. The taste of oak blends well in the mouth. 

Is EH Taylor Single Barrel smoother than Small Batch?

Yes. EH Taylor Single Barrel is a smoother drink than the Small Batch. You get to experience all its tastes and flavors but not overwhelming. 

Final Thoughts

In this battle between EH Taylor Small Batch vs. Single Barrel, we hailed the single barrel whiskey [2] as the clear winner. 

The differences between small batch vs. single barrel are minimal, but (in our opinion) the single barrel is the better pick due to its strong profile and character. 

But it doesn’t mean the Small Batch is a bad pick, though. This is a decent choice if you want an accessible whiskey with good quality while considering the cost. 



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