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8 Bourbon Sampler Gift Ideas You Need To Try (2024 Updated)

Bourbon Sampler Gift Ideas

The best gift to impress someone special might be challenging to find.

But for someone who loves bourbon whiskey, you can never go wrong with sampler gift sets of bourbon.

From birthday wishes, and anniversaries, to any occasion in between, bourbon samplers are impressive gifts that are enjoyable sip after sip. 

To help you impress a bourbon lover, we have gathered the best bourbon sampler gift ideas you can try today. Read on.

Top 8 Bourbon Sampler Gift Ideas To Try 

8. Give New Bourbon Bottles (Samplers) For Him To Try

whisky bottles samples

Samplers of new bourbon bottles are a great gift for bourbon lovers, especially those aspiring connoisseurs who are into bourbon-tasting and want to try new blends. 

New bourbon bottle samplers are commonly sold in Boston round bottles. [1]

In most cases, these glass bottles are typically 2oz in size, perfect for a single bourbon serving.

7. Bourbon Taste Test Kit (Samplers Without Label) 

If you want to gift a bourbon with some thrill and challenge, you can give a sampler of a bourbon taste test kit and those samplers without labels. 

These sampler bottles without labels can be a perfect gift for your bourbon connoisseur friend or relative if you want to test their mastery in a bourbon tasting.

6. Bourbon Samplers With Miniature Mixers 

A set of bourbon whiskey samplers with miniature liquor mixers is an excellent gift for those who love making and experimenting with new concoctions and cocktail drinks.

This bourbon with miniature mixers set offers a huge selection.

For instance, some brands will allow you to mix and match miniature mixers with bourbon samplers for a gifting set.

5. Personalized Bourbon Samplers

Surprise your bourbon-enthusiast colleague or relative with a customized bourbon sampler bottle and make it more personalized by sending an engraved bottle gift set.

“Always carry a flagon of whiskey in case of snakebite, and furthermore, always carry a small snake.”

– W. C. Fields, Comedian/Writer

These personalized and engraved sampler bottles turn an ordinary bottle of alcohol into a memorable gift. 

4. Bourbon Samplers In A Hip Flask

leather hip flask

Get extra creative and gift your bourbon samplers in a hip flask. [2]

This small flattened metal container is a handy gift, perfect for your husband or any bourbon lover.

If you want the hip flask to be more special, try personalizing it by adding their initials or engraving a simple message on the hip flask.

3. Bourbon Samplers In A Miniature Wooden Bucket Barrel

For that special family member or friend who loves perfectly aged bourbon, a miniature wooden bucket barrel with their favorite bourbon samplers can make an excellent gift.

These miniature wooden bucket barrels could size around 1L or more which they can use in storing bourbon.

Just make sure you choose a good wood material for the miniature barrel.

2. Partner Bourbon Sampler Bottles With Miniature Glasses

Complete your bourbon sampler gift set with some miniature glasses.

Whether it’s simple glassware or unique bourbon glass, it’s a perfect partner set with their go-to bourbon sampler.

This combo is an ideal set to impress a bourbon enthusiast.

Also, you can make it more memorable and unique by personalizing and engraving the miniature glasses with their initials. 

1. Complete His Favorite Bourbons In A Basket 

Man Holding Whiskey Basket

Gift your bourbon-obsessed partner, friend, or family member a customized bourbon basket filled with their favorite bourbon sampler bottles.

This basket of bourbon samplers could be the best ultimate gift set—it is like giving the little bit of everything a bourbon lover could ask for.


How do you wrap bourbon whiskey for a gift?

You can use a decorative gift-wrap paper to wrap bourbon whiskey for a gift or place it in a gift bag or box the size of your bourbon bottle. 

Where do you buy bourbon sampler gift sets?

You can buy bourbon sampler gift sets at your nearest or favorite liquor store. Also, you can check sampler gift sets through your chosen bourbon whiskey brand online shop.

How much do bourbon sampler gift sets usually cost?

A good bourbon sampler gift set usually costs around $60. However, its price will still depend on the kind of brand and the sampler gift set inclusions.

Why are bourbon sampler gifts popular?

Bourbon sampler gifts are popular because they allow recipients to explore different bourbon flavors without committing to a full-sized bottle, making them ideal for whiskey enthusiasts and newcomers alike.

What types of bourbon are included in sampler gifts?

Bourbon sampler gifts may include a variety of bourbons, such as single barrel, small batch, wheated, high-rye, and flavored bourbons, providing a diverse tasting experience.

Are there themed bourbon sampler gift sets available?

Yes, themed bourbon sampler gift sets may focus on specific regions, distilleries, aging processes, or flavor profiles, catering to different interests and preferences.

What are the benefits of giving a bourbon sampler gift?

Giving a bourbon sampler gift allows recipients to discover new bourbons, expand their palate, and enjoy a unique tasting experience, making it a memorable and thoughtful gift choice.

Final Verdict 

There are countless possible ideas when it comes to gifting a bourbon sampler. But you can start with some of our listed recommendations. 

For bourbon connoisseurs who love to explore the bourbon world, you can give new bourbon sampler bottles or some samplers with miniature mixers to experiment with new drinks.

Be creative and gift customized bourbon samplers, miniature wooden barrels, and personalized hip flasks for that special person or any bourbon lover on a special occasion.

But surely, a basket filled with the receiver’s favorite bourbon sampler bottles can be the ultimate gift set.

So when in doubt about what to give, gift this custom gift set basket of bourbon.


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