Captain Morgan vs Bacardi Rums Compared (2023 Updated)

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Deciding which of the two impeccable rum is better between Captain Morgan Rum or Bacardi is not easy. Many have tried to differentiate what makes one better than the other but are still unsure.

Based on their unique savor and the strength of their alcohol presence, we crafted this Captain Morgan vs Bacardi article to help you decide which one is indeed better.

Bacardi or Captain Morgan: Which Rum Is Better?

Captain Morgan

Captain Morgan Original Spiced was introduced in 1984 by its manufacturer, Diageo. Captain Morgan Original Spiced rums blend natural flavors such as pepper, clove, and Caribbean spices. Its savor is based on gold rums, which have bursting tastes of cinnamon, pepper, vanilla, rosemary, and caramel. 

Bacardi is a dark rum known to be medium-bodied, a blend made by the Maestros de Ron Bacardi. Its flavor is a tug of war between salty and nutty-buttered, with chocolate raisins and fruity taste hints. The popular Bacardi Select has this great blend but leaves a peppery savor with a hint of creamy flan. 

Head To Head Comparison 

Head To Head Comparison 


Both are blended rum, so this is just a matter of which manufacturer did it better and leaves an unforgettable flavor. Captain Morgan Original Spiced drink uses secret blends of spices and vanilla charred in white oak barrels. It leaves the drinkers with a completely different liquor similar to a gold rum but with darker and fuller taste. 

Bacardi is medium-bodied and has a sweet, toffee-hazelnut flavor which is better when mixed with other beverages. 

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Rum lovers all over the world describe Bacardi’s taste as easy and plain-sailing. As the gold or pale rum goes down your throat, you will experience a complex savor that burns down your throat. On the other hand, Captain Morgan has a distinct vanilla savor that the nose and tongue can easily detect.  

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Alcohol Content

Captain Morgan Original Spiced beverage is one of the favored rums worldwide because of its straightforward taste. It is 70% proof with 35% alcohol. It is high proofed, but this rum fits those with a sophisticated palate. It is tasty, smooth, and strong. 

On the other hand, Bacardi has higher proof, at 75.5% US proof with an alcohol content of 37.5%. It has a stronger kick making it best in mixed cocktails. 

Price & Value

El Presidente Rum Cocktail

The two serve almost the same following as these brands are both flavored. However, Captain Morgan has varieties that belong permanently to the top shelf and are sought after all over the world. 

Price-wise, its average cost is around $25, and the cost per shot is roughly $1.58. On the other hand, Bacardi retails at around $14 while its shot is around $.83.

Awards & Recognition

Bacardi stands by its four core values, trust, caring, passion and excellence. And with these values, they were awarded 550 recognitions for their innovation, taste, and quality. Their most recent winning is the 2010 Rum XP tasting competition and other recognitions from San Francisco World Spirits Competitions. 

On the other hand, Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum has recognition, such as bronzes for the 2004 and 2005 San Francisco World Spirits Competition. 

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What To Mix

Since rum goes well with fruit flavors, you can mix these two spirits with any liquor. A very popular choice is Coca-Cola. Rum can easily get you drunk if you mix it with a Diet cola since it intensifies the alcohol present. Mixing rum with Sprite, cola, or any soda (1) would also give you a refreshing and smooth, lemon-lime flavor. 


Is Captain Morgan owned by Bacardi?

No, Captain Morgan Original Spiced beverage is not Bacardi-owned. It is owned by Diageo, which was established in 1944. 

Which came first, Captain Morgan or Bacardi?

Bacardi came first since it was established in 1862. It is the best rum for individuals who want flavor and strong alcohol but at a lower price. Captain Morgan was not introduced to the public until 1944.

In Summary

The comparison between Bacardi and Captain Morgan’s spirit will always be left on the drinker’s preference. Those with a picky palate will not have a hard time with the two spirits. Both are aged exactly how the best rums are made globally, but each has its unique process and mixtures. 

Captain Morgan Original Spiced mixed drinks get their unique taste and complex flavor from vanilla, allspice, and other spices. Bacardi excels from other world-famous liquors because of its savor, but this time its cinnamon and coconut overpower the strong presence of alcohol. 



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