How Much Is A 5th Of Hennessy? (2023 Updated)

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It’s no wonder that Hennessy became one of the most popular cognac varieties worldwide because many famous rappers always mention it in their songs. Due to its fame, many cognac connoisseurs wonder how much a 5th of Hennessy is. 

So, our team gathered relevant information about the most popular Hennessy size to help you figure out if it’s worth spending your money. 

What’s A 5th of Hennessy?

Hennessy VS

A 5th of Hennessy is another name for a 750 ml Hennessy liquor bottle. During the 19th century, anything larger than a fifth of a gallon was subjected to wholesale.

Thus, a fifth of a gallon became the legal threshold for individual commercial alcohol sales. This size is what bartenders mostly use to free pour with. 

Fifth Unit: A Brief History

Today, a fifth of whiskey, scotch, or vodka means 750 ml of liquor size. It is the same amount as the standard wine bottle. However, according to history, the term fifth came from the fifth gallon or 4/5 of a quart. 

In the late 19th century, the United States usually sold liquors in bottles that held one US quart or 950 ml. However, these bottles contained less than a quart. Hence, the term fifths or commercial quarts came into existence. 

Why Do Manufacturers Still Use The Term Fifth?

Today, manufacturers still use the term fifth of alcohol, although they aren’t used as often as before. This term may be archaic, but it still holds a significant identity that most cognac connoisseurs still like. 

Hennessy XO

The new generation uses 750 ml now to describe liquor bottles. However, this term didn’t fully cease to exist because some old folks still use them. 

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How many ounces are there in a 5th of Hennessy?

There are about 25.36 ounces in a 5th of Hennessy, or a 750 ml bottle. This size is the most common bottle size, so most people want to know how many ounces they could get from a fifth. 

How many shots can I get in a 5th of Hennessy?

There are roughly 17 shots in a 5th of Hennessy, which is if we are talking about 1.5-ounce shots. Since this is the most common shot size in the US, we used to count the shots in a fifth. In general, how many shots are there in a 5th of alcohol?

What is the cheapest fifth of Hennessy product label?

The cheapest Hennesy product label is the Hennessy VS. It only costs around $33.99 – $38.99. It is the youngest of the Hennessy portfolio and the least expensive, making it an excellent everyday cognac. [1

In Conclusion 

To sum it up, a 5th of Hennessy is 750 ml in today’s metric system. It is equivalent to 4/5 of a quart or a fifth of a gallon. This size is also the most common bottle size of most liquor today. 

You can get up to 25.36 ounces or 17 shots in a 5th of Hennessy. A fifth of Hennessy typically costs about $33.99 up to $99.99, depending on the product label, with 80 – 86 alcohol proof.




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