Is Buffalo Trace Bourbon Gluten Free? Answered (2023)

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If you have gluten sensitivity, checking for the “gluten-free” label on everything you eat and drink is something you commonly do. 

Most bourbons are considered safe for people with celiac disease since the distillation process eliminates gluten.  

However, is Buffalo Trace gluten-free or not? Read on to find out. 

Buffalo Trace Bourbon: Is It Gluten-Free? 

Buffalo Trace KY Straight Bourbon Whiskey Bottle on a wooden table

No, Buffalo Trace bourbon is not gluten-free. There’s no “gluten-free” label on Buffalo Trace bourbon, and TTB regulates the labeling of “gluten-free” on alcohol products. 

Based on TTB, the term “gluten-free” on distilled spirits from gluten-containing grains is allowed as long as it maintains good manufacturing practices and prevents gluten from being contained in final products. 

Buffalo Trace bourbon contains corn, rye, and malted barley on its mash bill, but during the distillation process, the gluten is “supposedly” removed. 

Bourbons should not contain any flavoring or additives after production [1].

However, due to the absence of “gluten-free” on labelings, it should not be considered so. 

Is It Safe For People With Celiac Disease? 

It may not be safe for anyone with celiac disease to consume Buffalo Trace because the bourbon does not guarantee “gluten-free” on its final product. 

It does not contain added flavorings or additives in its production process. However, if you are not comfortable drinking alcohol without “gluten-free” labeling, you can choose not to consume it. 

“But that label [gluten-free] is a way for gluten-free people to make quick purchase decisions, so I get it.”

– Kevin Gray, Beverage Expert 

Sazerac owns Buffalo Trace, and on their official website, they claim that unless their product is labeled “gluten-free,” they do not claim gluten-free nature on their products. 

How Much Sugar Does Buffalo Trace Contain?

Bottle of Buffalo Trace

Buffalo Trace contains roughly 0.75 grams of sugar per 750ml because whiskey contains at least 0.1 grams per 100 ml.

Buffalo Trace does not contain additive sugars, but since it is aged in newly charred oak barrels, it will absorb the flavor of the oak, including the sugar it releases. 

Since the barrel will experience extreme temperatures, the sugar in the oak barrels will caramelize, and the bourbon will absorb it. 

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How Is It “Possibly” Gluten-Free? 

Buffalo Trace can be gluten-free because the bourbon whiskey undergoes a distillation process. 

The sugar is removed when the liquid undergoes distillation as the mixture reaches boiling point. 

After the distillation process and aging, additives and flavorings are not added; it can be gluten-free. 

Unfortunately, since there are no claims from the brand that they produce gluten-free bourbons, it is not safe to assume it is. 

The no “gluten-free” label runs the risk of cross-contact on their facilities possessing gluten-containing grains. 

Are All Whiskeys Gluten-Free? 

pouring whisky on a glass

Unfortunately, not all whiskeys are gluten-free. Whiskeys may often be thought gluten-free because of their distillation process, but it is not always the case. 

Some whiskeys may contain additives and coloring, so there’s a big chance it may contain gluten. 

While bourbons should not contain any additives and colorings, it is not safe to assume that it is gluten-free as long as it is labeled as one. 

As TTB regulates the labeling, they should be able to prove that there are no added ingredients and that precautions were made to prevent cross-contact from production to storage. 

As long as there is no “gluten-free” label on the whiskey, do not assume it is gluten-free. But why is Buffalo Trace great?


Does Buffalo Trace bourbon contain wheat?

No, Buffalo Trace bourbon does not contain wheat. Buffalo Trace contains corn, rye, and malted barley on its mash bill. 

The gluten on the grains is removed upon distillation, but since it is not labeled “gluten-free,” we cannot assume and conclude it is. 

What alcoholic drinks to avoid if you have celiac disease?

Beers, liqueurs, and mixed drinks are some alcoholic beverages to avoid if you have celiac disease.

Due to gluten sensitivity, consuming drinks with “gluten-free” labels is safer. 

Key Takeaways

Buffalo Trace is not gluten-free.

While it is a bourbon whiskey that does not contain additives and colorings and undergoes the distillation process, it does not contain a “gluten-free” label. 

As stated by Sazerac, owner of Buffalo Trace, unless their product is labeled “gluten-free,” they do not claim their products to be one. 

As the TTB regulates “gluten-free” labeling on alcoholic beverages, distilleries should prove the “gluten-free” claim by ensuring the production process and precautions on cross-contacts.  



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