How to Take a Shot Without Tasting It: Solved (2023)

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For every drinker, there’s always a point when you don’t enjoy taking shots because of the bitter sensation of alcohol. It might also be a dilemma if you’re a beginner at drinking alcohol.

We found effective ways and other tips to help you take a shot without feeling the alcohol burn. Here’s a list of how to take a shot without tasting it.

8 Effective Ways To Take A Shot Without Tasting It 

8. Make Mouth As Devoid Of Air As Possible

man holding a shot glass

Since alcohol is naturally bitter because of the ethanol, tasting it or smelling it might be hard to take the shot.

Air passes through your nose or mouth. It is connected to our sense of smell, responsible for around 75% to 95 % of what we taste. [1]

So, ensure your mouth is clear and free from air to help you not taste the shot. But what’s the most popular alcohol?

7. Breathe Out Before & After Taking The Shot

Most people find breathing out before and after a shot a successful practice in not tasting the alcohol.

Exhaling all the air will help you not to savor the bitterness of the alcohol.

Since you can’t smell, you won’t also be able to taste the alcohol when you take a shot.

This simple habit can be very helpful and will lead to you not tasting the flavor of the alcohol. 

6. Inhale Before Taking The Shot 

man on a suit taking a shot

Contrary to the practice above, some people find inhaling air before a shot helps them to take it effectively.

Other people find it hard to exhale before they take a shot and breathe out again.

Conversely, people try to inhale and hold their breath, then breathe out after taking a shot. This trick is somewhat helpful when they take shots of alcohol.

But what alcohol can get you drunk yet tastes good?

5. Chase The Shot With Soda

Chasing the shot with a soda is a practice for some people to cut the taste of alcohol.

Also, you can try to use carbonated fruit juices to cancel out the bitter taste. Some people take soda or carbonated juice before and after the shot. But how long does it take for alcohol to kick in?

4. When You Take Your Shot, Roll Your Tongue

Rolling your tongue or lifting it when taking shots is a trick in taking a shot. It will flow under your tongue, and you won’t taste the alcohol.

However, some people keep their tongues down and tilt their heads at the back quickly while taking the shot straight into the throat. 

Technically, the roof of the mouth and the soft palate is less sensitive than the tongue.

3. Inhale Through Your Nose

When you inhale before taking a shot, do it through your nose and exhale through your mouth.

Inhaling through your nose will give you fresh air to push out the strong fumes from your mouth when exhaling after you take the shot.

2. Make Sure You Don’t Have A Dry Throat

When taking a shot, ensure there’s enough liquid in your throat. Some people with dry throats experience coughing after taking a shot.

People with dry throats sometimes end up choking or vomiting.

1. Drink It All At Once – Fast

man on denim jacket taking shot

Take the shot quickly. Shots are meant to be consumed all in one gulp. Don’t ever hold it in your mouth; it should go straight from the glass and down your throat. 

If the alcohol shot lingers on your tongue, it might activate your gag reflex.


How do you take a shot without gagging?

Making sure your throat is not dry with proper inhaling helps you not to experience gagging when taking shots. If you exhale before you take a shot, it might cause you to gag the shot.

How do you take a shot smoothly?

To take a shot smoothly, you need to take the shot quickly and make sure you exhale after you have finished the shot. Breathe out through your mouth and not through your nose. In addition, choosing soft and smooth finish alcohol helps you take shots smoothly.

How do you open your throat for shots?

Opening your throat for shots is done by tilting your head back, inhaling, and imitating a yawn as you take the shots. Doing this allows the flow of liquid straight from your esophagus to your stomach.

Final Thoughts 

Taking shots of alcohol without tasting it is possible. Inhaling air and holding your breath while taking a shot could mask the bitter taste of alcohol. But you can also take sodas and other fruit juices after taking a shot to cancel out the alcohol.

Shots should be a fun experience, but learning how to take a shot without tasting it is a life hack. 



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