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Is Crown Royal Pineapple Real? Resolved (2024 Updated)

Is Crown Royal Pineapple Real 

Crown Royal Pineapple has confused many drinkers worldwide– thinking if it’s fake or real. 

Since Crown Royal has released flavored whiskies before, did they really release the pineapple-flavored one? 

If you also wonder the same thing, you’re at the right place.

Let’s clear the confusion and answer the big question – is Crown Royal Pineapple real?

Is Crown Royal Pineapple Real?

close up shot of crown royal pineapple

Unfortunately, Crown Royal Pineapple does not exist.

The “supposedly” new flavor from the Crown Royal was announced around April Fools’ Day this year, 2022. 

Many consumers are excited about the idea of Crown Royal releasing a new flavored whisky [1]. 

But some meticulous drinkers noticed the misspelled labels on the Crown Royal Pineapple bottle, which leads to the thought that it’s not real.  

Proofs Why Crown Royal Pineapple Don’t Exist 

April’s Fools Release Date

As mentioned, the release date will supposedly be around April Fools’ Day.

So, the announcement was just for the occasion.

Misspelled Words On Its Label

Another proof that it can’t be real is the misspelled words on the bottle’s label. The “Limited” is presented as “Limitted,” and “Edition” is presented as “Eddition.” 

While typo mistakes happen, Crown Royal certainly wouldn’t tolerate such mistakes in announcing their new spirit. 

Not On The Official Website

crown royal website

This is quite definitive proof the Crown Royal Pineapple is fake. All the Crown Royal spirits are listed on their official website. 

So given that the pineapple flavor is not on the list, it only means one thing – it really doesn’t exist. 

Never Found In Liquor Stores

3 different flavors of crown royal

Lastly, the Crown Royal Pineapple is never found in liquor stores, online stores, or retailers. 

Therefore, no Crown Royal Pineapple exists, and no one holds a bottle of that spirit.

If it’s real, you should’ve seen at least one bottle, even if it’s a “limited-edition” release.  

“The light music of whisky falling into glasses made an agreeable interlude.” – James Joyce, Irish Novelist  

Why People Think Crown Royal Pineapple Exists 

People think that Crown Royal Pineapple exists because Crown Royal is known for their flavor series like apple, peach, vanilla, and salted caramel. 

So it’s easy to hope and believe that they will release a pineapple-flavored whisky. 

If you really want to experience a Crown Royal spirit with the flavors of pineapple, you can try making the Deluxe Pineapple Cocktail.  

Deluxe Pineapple Mule Cocktail 

Deluxe Pineapple Mule Cocktail  on a wooden table

Prep Time: 5 minutes 

Total Time: 5 minutes 


  • .75 oz Pineapple juice 
  • .75 oz Ginger beer
  • Pineapple slice
  • 1.5 oz Crown Royal Fine Deluxe
  • .25 oz Maraschine Liqueur


In your shaker, mix the Crown Royal whisky, pineapple juice, and liqueur with ice.

Shake well and filter the mixture on your Moscow mule mug, then fill it with ice. 

Pour ginger beer on top, then garnish it with your sliced pineapple. Serve and Enjoy. 

Serving: 1

FAQs Related to Is Crown Royal Pineapple Real?

What flavors does Crown Royal offer?

Crown Royal offers the flavor series, including vanilla, apple, peach, and salted caramel. No pineapple-flavored spirit has been released yet, but hopefully soon. 

Will Crown Royal ever release a pineapple flavor?

Crown Royal may or may not release a pineapple flavor, and we can’t know for sure. 
But since they’ve released flavored spirits before, there’s a big chance they will release a pineapple-flavored whisky in the future. 

Is Crown Royal Pineapple popular?

Crown Royal Pineapple has gained popularity among whiskey enthusiasts and cocktail lovers for its unique and refreshing taste profile.

Does Crown Royal Pineapple taste like pineapple?

Yes, Crown Royal Pineapple offers a distinct pineapple flavor, which adds a tropical twist to traditional whiskey cocktails.

How can I enjoy Crown Royal Pineapple?

Crown Royal Pineapple can be enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or mixed into cocktails like the Pineapple Whiskey Sour or Pineapple Crown Royal Colada.

Does Crown Royal Pineapple contain real pineapple juice?

While the exact ingredients of Crown Royal Pineapple are proprietary, it is flavored with natural and artificial flavors to achieve its pineapple taste.

Can I use Crown Royal Pineapple in cooking or baking?

Yes, Crown Royal Pineapple can add a unique flavor to recipes, such as marinades, glazes, or desserts that call for whiskey or pineapple flavors.

Is Crown Royal Pineapple suitable for all occasions?

Crown Royal Pineapple is versatile and can be enjoyed on various occasions, whether sipped neat, mixed into cocktails, or served at social gatherings and parties.

Key Takeaways

Crown Royal Pineapple is not a limited-edition release and is really not a real thing.

It can be disappointing to whisky drinkers looking for something new from Crown Royal. 

If you’ve been searching for this particular spirit, it’s time to end your search. It’s fake, and there are many proofs to support that. 

To compensate your disappointment, you can still savor a drink infused with pineapple (if that’s what you crave for). 

You can try the Deluxe Pineapple Mule Cocktail, made from the Crown Royal Deluxe, to satisfy your palate.   

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