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Jack Daniel’s vs Evan Williams Comparison (2024 Updated)

Jack Daniel’s vs Evan Williams

Last Updated on March 8, 2024 by Lydia Martin

Jack Daniel’s vs Evan Williams: which is best? What is the difference when it comes to quality and taste?

Did you know that it takes at least ten minutes for an average person to decide between two choices? But choosing between two high-volume brands like Jack Daniel’s and Evan Williams can take more than that.

But worry no more because our team will help you pick your next drink according to your preferred flavor profile. 

What is Jack Daniel’s?

Jack Daniel’s is an iconic and globally renowned Tennessee whiskey, distilled and produced in Lynchburg, Tennessee. Founded by Jasper Newton “Jack” Daniel in the 1860s, it stands as one of the oldest registered distilleries in the United States. What sets Jack Daniel’s apart is its unique charcoal mellowing process, known as the Lincoln County Process, where the whiskey drips through sugar maple charcoal before aging. This imparts a distinct smoothness and character to the final product.

The flagship product, Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7, is a classic and recognizable choice with a rich history. It features a balanced flavor profile, combining sweet vanilla, caramel, and a hint of oak. Beyond the Old No. 7, the Jack Daniel’s portfolio includes various expressions, including Gentleman Jack and Single Barrel Select, each offering its own nuances and complexity.

Jack Daniel’s has become a cultural icon, deeply ingrained in American history and celebrated worldwide. Its square-shaped bottle and black label are instantly recognizable, and the brand’s influence extends beyond whiskey enthusiasts to pop culture, where it’s often referenced in music, movies, and social gatherings. The commitment to quality and tradition has solidified Jack Daniel’s as a symbol of craftsmanship and a go-to choice for those seeking a classic and reliable Tennessee whiskey experience.

What is Evan Willimans?

Evan Williams is a Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey celebrated for its affordability without compromising quality. Crafted through traditional bourbon-making practices, it begins with a mash of at least 51% corn and a blend of other grains.

Following fermentation and distillation in copper stills, the resulting “white dog” undergoes a crucial aging process in new charred oak barrels.

The distinctive flavors of Evan Williams bourbon emerge during aging, where the spirit interacts with the wood, contributing depth and character. Some expressions may undergo the Lincoln County Process, involving a charcoal filtering step before aging, enhancing smoothness.

Evan Williams offers a range of expressions, including the widely recognized Black Label, Bottled-in-Bond, Single Barrel, and flavored variants.

Known for its consistent 43% alcohol by volume (86 proof), Evan Williams strikes a balance between potency and flavor. Its affordability, commitment to traditional methods, and a variety of expressions make Evan Williams a popular choice among bourbon enthusiasts seeking a quality whiskey without breaking the bank.

The brand’s legacy reflects a dedication to producing approachable and flavorful Kentucky straight bourbon, earning it a place in the hearts of whiskey connoisseurs and casual drinkers alike.

Jack Daniel’s vs Evan Williams: What’s Their Difference?

Evan Williams: Jack Daniel's vs Evan Williams: Jack Daniel's vs Evan Williams

The main difference between Jack Daniel’s vs Evan Williams Bourbon lies in their flavors, place of distillation, and alcohol content. One brand has hints of banana and contains 40% ABV, while the other tastes like buttered caramel and apple with 43% ABV. 

And when it comes to the appearance, ingredients, and labeling of each bottle, the two brands have undeniable similarities. They have an almost identical golden-colored liquor, presented in a 750ml square glass container. Their ingredients contain corn, barley, and rye in almost identical percentages.

Head To Head Comparison 

Head To Head Comparison:Jack Daniel's vs Evan Williams


The Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey started in 1783 in Louisville, Kentucky. A Welsh immigrant, by the name of Evan Williams, created Kentucky’s first commercial distillery as he settled in the United States. It was built at a riverbank in Ohio, a good source of good quality water. 

In 1866, Jasper “Jack” Daniel founded the United States’ first registered distillery in Moore County, Tennessee. But Jack’s history was not less colorful because it won the World’s Best Whiskey gold medal in 1904. The recognition cemented the Tennessee Whiskey legacy.

Centuries later, both distilleries became high-volume brands of American Whiskey.


The distinctive tastes of both brands have a lot to do with the recipes, and it was all premium quality and natural. Aside from good water, grains are the main star of the two brands.

Jack Daniel’s fine corn, which made up 80% of the recipe, came from the Midwest parts of the United States. The Kentucky Straight Bourbon used 78% corn in its ingredients, a little lower than Jack’s. 

Each brand has 12% malted barley, which is essential for yeast processing to produce alcohol later. They also used rye to add the spicy and peppery taste to the spirits.

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Whiskey Mash Bill Process

Mash bills or mash ingredients are the grains used by a distiller to make bourbon. The two brands used almost the same percentage of ingredients as mentioned above.

Jack Daniel’s have a little advantage when it comes to corn–a grain responsible for the sweetness of the spirit. But when it comes to rye, Heaven Hill’s standard has a slightly higher percentage.

Both products use sour mash on their mash bills. Using sour mash combines the spent fermentation with the new one to maintain the PH level properly. The mash will be left alone for a few days to help improve the spirit quality. But is Jack Daniel’s bourbon or whiskey?

Distillation & Production

Lincoln County Process is the mellowing of whiskeys before aging them in oak barrels. It results in special sweetness not present in a straight bourbon. The use of the Lincoln County Process makes Jack Daniel’s a Tennessee Whiskey.

Like the Gentleman Jack, each product of Jack Daniel’s is bottled and distilled in Tennessee, unlike Heaven Hill, where they bottled and distilled their products in separate places.

Although the Kentucky Bourbon does not involve Lincoln County Process in making their products, they still used “charcoal filtration.” It is a step that helps in giving a smoother texture to the spirit.

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Heaven Hill is the current owner of the Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey. It is a family-owned distillery and a traditional bourbon maker founded in 1935. To this day, The Kentucky Bourbon is their best-selling product, ranking among the top globally.

On the other hand, Jack Daniel took over the distillery originally owned by Dan Call to start his own business in 1866. In 1956, Brown-Forman became the owner of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey.

Both brands came from world-class companies with their products like Black Label and Gentleman Jack as the most popular.

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Oak Barrel

Like sour mash, the oak is another important factor determining a liquor’s distinctive character. A straight bourbon requires a spirit aged for at least two years.

Each brand was aged using the American oak barrels, but Jack Daniel’s produced their own [1].

The American oak barrels are the most commonly used in bourbon-making, and it gives hints of vanilla, baking spices, and toasty oak flavor.

The maturation period depends on the weather and temperature of the distillery.

Higher temperature calls for a fast maturity of the whiskeys, while a cooler surrounding slows it down.

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Tasting Notes

Jack Daniel’s nose has nuts and peppery spice hints, with a toasty aroma from the barrels used. The dominant palate flavors of Jack Daniel’s are banana and caramel with vanilla sweetness. And it finishes with a long and smooth touch to the throat.

Evan Williams’ nose has an oaky and corn smell. The palate boasts a fresh apple and vanilla undertone. It has tasting notes of buttered caramel and baking spices with hints of oak, nuts, and honey. The finishing touch of this brand is complete spice notes.

Although Jack’s has a smoother finish, the two brands have almost the same tasting profile.

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Price Point & Value

Jack Daniel’s traditional No. 7 has a price of around $20. While the mystery of number seven in the bottle is still unsolved, this is one of the best-selling of Brown-Forman. Another style is the exceptionally smooth Gentleman Jack, priced at around $25 and known as “double-mellowed.” Here are the most expensive Jack Daniel’s varieties.

The Evan Williams Black Label is relatively cheaper for not more than $19. The Single Barrel of this brand, priced at around $35, is one of the top bourbons in the market.

For the price range, Jack is the more expensive brand. Check out our list of the best whiskeys under $30

Alcohol By Volume Levels

Jack Daniel's

American Whiskey should not exceed 80% alcohol by volume or ABV. Although Jack Daniel’s Whiskey usually contains 40% ABV, the brand recently released a product that contains around 75% ABV.

The limited-edition Coy Hill High Proof, bottled at proof 138 to 150, is a new addition to the family.

Evan Williams Black Label has 43% ABV, while the White Label is relatively higher at 50% ABV.

The White Label has a bottled-in-bond description which means it must follow certain government guidelines.

A 40% ABV is already high in alcohol, but the full-flavored White Label at 100 proof is worth trying out. Check out our favorite Evan Williams bourbons here

Evan Williams Vs Jack Daniels Price

When considering the price factor between Evan Williams and Jack Daniels, Evan Williams often stands out as a more budget-friendly option. Evan Williams is known for providing good value for its cost, making it an attractive choice for those looking for quality bourbon at an affordable price.

On the other hand, Jack Daniels, being a well-established and widely recognized brand, may come at a slightly higher price point. The price difference may influence the decision for those seeking a balance between budget and brand recognition.

Evan Williams Vs Jim Beam

Comparing Evan Williams and Jim Beam involves considering two popular Kentucky bourbon brands. Evan Williams, known for its smooth and approachable taste, is often appreciated for its affordability.

On the other hand, Jim Beam, a well-established bourbon brand, offers a range of expressions with varying flavor profiles, including the classic Jim Beam White Label and the smoother Jim Beam Black Label. The choice between Evan Williams and Jim Beam may depend on personal taste preferences, budget considerations, and the desired characteristics in a bourbon.

Jack Daniels Vs Jim Beam

Pitting Jack Daniels against Jim Beam involves comparing two iconic American whiskey brands with distinct qualities. Jack Daniels, a Tennessee whiskey, is known for its charcoal-mellowed flavor, resulting in a smooth and slightly sweet taste. Jim Beam, a Kentucky bourbon, offers a range of expressions, from the classic Jim Beam White Label to the more premium Jim Beam Black Label.

The decision between Jack Daniels and Jim Beam often comes down to individual preferences, with Jack Daniels appealing to those who enjoy a milder taste, and Jim Beam offering a variety of options for different palate preferences.

Jim Beam Vs Jack Daniels Vs Evan Williams

When comparing Jim Beam, Jack Daniels, and Evan Williams, three popular American whiskey brands, each offers its unique characteristics. Jim Beam, a Kentucky straight bourbon, is known for its smooth and approachable flavor profile with hints of caramel and vanilla. Jack Daniels, another Tennessee whiskey, distinguishes itself with a mellow flavor, having been charcoal filtered through sugar maple charcoal.

Evan Williams, a Kentucky bourbon, is recognized for its affordability without compromising quality, presenting a balanced mix of sweetness and spiciness. The choice among these three depends on personal taste preferences and whether one prefers the distinctive qualities of bourbon or Tennessee whiskey.

And The Winner Is…

Evan Williams has an edge in pricing and ABV content, but Jack Daniel’s is more popular. The rich history of the two brands has been going on for centuries. Both use almost the same ingredients, sour mash, and charcoal filtration.

Jack Daniel’s has a strong flavor of banana and vanilla, while the other one offers a flavor of apple and spice. They were both barrel-aged. The Evan Williams Bourbon spent more time maturing, while the Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey produced their cask.


Which is more popular, Jack Daniel’s or Evan Williams?

Jack Daniel’s is the most popular among the top American Whiskey brands; Jim Beam takes the second spot, while Evan Williams is third [2]. Find out the difference between Jack Daniel’s and Crown Royal here

Which makes you get drunk faster, Evan Williams or Jack Daniel’s?

Drinking Evan Williams will make you drunk faster than Jack Daniel’s. A bottle of its Black Label contains 43% ABV, a tad stronger than Gentleman Jack at 40% ABV. However, the alcohol content is not the only factor that can get a person drunk faster.

Between Jack Daniel’s and Evan Williams, which gives a worse hangover?

Evan Williams can give a worse hangover than Jack Daniel’s. It has a higher ABV level, and it can cause a bad hangover if drunk without moderation.

What is the difference between Jack Daniels and Evan Williams?

The main differences between Jack Daniels and Evan Williams lie in their flavor profiles, production methods, and brand identity. While both are Tennessee whiskeys, Jack Daniels is known for its smoother and slightly sweet flavor due to its charcoal mellowing process, whereas Evan Williams offers a more robust and affordable Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey.

Is Evan Williams whiskey good?

Evan Williams is generally considered a good-quality whiskey, especially considering its affordability. It has gained popularity for providing a balance between taste and price, making it a solid choice for those seeking a reliable bourbon.

Which whisky is better than Jack Daniels?

The preference for one whiskey over another is subjective, but some may argue that certain premium or single malt whiskies are better than Jack Daniels in terms of complexity and depth of flavor. This is, however, a matter of personal taste.

Is Jack Daniel’s a top shelf whiskey?

Jack Daniel’s is not typically considered a top shelf whiskey. While it is a well-known and respected brand, top shelf often refers to higher-end, more premium whiskies.

Is Evan Williams similar to Jack?

While both are whiskeys, Evan Williams and Jack Daniels have distinct characteristics. Evan Williams is a Kentucky straight bourbon with a more robust flavor, while Jack Daniels is a Tennessee whiskey known for its smoothness.

Is Evan Williams owned by Jack Daniels?

No, Evan Williams is not owned by Jack Daniels. Evan Williams is produced by Heaven Hill Brands, while Jack Daniels is produced by the Brown-Forman Corporation.

Where does Evan Williams rank in bourbon?

Evan Williams is well-regarded in the bourbon category, particularly for its affordability. While not considered a top-shelf bourbon, it holds a solid place in the market for providing a good balance of quality and price.

Is Evan Williams cheap whiskey?

Evan Williams is often considered an affordable or budget-friendly whiskey. Its price point makes it accessible to a wide range of consumers without compromising too much on quality.

Is Evan Williams real whiskey?

Yes, Evan Williams is real whiskey. It is a Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey, adhering to the regulations and production standards set for bourbon in the United States.

Is Jack Daniel’s a premium whiskey?

Jack Daniel’s is a well-known and widely consumed whiskey, but it is generally not classified as a premium whiskey. Premium whiskies often refer to higher-end, more exclusive brands that come with a higher price tag and unique characteristics.


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