Jim Beam Collector Bottles by Year & Price (2023 Updated)

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A true whiskey lover knows that the only thing more impressive than an extensive whiskey collection is if you have the decanters to go with it. If you want to add more decanters to your growing collection, you’ve come to the right place. 

We have listed exclusive Jim Beam collector bottles in this article so you can start your search. Happy hunting! 

What Are Jim Beam Collector Bottles? 

Jim Beam Collector Bottles

Jim Beam collector bottles are released annually to commemorate a special occasion, whether a sporting event, a famous person, or state holidays.

These specialty decanters are memorabilia for one of the world’s oldest bourbon brands [1].

Jim Beam collector bottles are released by the International Jim Beam Bottle and Specialty Club (IJBBSC), with nearly 150 affiliations and over 5,000 members worldwide.

The exclusive club has held conventions yearly since a limited edition bottle was released in 1970. 

Determining The Jim Beam Collector Bottle’s Worth 

When determining the value of the Jim Beam collector bottle, you must check its condition. Collector bottles with missing labels or parts, or cracked and broken, won’t likely be as valuable as those in pristine condition. 

All Jim Beam bottles also come in a box or case, so consider yourself lucky if you could score one that still has its box fully intact. 

That said, it’s not like bottles with missing parts or boxes aren’t valuable — some people are still likely to get them, especially if they want to complete their collection.

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How To Determine Its Authenticity 

Jim Beam Bag Piper Decanter

Most Jim Beam collector bottles have tell-tale identifiers that would determine their authenticity. Check if the bottle has a label that includes information, such as the name and how much it can hold. 

You can also flip the bottle over to check the embossed text underneath. It should state that it’s a product of the Jim Beam company. 

Lastly, you want to check that the Jim Beam collector bottle has a “purpose,” i.e., it was produced under any one of these 15 categories to celebrate a particular event: 

  • Clubs and Conventions
  • Wheels
  • Casino
  • Regal China
  • Sports
  • States
  • Trophy
  • Glass
  • Collectors Editions
  • Political
  • Opera
  • Foreign
  • Executive Centennial
  • Organizations
  • Customer

Top 5 Valuable Jim Beam Collector Bottles 

5. Jim Beam French Telephone Decanter

Jim Beam French Telephone Decanter on desk

Average Price: Around $80 

Release Date: 1979 

The Jim Beam French Telephone Decanter comes in the shape of a vintage telephone during the roaring 20s. It is the brand’s third edition for vintage telephones and will make a gorgeous addition to your collection. But is Jim Beam bourbon or whiskey?

4. Jim Beam Gilded Blue Tulip

Jim Beam Gilded Blue Tulip on table

Average Price: Around $65 

Release Date: 1973 

The Jim Beam Gilded Blue Tulip holds exactly ⅕ of a gallon and measures 13” tall and 6” wide. It has a bright blue color and three tulip flowers, two of which are yellow and the other one orange. 

3. Jim Beam Circus Wagon Car Lions Decanter

Jim Beam Circus Wagon Car Lions Decanter on desk

Average Price: Around $50 

Release Date: 1979 

The Jim Beam Circus Wagon Car Lions Decanter feels like you’re getting two items for one. The whiskey decanter (the carriage) is made of porcelain, while the circus wagon holder is made of plastic. 

The porcelain carriage is adorned with a few baby lions, with a hard white screw-on plastic cap where you can pour the bourbon. 

2. 1964 First National Bank

1964 First National Bank

Average Price: Around $3,000+

Release Date: 1964 

Only 117 bottles of the 1964 First National Bank are in circulation, which was given to Directors of the aforementioned bank during their 100th anniversary. It is sky blue, with the bank’s insignia in gold at the center. 

1. Jim Beam Gold Semi 18-wheeler

Jim Beam Gold Semi 18-wheeler on desk

Average Price: Around $3,000+

Release Date: 1991 

The Jim Beam Gold Semi 18-wheeler mimics a life-sized deluxe diesel tractor with a sleeper box and a 48-foot trailer; the cab and driver are very accurately detailed. 

Jim Beam has already discontinued this specific decanter, so if you find one in the wild, consider yourself extremely lucky. 


What is the oldest Jim Beam bottle?

The oldest Jim Beam bottle is the Jim Beam Signature Craft. It is bottled at 86 proof after 12 long years of aging inside new, charred oak barrels.

It maintains the aroma and flavors that set Jim Beam apart from the rest, with added depth from the long aging period. 

Do they still make Jim Beam decanters?

No, Jim Beam stopped producing their exclusive decanters in 2005. This decision was mainly because today’s generation wasn’t known to build recreation bars in their wet rooms, which lessened the demand for decanters. 

Final Thoughts 

It’s well worth finding Jim Beam collector bottles if you consider yourself a huge fan of the brand or a fan of bourbon in general. 

Imagine yourself building your wet bar at home, with the above decanters all lined up beautifully along the shelves.

Wouldn’t that make for an impressive collection that’ll make everyone green with envy? 

It’s also important to check for the authenticity of the Jim Beam collector bottle, such as the name and embossed label, before making the final purchase. 



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  1. I have always enjoyed Jim Beam however I need help. I inherited a collection from my neighbor who had to take his wife to the Philippines to die. They bought this collection in Chicago and truthfully will say did not take care of it. I have chess pieces still in their boxes along with Mercedes and dump trucks. I have been told not to clean them, most have some kind of tag or label. I have several of the Wild Turkey pieces in great condition but there is no way I can keep all of these. Short of garage and lawn sales I do not understand online sales.

  2. Hello ….
    I have a collection of decanters, Jim Beam, Ezra Brooks, and a few other names if anyone is interested in purchasing. One that I have is the Gilded Blue Lily.
    If anyone is interested in them or pictures, please let me know.

  3. I have decanters also vehicles, ie. 57 chevy, old steamer, etc all with boxes and full, still with liquor stamps. Would like to sell and give money to the grandkids as my children are not interested in the things I have collected.

  4. Hello, I have several Jim Beam Ducks Unlimited decanters for sale.
    In boxes yet, most unopened. How do I value them and how do I sell them? Located in northeastern Wisconsin.

  5. I have an old Beam’s Choice Springer Spaniel decanter bottle with a Wisconsin stamp of 0081090. Pristine condition, never opened, but the paper tape seal is broken. James Lockhart is the artist who designed the Spaniel. Got it in 1968. Any ideas on the value of it?

  6. I have Jim Beam – Elephant and Donkey, empty, no box. cap on 1 is in bad shape that I would like to sell. I also have a 3 pc. train set NEVER OPENED & ORIGINAL BOXES. Engine, car, and caboose. All 3 in perfect condition. I realize I cant sell the train set until I empty them, but I dont really want to empty them. How can I sell them?


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