Sailor Jerry vs Captain Morgan Rum (2023 Updated)

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There should only be one King in any Kingdom, so there should only be one true rum pirate King when it comes to pirate rum. 

Between Sailor Jerry vs Captain Morgan, who is the true pirate king?

Let’s compare the two alcoholic beverage brands and see their main differences.  

Comparing Captain Morgan & Sailor Jerry 

Captain Morgan & Sailor Jerry

Rum is a versatile spirit loved by many because of its identity that you cannot find in other liquors. 

Captain Morgan and Sailor Jerry are two spiced rums with influential history. The two liquors have different histories, raw materials, production processes, ABV, flavor profile, and price. While the two distilled spirits are both spiced rums, they are completely different from each other. 

Main Differences 

Main Differences 

History & Origin

Sailor Jerry, Ltd started as a clothing store in Philadelphia where Norm “Sailor Jerry” Collins worked as a tattoo artist. Collins and his style spread around the world, so sailors went to the port. In 1991, the anti-sweat shop expanded its line to create Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum. The rum is distilled in the Virgin Islands, and it is inspired by Caribbean rum. 

Different from Sailor Jerry, Henry “Captain Morgan” Morgan is a legal pirate who left home in 1654 for West Indies, rocking the Caribbean and defending British Interests. Seagram then Diago owns the brand, and the British company named it after the 17th-century Welsh privateer. 

Raw Materials

molasses wash for rum distillation process

Rums are made from fermented molasses, and after the distillation and aging process, it is blended for consistent flavor. Captain Morgan uses blended Caribbean rums with notes of caramel and vanilla, making it a sweeter rum than Sailor Jerry. On the other hand, Sailor Jerry spiced rum is made from rum with chosen spices, vanilla, and cinnamon.

Production Process

Sailor Jerry is produced in an old-school way with the use of a pot still and a blend of spices in high-proof rum for perfect balance. On the contrary, Captain Morgan spiced rum uses continuous still for distillation, and then it is aged for at least a year before adding the spice. 

Alcohol Content

Rum in a whiskey glass

Sailor Jerry Spiced rum contains 46% alcohol content, while Captain Morgan spiced rum contains 35% alcohol content. Rum is made from sugar-based products [1], and its alcohol content arises from the distillation process. 

While Sailor Jerry has a lower ABV than Captain Morgan, be reminded that drinking alcohol can lead to illness. In addition, pregnant women should refrain from drinking rum because it can affect the baby’s health and increase the probability of congenital defects.  

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Flavor Profile


Rum Cocktail

Sailor Jerry has an amber to golden color and is a little lighter liquor than Captain Morgan. A bottle has a darker hue than Sailor because it is matured in barrels for at least a year before adding spice. 


Captain Morgan has sweet notes of vanilla and caramel, while Sailor Jerry has notes of bold cloves and cinnamon, slightly sweet and has extremely spice forward. The Sailor Jerry has dominating notes of spices and hint of vanilla but smells great for a spiced rum.

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Sailor Jerry has a balanced flavor of vanilla and oak followed by hints of cinnamon, cloves, and other spices. In contrast, Captain Morgan has distinct rum and classic taste but is sweeter and lighter than Sailor Jerry and goes well with cocktail mixers like ginger beer and tropical fruits. 


Glasses with rum

Sailor Jerry has a dry and warm finish, and the drink has a balance of sweetness and bitterness of rum. Captain Morgan has a rich taste and smooth finish. The two drinks are ideal for sipping and cocktail because it compliments well with mixers like ginger beer, soda and citrusy flavors.


A bottle of Sailor Jerry costs around $19.99 to $22.99, while Captain Morgan rum is roughly $21.99 – $23.99. While there is a small price difference between the two spirits, it is notable that Sailor Jerry has a higher ABV. 


Are Sailor Jerry and Captain Morgan top-shelf rums?

Yes, Sailor Jerry and Captain Morgan are top-shelf rums. The two rum brands have excellent taste. They are well-known for their distinctive flavors and are a go-to option for bartenders when making a cocktail drink.  

Which came first, Captain Morgan or Sailor Jerry?

Captain Morgan came first because it was started in 1943 by Seagrams. They started and bought the right to produce spiced rum from a Jamaican Pharmacy. Sailor Jerry started their liquor venture in the late 90s, and in that time, the first brand established a great reputation in the world of rum. 

So, Which Spiced Rum is Better? 

We think Sailor Jerry is better than Captain Morgan. The two prominent spirits in the kingdom of pirate rum are great, but there should only be one hailed king, and we prefer Sailor Jerry. 

With 40% ABV, Sailor Jerry is a great spiced rum with hints of sweetness, bold cloves, and cinnamon. It has a smooth finish and rich taste, ideal for the food recipe, cocktails, and sipping. 

Drop by the nearest local store and try the richness and spice of Sailor Jerry and Captain Morgan. 



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