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What Bourbons Does Buffalo Trace Make? Complete List For 2024

What Bourbons Does Buffalo Trace Make

Last Updated on March 1, 2024 by Lydia Martin

One of the most legendary distilleries is Buffalo Trace, and whiskey drinkers worldwide talk about their secret mash bills, unique juice made from their stills, and their hallowed brick rickhouses.

Some notable names in the whiskey world include Pappy, Sazerac Rye, Eagle Rare, Colonel E. H. Taylor Jr., Blanton, and Weller. 

But in particular, what bourbons does Buffalo Trace make?

Let’s explore these Buffalo Trace expressions that paved the way for the distilleries’ full mythic status. 

Top 15 Bourbons Made By Buffalo Trace 

15. Buffalo Trace Experimental Collection 

Bottles of Experimental Collection

Average Price: around $47 to $250 per 750ml (MSRP)

Alcohol Content: 90 proof 

Why We Like It: Buffalo Trace’s experimental collection is where the company’s team gets to experiment with new flavors.

After only four years in the barrel, the whiskey was cut with limestone water and re-aged for another eight years. 

This could have been an expression from the experimental line, but they’re all so rare that it’s hard to identify just one.

If you’re a fan of unique drinking experiences, you need to find bottles of this kind.

Some of the notable Buffalo Trace Experimental Collection include:

  • Baijiu Style Spirit Aged In New American Oak
  • Organic Six Grain Whiskey
  • Old Fashioned Sour Mash 
  • 12-Year-Old Wheated Bourbon
  • Rye Bourbon

14. Blanton’s 

The Blanton's Lineup

Average Price: around $59 to $110.99 per 750ml (MSRP)

Alcohol Content: 80 to 122.3 proof 

Why We Like It: Blanton’s is one of the exceptional Buffalo Trace brands under the Sazerac company, made at their Buffalo Trace Distillery. 

Blanton’s, particularly the Blanton’s Original Single Barrel, is well-known for their flavorful oak and vanilla tasting notes. 

Blanton’s complete collection includes:

  • Blanton’s Single Barrel (Original)
  • Blanton’s Gold Edition
  • Blanton’s Straight from the Barrel
  • Blanton’s Single Barrel Special Reserve

Blanton’s whiskey is worth trying if you want a bourbon with higher proof points. 

13. Antique Collection 


Average Price: around $99 per 750ml (MSRP)

Alcohol Content: 90 to 138.7 proof

Why We Like It: Buffalo Trace Antique Collection features dark chocolate and creamy sweet notes accompanied by hints of vanilla, molasses, and nougat. 

The palate is also filled with notes of tobacco, dark berries, and dates.

This Buffalo Trace Antique Collection carries a powerful and intense taste, and it’s great to open up with a couple of drops of water.

Buffalo Trace Antique Collection includes: 

  • William Larue Weller
  • George T. Stagg
  • Eagle Rare 17 Year-Old
  • Thomas H. Handy Rye Whiskey
  • Sazerac Rye 18 Year-Old

12. Elmer T. Lee Single Barrel

Elmer T. Lee Single Barrel Bourbon Whiskey

Average Price: around $40 per 750ml (MSRP)

Alcohol Content: 90 proof  

Why We Like It: Elmer T. Lee single barrel bourbon is another flagship brand that Buffalo Trace makes.

This single barrel whiskey is a limited-release produced with a slightly high rye content. 

The barrels are reportedly stored in the warehouse where the master distiller used to keep his own stash.

It offers rich and creamy notes filled with spice and vanilla aromas.

This single-barrel whiskey from the Buffalo Trace’s line offers a lingering hint of tobacco and old library book leather with white pepper spice, which is a great way to start your day.

11. Ancient Age Kentucky Straight Bourbon

Bottle of Ancient Age

Average Price: around $12 per 750ml (MSRP)

Alcohol Content: 80 proof

Why We Like It: Ancient Age Bourbon is an affordable expression, similar to Buffalo Trace’s famous Blanton’s Single Barrel bourbon. 

It isn’t a single barrel expression, but the flavors of Ancient Age Bourbon are almost the same as other single barrel spirits.

Ancient Age is known for its clear note of corn at the top with hints of caramel, vanilla ice cream, and butter. 

The sweetness lingers into a toffee-like territory before a rush of citrus leaves the taste with a slight warmth.

10. George T. Stagg

Bottle of George T. Stagg Kentucky Straight Whiskey

Average Price: around $50 per 750ml (MSRP)

Alcohol Content: 116.9 proof 

Why We Like It: One of Buffalo Trace’s sought-after bottles is George T. Stagg barrel-proof whiskey. 

It is made from the same low rye mash bill used in their flagship brand, Buffalo Trace Bourbon. George T. Stagg is included in the Buffalo Trace’s antique collection. 

We love its subtle sweet taste from the nose that continues to develop throughout the finish due to the combination of treacle syrup, nuts, and baking spices. 

It brings forth a rich red cherry with hints of oak and spicy cherry tobacco. The finish is long and has a lot of hints of vanilla and syrup.

9. Stagg Jr.

Stagg Jr Batch 15 Whiskey

Average Price: around $49.99 per 750ml (MSRP)

Alcohol Content: 128.4 to 132.5 proof 

Why We Like It: If you’re into high-proof spirits, the Sazerac company has all the standards you need.

Produced at the Buffalo Trace Distillery, Stagg, Jr. features high-proof expressions. 

As one of Buffalo Trace’s line of strong whiskeys, this isn’t for the faint-hearted, and we highly recommend this for serious bourbon drinkers.  

And over the years, Buffalo Trace has produced around 16 batches in limited quantities — released twice per year. 

It doesn’t carry an age statement but is generally aged around 8 to 9 years, bottled at barrel-proof, which is why this expression boasts high alcohol content.  

8. W.L. Weller (Willian Larue Weller)

William Larue Weller 2019

Average Price: around $29 to $99 per 750ml (MSRP)

Alcohol Content: 90 to 134.5 proof

Why We Like It: Buffalo Trace makes W.L. Weller wheated bourbons using their wheated mash bill at their Buffalo Trace Distillery, under the parent company Sazerac. 

W.L. Weller offers tasting notes of floral coupled with sweet fruit notes, vanilla, strong spicy hints, and a cinnamon finish. 

The William Larue Weller Antique 107 is a remarkable expression from the brand, along with the following:

  • William Larue Weller
  • W.L Weller Single Barrel
  • W.L. Weller CYPB
  • W.L Weller 12-Year
  • W.L Weller Special Reserve
  • W.L Weller Full Proof

7. E. H. Taylor, Jr. 

E. H. Taylor, Jr. Bottle and Canister

Average Price: around $50 to $149 per 750ml (MSRP)

Alcohol Content: 100 to 125 proof 

Why We Like It: Made from the Buffalo Trace Distillery, E.H. Taylor, Jr. incorporates innovative processes to deliver excellent spirits.  

Generally, the sweet-tasting notes of this brand’s expressions are complemented by the flavors of licorice and butterscotch.

Its mouthfeel lingers with hints of tobacco and pepper.

Aside from the well-known E.H. Taylor Small Batch and E. H Taylor Barrel Proof, the collection includes: 

  • Warehouse C Bourbon
  • Warehouse C Tornado Surviving
  • 18-Year Marriage
  • Amaranth
  • Four Grain
  • Seasoned Wood
  • Cured Oak
  • Old-Fashioned Sour Mash
  • Straight Rye
  • Single Barrel

6. Benchmark Kentucky Straight Bourbon 

Benchmark Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey and a  Glass

Average Price: around $11 per 750ml (MSRP)

Alcohol Content: 80 proof

Why We Like It: Benchmark Kentucky straight bourbon expressions from McAfee brothers are made from the Buffalo Trace Mash #1, similar to E.H. Taylor, Eagle Rare, and Stagg. 

This four-year-old is a sort of facsimile of a small batch made from the same mash bill.

It has a bright and refreshing nose with hints of charred wood and a touch of wet leather.

Benchmark’s bourbon and flavored whiskey collection include: 

  • Benchmark Old. No. 8 
  • Benchmark Apple Whiskey
  • Benchmark Peach Whiskey
  • Benchmark Brown Sugar
  • Benchmark Egg Nog

5. Van Winkle 

Van Winkle line upVan Winkle line up

Average Price: around $69 to $299 per 750ml (MSRP)

Alcohol Content: 90.4 to 107 proof

Why We Like It: Van Winkle expressions feature a subtle nose that lingers with hints of dried fruit and nuts, filled with stone fruit and dark spices. 

It also has a rich and creamy feel with leather saddles and a touch of tobacco. The finish is a bit sweet and bitter, with a lingering note of smoke.

Here is the Van Winkle collection you should check out:

  • Van Winkle 12-Year Old (Lot B)
  • Pappy Van Winkle 15-Year Old
  • Pappy Van Winkle 20-Year Old
  • Pappy Van Winkle 23-Year Old
  • Van Winkle Family Reserve Rye 13-Year Old
  • Old Rip Van Winkle 10-Year Old 

4. Old Charter Kentucky Straight Bourbon 

Old Charter 8 Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Average Price: around $18 to $600 per 750ml (Drizly)

Alcohol Content: 80 to 93 proof 

Why We Like It: Another creation from the Buffalo Trace’s line is this Old Charter bourbon, delivering well-balanced aromas, rich flavors, and a very satisfying finish.

“It’s power packed with sweetness, sourced from the vanilla, caramel, and wood sugars while balanced with the Oak tannins from France. With the French Oak barrels, we’re exploring how the flavors are delivered at different levels. It speaks to the regionality of wood and how it can impact the flavor of the bourbon whiskey.”

— Harlen Wheatley, Master Distiller.

Aside from the well-liked Old Charter–French Oak whiskey, other bottles from this collection include:

  • Old Charter–Canadian Oak
  • Old Charter–Chinkapin Oak
  • Old Charter–Mongolian Oak
  • Old Charter The Classic
  • Old Charter 101

These smooth and full-bodied Kentucky Bourbons [1] are ideal for drinking on the rocks or in a cocktail.

It has complex flavors that will keep you coming back for more.

3. Eagle Rare Kentucky Straight Bourbon

Eagle Rare Kentucky Straight Bourbon Bottle and a Glass on Top of Wooden Table

Average Price: around $30 per 750ml (MSRP)

Alcohol Content: 90 proof  

Why We Like It: Eagle Rare is a highly skilled and aged whiskey– carefully crafted and aged for over ten years.

Each barrel is individually selected to deliver a distinct flavor. 

For a fair price, Eagle Rare bourbon is a very expressive and tactile spirit we’ve had the pleasure of drinking.

The nose is full of notes of honey, orange peel, leather, oak, and herbs. 

The taste is delicate and bold, with notes of cocoa and candied almonds. On the finish, expect it to be long and dry.

Overall, Eagle Rare is a steal, given its low price tag.

Fun Fact: Buffalo Trace produces one of the priciest expressions in the industry– the Double Eagle Very Rare– aged for at least 20 years. It costs around $15,000 to $20,000.  

2. Single Oak Project Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Single Oak Project Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey Bottle and a Glass

Average Price: around $69 per 750ml (MSRP)

Alcohol Content: 90 proof  

Why We Like It: This set of unique whiskeys was aged in unique barrels from the forests of the Ozarks. 

We love the last batch –barrel #208– a wheated bourbon whiskey where the barrel was stored at the same location, and the same char level was maintained throughout its aging process.

This expression features Buffalo Trace’s notes of cherry, caramel, vanilla, and distinct woods.

The taste is balanced between the sweet maple syrup and candied fruit notes, with hints of spices and tobacco.

1. Buffalo Trace Bourbon

Buffalo Trace Bourbon Bottle and a Glass on top of Wooden Barrel

Average Price: around $34.99 per 750ml (Drizly)

Alcohol Content: 90 proof  

Why We Like It: Buffalo Trace Bourbon was created to celebrate the renaming of the old Stagg distillery to Buffalo Trace after the Sazerac company acquired the joint [2].

The tasting notes of this Buffalo Trace whiskey begin with hints of vanilla and a dark syrup sweetness, followed by a burst of fresh mint and raw leather.  

The palate then cuts through the sweet notes with hints of tart berries and spices, such as star anise and clove.

The finish is long and creamy, with a lot of spice and vanilla.

Note: Other Buffalo Trace creations include White Dog, Kosher Whiskey (Wheated Bourbon) Bourbon Cream, Wheatley Vodka, and Freddie’s Old-Fashioned Soda.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What bourbons does Buffalo Trace own?

Buffalo Trace owns Blanton’s single barrel, Ancient Age, George T. Stagg, Van Winkle Family Reserve, E.H. Taylor Barrel Proof, Thomas Handy Rye, and many prominent whiskey labels. 

Does Buffalo Trace make other liquors besides bourbon?

Buffalo Trace’s distillery makes other liquors aside from bourbons, including soda, vodka, rye, and whiskey.   

Does Buffalo Trace make vodka?

Yes. Buffalo Trace makes vodka, and it’s been in their long, colorful history. Wheatley Vodka is distilled at the Buffalo Trace distillery under the Sazerac company. 

What whiskeys does Buffalo Trace produce?

Buffalo Trace Distillery is renowned for producing a diverse range of whiskeys. Some notable brands under the Buffalo Trace umbrella include Buffalo Trace Bourbon, Eagle Rare, Blanton’s, W.L. Weller, and Sazerac Rye.

Each brand boasts distinct characteristics, contributing to Buffalo Trace’s reputation for crafting a variety of high-quality and sought-after whiskeys.

Is Buffalo Trace a bourbon or a whiskey?

Buffalo Trace is both a bourbon and a whiskey. Specifically, Buffalo Trace Bourbon is a flagship product of the distillery and is classified as a straight bourbon whiskey.

Additionally, the distillery produces other bourbon expressions and various types of whiskey, showcasing their expertise in crafting a broad spectrum of premium spirits.

Is Buffalo Trace bourbon top shelf?

Buffalo Trace Bourbon is often considered a top-shelf bourbon, gaining recognition for its quality, craftsmanship, and accessible price point.

While the term “top shelf” can be subjective, Buffalo Trace Bourbon has received numerous awards and accolades, contributing to its esteemed status among bourbon enthusiasts. Its rich flavor profile, well-balanced characteristics, and widespread popularity make it a coveted choice for those seeking a high-quality bourbon without venturing into the ultra-premium price range.

Where does Buffalo Trace rank among bourbons?

Buffalo Trace Bourbon holds a prominent position among bourbons and is highly regarded within the whiskey community. Its consistent quality, approachable price, and distinctive flavor profile contribute to its favorable ranking.

Buffalo Trace often earns accolades and awards at prestigious spirits competitions, further solidifying its status as a top-tier bourbon.

While individual preferences vary, Buffalo Trace is frequently celebrated for its balance, complexity, and overall excellence, making it a staple in the collections of whiskey connoisseurs.

Does Buffalo Trace make other whiskeys?

Yes, Buffalo Trace Distillery produces a diverse range of whiskeys beyond its flagship Buffalo Trace Bourbon. The distillery’s portfolio includes various expressions, such as Eagle Rare, Blanton’s, W.L. Weller, and Sazerac Rye, showcasing their ability to craft a wide array of high-quality whiskeys.

Each brand offers unique characteristics, contributing to the overall richness and diversity of Buffalo Trace’s whiskey offerings. Whether one is a bourbon aficionado or a fan of rye whiskey, Buffalo Trace Distillery provides a spectrum of choices to suit different preferences within the world of fine spirits.

Is Weller made by Buffalo Trace?

Yes, W.L. Weller is produced by Buffalo Trace Distillery. The Weller brand is known for its wheated bourbon, utilizing a high wheat content in the mash bill, similar to other renowned wheated bourbons like Pappy Van Winkle.

As both Weller and Buffalo Trace come from the same distillery, they share the craftsmanship and expertise that Buffalo Trace Distillery is celebrated for in the world of bourbon.

Is Buffalo Trace bourbon or rye?

Buffalo Trace is primarily known for its bourbon production. Buffalo Trace Bourbon, one of its flagship products, is a straight bourbon whiskey that adheres to the standards set for this category.

While bourbon is the primary focus, Buffalo Trace Distillery also produces rye whiskey, with brands like Sazerac Rye in their portfolio.

The distinction between bourbon and rye lies in the mash bill composition, with bourbon having a majority of corn and rye featuring a higher proportion of rye grains.

Why is Buffalo Trace so hard to find?

Buffalo Trace’s popularity and critical acclaim have contributed to its scarcity in the market. High demand for Buffalo Trace Bourbon and other expressions from the distillery, coupled with limited production capacities, has led to shortages and challenges in meeting consumer demand.

Additionally, the allocation of certain releases, such as limited editions or allocated expressions, further contributes to the difficulty in finding Buffalo Trace products on shelves.

Why do people like Buffalo Trace?

People appreciate Buffalo Trace for several reasons, including its well-balanced flavor profile, consistency, and accessible price point.

Buffalo Trace Bourbon is known for its smoothness, rich caramel and vanilla notes, and a complexity that appeals to both seasoned whiskey enthusiasts and newcomers to the world of bourbon.

The distillery’s commitment to quality, traditional craftsmanship, and the heritage associated with the Buffalo Trace brand contribute to its widespread popularity and positive reception among whiskey drinkers.

Why is Buffalo Trace expensive?

The price of Buffalo Trace products can be influenced by several factors. Firstly, the demand for Buffalo Trace Bourbon, along with its limited availability, contributes to higher market prices.

Additionally, the production process involves quality ingredients, including aging in new charred oak barrels, which can add to the overall cost. Limited releases or special editions from Buffalo Trace Distillery, often sought after by collectors and enthusiasts, may command higher prices due to their exclusivity.

The combination of these factors, along with the brand’s reputation for producing high-quality bourbon, contributes to the perception of Buffalo Trace as a premium and sometimes expensive spirit in the whiskey market.

So, What Bourbons Does Buffalo Trace Make?

If you’re a big fan of Buffalo Trace whiskey and other expressions, it’s worth familiarizing yourself with the brand’s excellent spirits. 

Also, if you’re a collector wanting to complete your Buffalo Trace collection, let this list be your guide to filling your liquor cabinet with some of the best and most impressive whiskey expressions. 

From pricey ones to budget-friendly bottles, you can surely find what you need in any of these spirits. 


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