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What To Mix With Scotch: Must-Try (2024 Updated)

What To Mix With Scotch

Last Updated on February 27, 2024 by Lydia Martin

When referring to Scotch, the first thing that comes to mind is “soda,” right? But what if we tell you that there are a lot of mixers that pair well with your favorite liquor? 

Today, let’s introduce you to must-try liquor mixers that will get you out of the Scotch-and-Soda-zone. Know what to mix with Scotch below.

8 Must-Try Drinks To Mix With Scotch: What To Mix With Scotch  

1. Grapefruit Soda

2 glasses of grapefruit soda on a marble countertop

If you love Palomas, you will surely like the mix of Scotch and grapefruit soda. The flavors of Scotch are softened by the sweetness and roundness of this drink.

You need a bold soda like Ting, Jarritos, or Squirt to cut through the richness of the Scotch whisky (thanks to none of that New Age, lightly flavored grapefruit fizzy water). 

Scotches from the Highlands, which are known for being lighter and fruitier, pair exceptionally well with grapefruit mixers — one of the highly recommended Scotch mixers.

2. Ginger Ale

bottle of ginger ale with lemon and ginger on the table

Enjoy a delicious cocktail with just 2 ingredients by mixing Scotch with this traditional whiskey mixer – ginger ale.

Scotch and ginger ale is a classic combination because the liquor’s spiciness complements the ale’s subtle sweetness and fizz. Just add a few drops of lime juice and a large ice cube, and you’re good to go.

3. Bitters & Simple Syrup (Scotch Old Fashioned)

glass of old fashioned cocktail

Not sure what to mix with Scotch? Using just a dash of cocktail bitters or any simple syrup with a sugar cube, you can make an Old Fashioned. 

The Old Fashioned mixed drink has become one of the most well-known classic whiskey cocktails, and it’s one of our favorites, too.

If you’re a fan of Old Fashioned, you shouldn’t miss this combination. 

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4. Coke

hand pouring coca cola on a glass with ice

The combination of Scotch and Coke is another take on the classic Rum and Coke, which can be even more delicious. The Scotch’s vanilla and oak undertones and spicy finish perfectly complement the cola’s sugary caramel notes.

Coke generally pairs well with any whiskey drink (particularly in the bourbon area). You can squeeze lime into the Scotch and Coke mix to cut the sweetness.

5. Drambuie (Rusty Nail)

bottle of Drambuie with cocktail drink on the side

In order to avoid watering down your expensive Scotch, you can add a splash of Drambuie, a herbal honey liqueur made from Scotch. 

If you want to sip Scotch on Scotch with a touch of sweetness, this is the perfect addition to your Rusty Nail.

6. Lemon Juice

glass and pitcher of lemon juice on a wooden table with rose plant on the back

Want a refreshing summer drink? Do yourself a favor and make some Scotch lemonade. There are only two components needed to make this refreshing drink: Scotch and lemonade. 

The best citrus flavor comes from the lemonade, so use that. Then, mix it with your Scotch for a complete cocktail recipe. 

7. Amaretto (Godfather)

a glass of GodFather cocktail drink with ice and orange peel

Scotch mixed with amaretto is a sure winner. Amaretto in Scotch is all you need to make a Godfather, a cocktail with notes of green fruit and coffee with a sweet, smoky, nutty flavor. 

Once you try this mix, you can’t help yourself but approve of the sensual blend of flavors of this combination. Actually, even the late American actor Marlon Brando was once a fan of this authentic mix. 

8. Coconut Water

glass of coconut water with coconut fruit on the background

To combine Scotch from the wet, rough lands of Scotland with coconut water from the warm, tropical Caribbean may seem like an odd pairing, but the result is a delicious cocktail. 

Blended Scotch’s inherent sweetness complements coconut water’s smoothness for a mellow drink that works equally well on either side of the Atlantic. 

FAQs Related to What To Mix With Scotch

How should I drink my Scotch?

You can drink Scotch neat, with sips of cool water in between. Some drinkers also add a few drops of water to their Scotch whisky, which can help the flavors open up.
Experiment and see what works wonders for your palate, but take it slowly at first. Don’t pour in too much water all at once.

How do you make Scotch taste good?

You can make Scotch taste good by adding a little water, ice, bitter agents, and Scotch mixers like the ones we’ve mentioned above.
Additionally, we recommend using whiskey glass and whiskey stones, with some garnishing of your choice, for a complete drinking experience. 

Can Scotch be mixed with other ingredients?

While purists often prefer to drink Scotch neat or with a splash of water, it can indeed be mixed with various ingredients to create flavorful cocktails.

What are some popular mixers for Scotch?

Popular mixers for Scotch include water, soda water, ginger ale, cola, vermouth, and various fruit juices like apple or cranberry juice.

Are there any classic Scotch cocktails?

Yes! Classic Scotch cocktails include the Rob Roy, Scotch and Soda, Rusty Nail, Blood and Sand, and the Godfather, among others.

Can I create my own Scotch cocktails?

Absolutely! Experiment with different ingredients like herbs, spices, bitters, and syrups to create unique Scotch cocktails tailored to your taste preferences.

Does the type of Scotch affect its suitability for mixing?

Yes, the flavor profile and intensity of the Scotch can influence its suitability for mixing. Generally, lighter, milder Scotch varieties are more versatile for mixing, while peaty or heavily sherried Scotches may be better enjoyed neat.

Can Scotch be enjoyed without mixers?

Certainly! Many Scotch drinkers prefer to enjoy their Scotch neat (without mixers) or on the rocks (over ice) to fully appreciate its complex flavors and aromas.

In Conclusion of What To Mix With Scotch

You should opt for something new to spice up your drinking experience. Give your normal Scotch drink a twist by mixing it with a variety of drinks to elevate the flavors. 

Aside from the classic soda mix, you can mix Scotch with grapefruit soda, ginger ale, amaretto, coconut water, coke, lemon juice, bitters & simple syrups, and more. 

Know that you can always explore and experiment.  


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