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8 Best Whiskey Barrel Bar Ideas: Full Guide (2024)

Whiskey Barrel Bar Ideas

Your whiskey barrel at home might be old, but it is not too old for some makeover. So, if you’re looking for unique upcycled whiskey barrel bar ideas, you’re in the right place. 

We’ve got you the brightest project concepts to repurpose those barrels, from simple liquor buckets to long bar table counters, bathroom sink, and more.

Here are our top picks to build your perfect DIY home barrel décor and furniture at home. Read on.

Top 8 Unique Whiskey Barrel Bar Ideas 

1. Whiskey Barrels As Bar Tables

Barrel Table

Making whiskey barrels as bar tables can be done in so many ways.

You can make it a simple bar bistro table by putting a solid table top and fancy metal stand under it.

Also, cutting it in half, customizing it as storage, and adding some glass tops would be fancier.

It would create a glass-top table with storage underneath where you can put your whiskey bottles.

2. Whiskey Barrels As Liquor Cabinets

Wine Barrel Liquor Cabinet

You can turn and upcycle your whiskey barrel into a sturdy liquor cabinet.

Reconstruct it by making a door cut in the barrel, then create shelving inside it.

Make sure the shelving is sturdy, and once you make the shelving, attach the door with hinges.

Finish it with a wood-finish coat or varnish to cover and protect it from scratches.

3. Use Whiskey Barrels As Table Stands

barrel table with glass on top

Using your whiskey barrel as a table stand is pretty simple. You need to clean and smooth it with sandpaper, put some wood-finish coat in your barrel and use it as is.

Another way is to reconstruct it and make a handcrafted rustic side table stand for your bedroom or living room.

Cut the top of the barrel about 6 inches, making it the tabletop.

Make four leg tables out of the remaining barrel staves and attach the tabletop.

You can put metal hoops to hold the tabletop to make it sturdy, adding some rustic look.

4. Whiskey Barrel As Bar Comfort Room Sink

whisky barrel sink

With some copper sinks and faucets, you can customize your whiskey barrels into a unique copper barrel sink.

The first thing you need to do is to clean, paint or decorate your barrel.

“The empty vessel gives a greater sound than the full barrel.”

– John Lyly, English Writer/Author

You need to put a hole in the top of the barrel, where you will place the copper sink.

Lastly, set it up in your bathroom with the faucets.

5. Use Whiskey Barrel Heads As Serving Trays

Whiskey Barrel Heads

For those whiskey barrels that are worn out and don’t fit well for making sturdy tables or cabinets, don’t throw them.

It can be useful, especially if the barrel heads are still intact.

With some refurbishing, you can convert your whiskey barrel heads into serving trays.

6. Whiskey Barrels As Liquor Coolers

diy liquor barrel cooler

Liquor coolers made from whiskey barrels are comparable to a barrel cabinet but without shelving.

Use this converted barrel horizontally like a cooler and with a stand.

Ensure you put some Polyurethane wood finish or varnish to coat its surface and help resist water damage. [2

7. Whiskey Barrels As Liquor Buckets

making liquor Bucket out of whiskey barrel

Cutting your whiskey barrels horizontally in the center can construct upcycled wooden liquor buckets.

You don’t need the fancy decor to make this bucket.

After cutting it, make sure there are no holes in the bucket. Smoothen it with sandpaper and put a wood finish.

8. Whiskey Barrels As Bar Counter Table

Whiskey Barrel Counter Table

In making a handcrafted bar counter table, you need at least two whiskey barrels and long wood planks as your tabletop, depending on how long the table you like.

Place the whiskey barrels at both ends, acting as the leg of the table, then add the tabletop, and secure it with screws.

Also, ensure you’re using a tall whiskey barrel if you want to add chairs.


How do you make a whiskey barrel bar?

To make a whiskey barrel bar, ensure the whiskey barrels are clean and don’t have any loose staves.

Put some wood tile planks, create a tabletop, and then secure it with screws.

How do you put a shelf in a whiskey barrel?

To put a shelf in a whiskey barrel, you must cut the metal banding and make a door cut. Remove wooden slats and reconstruct them, forming an arch-shape shelf. 

Attach the reconstructed slats inside the barrel to make the shelving.

How can I use whiskey barrels in a bar setup?

Whiskey barrels can be used as tables, countertops, or even as the base for a bar, adding rustic charm and character to the space.

What are some DIY projects using whiskey barrels for a bar?

DIY projects using whiskey barrels for a bar include creating a whiskey barrel bar top, a whiskey barrel cocktail table, or even a whiskey barrel liquor cabinet.

How can I repurpose whiskey barrels for functional bar furniture?

Whiskey barrels can be repurposed into bar stools, wine racks, shelving units, or even as decorative accents such as planters or wall art.

Are there any safety considerations when using whiskey barrels in a bar setup?

When using whiskey barrels in a bar setup, ensure they are properly cleaned and sealed to prevent any potential leaks or odors. Additionally, secure them to prevent tipping or rolling.

Can whiskey barrels be used for outdoor bar spaces?

Yes, whiskey barrels are excellent for outdoor bar spaces due to their durability and weather-resistant properties, adding a rustic touch to outdoor entertaining areas.

What are some decor ideas to compliment a whiskey barrel bar?

Decor ideas to complement a whiskey barrel bar include using vintage whiskey bottles as display pieces, hanging whiskey-themed artwork or signs, and incorporating leather or wood accents.

Final Thoughts

You can turn your old whiskey barrel into great pieces from one of the ideas above.

These refurbished and upcycled barrels can be useful inside and outside the home.

But more than that, with those handcrafted bar tables and barrel liquor coolers, you are ready to gather around with family and friends and share great conversations and good times. 

Now, grab your whiskey barrels and turn one of these ideas into reality.


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