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Who Makes Kirkland Beer At Costco? (2024 Best Edition)

who makes kirkland beer

Last Updated on April 3, 2024 by Lydia Martin

Costco’s shopping experience wouldn’t be complete without buying Kirkland products. The signature Kirkland name became known for its wide selection of beverages and reasonable prices, especially in liquors like wine and beer. 

However, Costco doesn’t have a brewery. So, who makes Kirkland beer? Here’s what you need to know.

Who Manufacturers Costco’s Kirkland Beer?

Bricks & Barley Brewing Company

Kirkland beer is manufactured mainly by two breweries, Gordon Biersch (also Hopfen Und Malz Brewing Co) for West Coast and Matt Brewing and Bricks & Barley Brewing Company for East Coast.

The variation of Kirkland Light beer is originally brewed by Regal Brau Brewing (via Guys Drinking Beer).

These breweries make Kirkland beer for Costco, and you can probably find the same beer under a distinct brand with a more seemingly authentic name.

But how many beers will get you drunk?

Companies Who Make Kirkland Beers

Companies Who Make Kirkland Beers

F.X. Matt Brewing

F.X. Matt Brewing Co is known for its Saranac line of beers and soft drinks such as ginger ale and root beer, but it is likely linked to producing Kirkland IPA beer.

F.X. Matt Brewing Co is a family-managed brewery from Utica, New York. It is considered the 4th oldest family-owned distillery in the US. 

Gordon Biersch Brewery

Gordon Biersch Brewery

Gordon Biersch Brewery is based in San Jose, California, and makes Kirkland light beer for West Coast Costco stores. But today, GB Brewery doesn’t supply Kirkland light beer anymore to Costco. 

It was discontinued after Costco stopped selling Kirkland Signature Light Beer because it was harshly reviewed as “urine-soaked diapers” and a “soiled diaper” in 2018 [1].

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Hopfen Und Malz Brewing Co. 

Hopfen Und Malz Brewing Co is known to brew beer for Trader’s Joe and, in some areas, their line of restaurants. It’s a distillery in San Jose and has the same address location as Gordon Biersch. 

Hopfen Und Malz is operated by the California brewery Gordon Biersch and continues to brew other beer options for the Kirkland brand.

Bricks & Barley Brewing Company

Bricks & Barley Brewing

Bricks & Barley Brewing Co is one of the East Coast breweries in Wisconsin that supply Kirkland’s craft beers like Blue Moon Beer. 

This distillery is said to link to Matt Brewing, which makes Saranac and Utica Club. However, the connection between them is still uncertain.

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7. Kirkland India Pale Ale (IPA)

Kirkland India Pale Ale (IPA) on desk

Kirkland India Pale Ale or Kirkland IPA has a clear, bright orange-gold appearance with an aroma of honey malts and tastes like sweet caramel with a dual note of wood and citrus taste.

It is made by GB Brewing (also Hopfen Und Malz), F.X. Matt Brewing in New York, or Bricks & Barley Brewing Co. Matt Brewing’s version of Kirkland Indian Pale Ale is recognized as one of the world’s best in 2020. More about the types of IPA beers here

6. Kirkland Brown Ale

Kirkland Brown Ale

Kirkland Brown Ale has dark amber hues and is crafted by Bricks and Barley Brewing Company or Hopfen Und Malz Brewing Co. Good reviews are given for stout and brown ales compared to other ales.

Eight malts are used in this beer, providing nutty flavors with toasted malt undertones.

It has a lot of cola-raisin sweetness and thinness of earthy orange hop flavor and finishes with a bit of cherry and cola hints.

5. Kirkland Double Bock

Kirkland Double Bock on table

Bricks and Barley Brewing Co. and Matt Brewing Co supply this kind of Kirkland products in Costco. It has a clear dark brown color, nearly like burnt amber.

This beer has an interesting taste of deep toasty caramel with a touch of spicy hops. The bitterness is strong with a dose of light toffee and nuts and has an earthy aftertaste. But what’s the cheapest beer you can drink?

4. Kirkland Session IPA

Kirkland Session IPA

This Session IPA is made by either GB Brewery (also Hopfen Und Malz) or Matt Brewing Co. Session IPAs have a little lower ABV level of 4.9% than Indian Pale Ales.

It has a hoppy flavor with citrus notes similar to the Indian Pale Ales. The term “session” means that the beer is made to consume multiple times in one sitting without getting too drunk. But who makes Kirkland Hard Seltzer?

3. Kirkland Variety Pack

Kirkland Variety Pack

Kirkland Signature Variety Pack now makes Kirkland beer the only option in Costco after the demised Kirkland Light beer. The Variety Crate has a whole section of its own with its 24 beers mixed with all its beer styles, from ales to IPAs. 

Variety Pack is an excellent option to try all Kirkland beer brands in one purchase. But how much is a keg of beer?

2. Kirkland Pale Ale

Kirkland Pale Ale

Kirkland Pale Ale is a classic version of the American style like the Sierra Nevada. It is brewed by either Hopfen Und Malz (Gordon Biersch Brewing), Bricks & Barley Brewing Co, or Matt Brewing Co and has an ABV of 5.4% with a hop and bitter flavor profile.  

But even if it has a bitter profile, the tasting notes of the hops are nicely balanced with the citrus aroma and caramel notes.

1. Kirkland Blonde Ale

Kirkland Blonde Ale on table

The blonde ale is a typical Kolsch-style ale that is a greatly drinkable beer, like Bud light.

It has a 4.3% ABV brewed at Matt Brewing Co. with a touch of wheat and pale Maktoum. 

It also has clear and light golden-yellow color with a bright taste.

There are tastes and notes of honey, biscuit malt, sugary sweetness, and mild funk that are not offensive.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who made Kirkland beer?

Kirkland beer, a hallmark of the Kirkland Signature label, is meticulously crafted by various breweries contracted by Costco Wholesale Corporation, the esteemed purveyor of the Kirkland brand. These breweries are selected based on their unparalleled expertise in the art of brewing and their unwavering commitment to upholding Costco’s rigorous standards for quality, consistency, and value.

While the specific breweries entrusted with the production of Kirkland beer may vary depending on factors such as the beer style and contractual agreements, Costco collaborates closely with these esteemed partners to ensure that each batch of Kirkland beer exemplifies excellence.

Why did Costco stop selling Kirkland beer?

There isn’t any widespread indication that Costco has ceased the sale of Kirkland beer entirely. However, like any retail product, the availability of Kirkland beer may experience occasional fluctuations due to factors such as supply chain logistics, consumer demand patterns, and seasonal considerations.

Costco’s dynamic approach to product offerings means that certain items may be periodically rotated or adjusted to accommodate new products, promotions, or strategic initiatives.

Costco’s decisions regarding its product lineup, including Kirkland beer, are driven by a multitude of factors, including customer preferences, market dynamics, and strategic objectives.

While there may be occasional adjustments in the availability of specific items, Costco remains steadfast in its commitment to providing members with a diverse selection of high-quality products, including beer, to meet their discerning needs and preferences.

What beer is Kirkland IPA?

Kirkland Signature India Pale Ale (IPA) is a cherished offering within the Kirkland beer portfolio, celebrated for its distinctive hop-forward profile and remarkable depth of flavor. While the precise brewery responsible for crafting Kirkland IPA may vary, it is consistently brewed to embody the quintessential characteristics of the IPA style.

Kirkland IPA delights the senses with its enticing aroma, redolent of citrus, pine, and floral notes, derived from the generous addition of hops during the brewing process. The flavor profile of Kirkland IPA is characterized by a harmonious interplay of robust hop bitterness and a rich malt backbone, resulting in a beer that is both invigorating and satisfying to the palate.

With its vibrant hop character and medium to full-bodied texture, Kirkland IPA is a perennial favorite among aficionados of craft beer, offering a truly immersive drinking experience that captivates and delights.

As with all Kirkland Signature products, Costco remains steadfast in its dedication to excellence, working closely with its brewing partners to ensure that Kirkland IPA meets the highest standards of quality, value, and taste. Whether savored on its own or paired with a variety of culinary delights, Kirkland IPA stands as a shining testament to Costco’s unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional products that enrich the lives of its valued members.

Who makes Citra Hop Session IPA?

Citra Hop Session IPA, renowned for its vibrant hop character and sessionable appeal, is expertly crafted by various breweries known for their expertise in brewing innovative and flavorful beers. At the heart of this refreshing IPA style lies the Citra hop, prized for its distinct citrusy and tropical fruit aromas, which lend Citra Hop Session IPA its signature flavor profile.

While the specific brewery tasked with brewing Citra Hop Session IPA may vary depending on factors such as distribution agreements and brewing collaborations, breweries adept at harnessing the unique qualities of Citra hops are typically entrusted with bringing this delightful beer to life.

What brand is Kirkland from?

Kirkland products, including Kirkland beer, proudly bear the Kirkland Signature brand, which is exclusively owned and distributed by Costco Wholesale Corporation. As a leading multinational retail giant headquartered in the United States, Costco operates warehouse club stores across various countries, providing its members with access to a vast array of high-quality products under the Kirkland Signature label.

Renowned for its commitment to delivering exceptional value, Costco meticulously selects and sources products for its Kirkland Signature line to ensure they meet stringent standards for quality, value, and affordability.

Kirkland Signature products, including Kirkland beer, embody Costco’s dedication to offering premium-quality items at competitive prices, making them a preferred choice among Costco members seeking superior value and exceptional quality.

Is Kirkland owned by?

Kirkland is exclusively owned by Costco Wholesale Corporation, a multinational retail giant celebrated for its commitment to delivering exceptional value to its members. Since its inception in 1983, Costco has established itself as a trusted destination for consumers seeking a diverse selection of high-quality products at value prices.

The Kirkland Signature brand, including Kirkland beer and a wide range of other Kirkland products, serves as a cornerstone of Costco’s product lineup, representing a symbol of quality, reliability, and affordability.

Costco’s ownership of the Kirkland brand underscores its dedication to providing members with access to premium-quality items that exceed expectations while offering significant cost savings. As such, Kirkland remains an integral part of Costco’s identity, embodying the company’s core values and commitment to excellence across all aspects of its operations.

Why is it called Kirkland brand?

The decision to name Costco’s private label brand “Kirkland” stems from the company’s rich history and its deep ties to the community where it all began. When Costco Wholesale Corporation was founded in 1983, its inaugural warehouse club store opened its doors in Kirkland, Washington. This location not only served as the company’s first retail outlet but also housed its original headquarters.

Therefore, the name “Kirkland” was chosen as a tribute to the place where it all started, symbolizing Costco’s roots and its commitment to serving its local community.

Over time, the Kirkland brand has become synonymous with quality, value, and trust. Costco carefully curates its Kirkland products to meet the highest standards of excellence, ensuring that they deliver exceptional quality and value to its members.

From household essentials to gourmet foods, electronics, and beverages like Kirkland beer, each product bearing the Kirkland name embodies Costco’s dedication to providing its members with superior products at competitive prices.

What kind of beer is Kirkland?

Kirkland beer encompasses a diverse range of beer styles, catering to the varied tastes and preferences of Costco members. Within the Kirkland beer lineup, one can find a wide array of options, including classic lagers, crisp pilsners, flavorful ales, hop-forward IPAs, and rich stouts.

Whether one prefers a light and refreshing beer for a casual gathering, a bold and aromatic IPA for the hop enthusiast, or a smooth and creamy stout for a cozy evening, Kirkland offers something for every beer lover.

Crafted by reputable breweries known for their expertise in brewing, Kirkland beers are carefully formulated to deliver outstanding flavor, balance, and drinkability. Each beer undergoes meticulous quality control measures to ensure that it meets Costco’s stringent standards for excellence.

By offering a diverse selection of high-quality beers under the Kirkland brand, Costco aims to provide its members with exceptional options that cater to their discerning tastes while offering excellent value.

Why is Kirkland called Kirkland?

The name “Kirkland” holds significant meaning for Costco as it pays homage to the company’s origins and its enduring commitment to its founding principles. When Costco first emerged onto the retail scene in 1983, its inaugural warehouse club store opened in Kirkland, Washington. This location not only marked the beginning of Costco’s journey but also served as the epicenter of its operations, housing its original headquarters.

By naming its private label brand “Kirkland,” Costco honors the place where it all began and the community that supported its growth. The association with the Kirkland name serves as a reminder of Costco’s humble beginnings and its deep-rooted ties to its founding principles of quality, value, and service. Over the years, the Kirkland brand has become a symbol of trust and reliability, embodying Costco’s unwavering commitment to providing its members with exceptional products and experiences.

Through the Kirkland brand, Costco continues to uphold its legacy of excellence while meeting the evolving needs of its members. Whether it’s Kirkland beer or any other Kirkland product, Costco remains dedicated to delivering outstanding quality, value, and satisfaction to its members, ensuring that the Kirkland name remains synonymous with trust and integrity in the world of retail.

How much alcohol is in Kirkland beer?

The alcohol content in Kirkland beer can vary depending on the specific beer style and recipe. Generally, Kirkland beers, like other beers on the market, typically range in alcohol by volume (ABV) from around 4% to 8%.

However, the precise alcohol content can vary among different Kirkland beer offerings, as each beer style may have its own unique ABV level. For example, lighter styles such as lagers and pilsners tend to have lower ABV levels, while stronger styles like IPAs and stouts may have higher ABV percentages.

To find the exact alcohol content of a particular Kirkland beer, it’s best to check the label or product information provided by Costco.

What does IPA mean in beer?

IPA stands for “India Pale Ale,” which is a popular style of beer known for its hop-forward character and assertive bitterness. The term “India Pale Ale” originated in England during the 19th century when British brewers developed a style of pale ale with higher alcohol and hop levels to withstand long journeys to British colonies in India. IPA is characterized by its prominent hop aroma and flavor, which often includes notes of citrus, pine, floral, and herbal tones.

This style of beer typically features a moderate to high alcohol content and a crisp, dry finish. Over time, IPA has become one of the most beloved and widely brewed beer styles worldwide, with numerous variations and sub-styles that cater to diverse palates and preferences.

So, Who Makes Kirkland Beer?

Whether you prefer ales like APA, IPA, blonde ales, lager, stout and brown ale, or some dark beer, the Kirkland brand has it. Except for light beers, that is, which they discontinued selling. 

But if you plan to buy in bulk, Costco’s Signature Variety Crate is an excellent option for a decent Kirkland alcohol beer at a reasonable price.


  1. Costco has stopped selling its Kirkland Signature Light Beer, which one customer said tasted like ‘a urine-soaked diaper’
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