Who Owns Grey Goose Vodka? Find Out Now! (2023 Updated)

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A product that makes a mark in the market is something that is carefully planned and executed by its maker. Because of this, Grey Goose vodka has made it to the top of the chain in the liquor industry. But who is the brilliant mind behind it?

Read on and find out who owns Grey Goose vodka.

Who Really Owns It? 

Grey Goose

Bacardi owns Grey Goose vodka and other top wines and spirits in the liquor industry. But before they acquired it, it was originally owned by Sidney Frank Importing Co (SFIC). The CEO, Sidney Frank, partnered with a cognac François Thibault when they started with the intent to create a luxury vodka for the American market.

Grey Goose came out in 1997, and the year after, Beverage Testing Institute named it the best tasting vodka in the world. Apart from the original vodka, L’Orange and Le Citron were released before Bacardi bought it.  

Company History 

Company History 

Sidney Frank Importing Co (SFIC)

Sidney Frank Importing Co is a company owned by Sidney Frank, an American whose brainchild is the luxury Grey Goose vodka. Under their belt is another popular liquor imported from Germany, Jägermeister, which is a traditional German digestif. Jacques Cardin brandy is also a part of this company, purchased in 1979 from Seagram. 

However, the company was acquired by Mast-Jägermeister SE in 2015. In 2017, they dropped the SFIC name and now operate under the Mast-Jägermeister US brand label.

The same executives are still present after the acquisition of the company. But is Jagermeister whiskey?

Bacardi Limited

Bacardi Distillery Tour

Bacardi Limited is a big name in the liquor industry. This family-owned company manufactures premium wines and spirits such as Bacardi Rhum, Patron, Angel’s Envy, to name a few. 

They acquired Grey Goose in 2004, and after that, they added more flavors to the existing three that the vodka has. La Poire was released in 2007 as the third flavored vodka. Bacardi also produced fruit-infused vodka cocktails, namely, Strawberry & Lemongrass [1], Watermelon & Basil, and White Peach & Rosemary. 

Who Is Sidney Frank?

Sidney Frank is an American businessman who sold luxury liquors to the public. The first alcoholic beverage he sold under his company Sidney Frank Importing Co (SFIC) was Gekkeikan Sake, sold in sushi restaurants in the US. He became more famous when he started importing the German elixir Jagermeister

He was 77 years old when he decided to pair with French Cellar Master François Thibault. They produced Grey Goose, a luxury vodka drink intended for US clientele. This marketing genius died at the age of 86 in 2006.

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Why Did Sidney Frank Sell Grey Goose?

Sidney Frank

Sidney Frank sold Grey Goose to Bacardi because he realized that his intent to be the only vodka above the $20 market is no longer the case. He projected the success of his luxury vodka, which happened. However, after seven years of success, Sidney Frank saw that the competition in the field had changed. 

Luxurious vodka at a high price is no longer offered by his company alone. He made a smart move to sell Grey Goose and benefitted from that exponentially. His company moved on and started with a new liquor product to sell to the public.

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Why Did Bacardi Limited Buy Grey Goose? 

Grey Goose with shot glass

Bacardi Limited bought Grey Goose to complete its long-stated goal of showing their competitors that they are a serious player in the liquor industry. Their strategy is to acquire a vodka product since they did not have one when they purchased it from Sidney Frank. 

The purchase was not hard for the family-owned spirits company since Grey Goose has already established a good following worldwide. After the purchase of Grey Goose, they worked on creating new flavors to ensure that there was a new offering for the drinking public. 


How much is Grey Goose vodka?

Grey Goose vodka is priced roughly at $32.99 per 750ml, higher than other premium products in the market. The release of this product was in 2004, which already had a higher price tag compared to its competition. 

Is Grey Goose considered a premium vodka?

Grey Goose vodka is considered a premium vodka. It is one of the first ultra-premium brands in the market attributed to its smooth and crisp taste. This product is also a top-shelf variety and can be seen in readily available bars and liquor stores. But is Grey Goose vodka gluten-free?

Final Thoughts 

Bacardi now owns grey Goose, and its popularity never ceased. It still is one of the most popular brands worldwide, even after Sidney Frank sold it. We could say that Frank’s brilliant idea paved this vodka’s way to success, and all his sacrifices paid off. 

Some said that Frank Sidney played with the people’s minds and made them believe that his vodka was the best in the market. Other products bested Grey Goose, but its flavor is also high quality. Mr. Frank may have conditioned the mind of the drinkers, but he also prepared the product well. 



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