Grey Goose vs Absolut Vodka Differences (2023 Updated)

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You’ll never find a bar without a bottle of Grey Goose or Absolut on the menu. People want flavor and smoothness, and the two deliciously deliver. However, which of the two is the better vodka?

We also wanted to know, so our team gathered some details about Grey Goose vs Absolut. Let’s find out!

Comparing Grey Goose & Absolut 

Absolut Vodka

Grey Goose vodka is a specially made product made in France using two ingredients, single-origin Picardie winter wheat and natural spring water. It’s vodka with a high price tag but a very smooth, luxurious taste.

Absolut vodka, on the other hand, is a product from Sweden. It uses winter wheat, and the water is from a deep well from Ahus, South of Sweden. It is categorized as a standard vodka but with premium quality flavors.

A Closer Look At Their Differences 

A Closer Look At Their Differences 


Grey Goose was a brainchild of the liquor mogul Sidney Franks. He worked with François Thibault as his Maître de Chais, who developed the recipe for Grey Goose in 1997. After seven years of success, it was acquired by the Bacardi Group.

Meanwhile, Absolut vodka has been around since 1879 and was created by Lars Olsson Smith in Ahus, Sweden. However, in 1979, Pernod Ricard Sweden introduced it worldwide. Since then, it has been a big name in the liquor industry. 

Manufacturing Process

Vodka Distillation Process

Grey Goose’s distillation process is similar to cognacs. They both use the Maître de Chai tradition. After fermentation, it is only distilled once but goes through five different chambers. Light filtration is the last part before bottling happens.

Absolut, on the other hand, uses continuous distillation. The spirit is cycled multiple times until a smooth and clear texture is produced. This process produces the purest form of vodka.


Grey Goose is manufactured in France using native ingredients, except for the oranges used for the L’Orange bottle. The water used for this vodka is filtered with limestone in the Champaign Regions of France. 

Absolute also uses locally-grown ingredients, including the water taken from 450 feet deep well. The water from this well is high in calcium [1]. They use winter wheat that is grown in Ahus, Sweden. 

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Use & Purpose

Absolut Vodka Production Process

Sidney Frank created grey Goose to give the USA a luxury vodka priced above the $20 bracket. It was made and marketed for that reason.

On the other hand, the creation of Absolut vodka was to provide drinkers with quality vodka at a reasonable price. This is why this product remains in the standard category despite being a super-premium product for years. 

Flavors & Variants

Grey Goose has seven flavors, Le Citron, L’Orange,La Poire, La Vanille, Le Melon and Cherry Noir. They also have three infused essences: strawberry and lemongrass, watermelon and basil, and white peach and rosemary.

On the contrary, Absolute has a longer list of flavors and variants. Apart from the original, there are five special edition bottles and sixteen fruit-flavored vodkas. They also have four vodka juices, eight pre-mixed variants, and four vodka sodas. 


Grey Goose Vodka Cocktail

Both products are a bartender’s favorite as it blends with any cocktail. Both Grey Goose and Absolut vodka has neutral flavors that do not undermine other ingredients in the mix. 

Anyone can use either of the two, even if the cocktail is other alcoholic beverages in the mixture. 

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Taste & Finish

Grey Goose vodka has a spicy-peppery smell with a hint of almond. The flavor has a note of sweetness and rye and star anise. Its finish is spicy but creamy with no burning sensation at all. 

On the other hand, Absolut has a full, rich taste with complex flavors. You will smell hints of dried fruit and will have a taste of that flavor as well. You will taste hints of vanilla and caramel with hints of fruits as a finish.


Vodka Cocktail

Grey Goose has a higher price tag as they are produced for luxury. Each 750 ml bottle is marketed at a price of roughly $33. The price per bottle was already over $20 when they released it in 1997. 

Being one of the super-premium brands, Absolut Vodka is sold at around $25. It is one of the brands under the standard category despite being a super-premium brand and a top-shelf vodka. 

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Is Absolut a good substitute for Grey Goose?

Yes, Absolut is a good substitute for Grey Goose and vice-versa. Both products are super-premium vodka and are of top-shelf quality. Both can be drunk neat or mixed with cocktails, too.

Which vodka usually wins in a blind taste, Absolut or Grey Goose?

Absolut Vodka usually wins in a blind taste. According to the individuals who participated in the taste tests, it has a more defined vodka taste. 

Final Thoughts 

Grey Goose leads when it comes to flavor and quality. Manufacturers specially concocted this to serve as luxury vodka. Therefore, no part of its production is rushed, nor are any low-quality ingredients used. 

On the other hand, Absolut is also smooth, flavorful, and very affordable. These qualities placed them at the top. It also allowed them to lead on record-breaking sales. So between the two, there is no bad decision because both are impressive spirits in a bottle. 



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