How Many Times is Grey Goose Distilled? (2023 Updated)

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Grey Goose premium vodka is displayed on most bars’ top shelves because it is easy to sip and swallow. One would ask, “how did they create this with the alcohol strength of vodka while savoring the taste of cognac?”

So how many times is Grey Goose distilled? Let’s talk about everything you should know about its distillation process.

How Many Times Does Grey Goose Gets Distilled? 

Grey Goose

Grey Goose vodka is distilled once to refrain from stripping all contents from the liquid produced after fermentation. This brand uses high-quality natural ingredients, which will be put to waste if over-distilled. It is common to use multiple distillations, whether in potato vodka brands or grains. 

Traditional vodkas are just plain and clear tasteless spirits due to multiple distillations. Realizing that the demand of drinkers over flavorful vodkas, Grey Goose vodka improved the methods. Brands like Tito’s vodka, Kirkland vodka, and Absolut also have their distillation process that results in smooth and savory vodka, making it favorable to every drinker.

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How Is It Distilled?

Grey Goose vodka’s distillation process starts with fermentation. The product that comes out in this process is in beer form. It then gets inside the first column, where they strip out water, which comes out as 92% alcohol. It goes into the second column where they do “hydro-selection.” 

The third and the fourth columns are for conversions using pressure and vacuum to balance oils. Then the last column is called “demethanolisation.” It is a method where they retain both flavor and alcohol strength, making them a unique brand. 

Why Grey Goose Uses A Single Distillation Process 

Grey Goose Distillation Process

Grey Goose vodka uses a single-distillation process because they want to have luxurious vodka that can be drunk neat. Combining Picardi snow wheat and pure artesian spring water with the Maître de Chai tradition produces a flavorful fermented spirit. These are all locally acquired ingredients grown in France.

Multiple distillations used by other manufacturers will eliminate these flavors and smoothness, which the brand is steering away from. This brand acquired the expertise of the French experts to solidify the taste and texture, which they can only achieve through this method. 

What Distillation Does To Vodka 

Grey Goose Vodka Bottle

Distillation is a crucial part of any alcoholic beverage because this is where the alcohol strength relies on. After fermentation, the liquid content needs to separate water from the alcohol through distillation. It involves evaporation [1] and condensation. 

Kirkland Signature French vodka stipulates that they distill theirs five times in their bottle. Most manufacturers use potatoes, cereal grains, while Grey Goose uses French wheat. Fermentation is necessary to come up with the alcohol to use for vodka. But is Grey Goose really gluten-free?

Once it is up for distillation, they remove the solid contents and leave the alcohol to be bottled, depending on the manufacturers.

Where Is Grey Goose Distilled?

Picardy, France

Grey Goose vodka is distilled in Picardi, a cognac region of France. Its entire distilling process and distillation techniques sourced from cognac distilleries in the area influenced the rich taste of this vodka. Its Maitre de Chai, Francois Thibault, applied methods similar to creating cognac brandies. 

The fermented beer is distilled once, but inside the column-stills is a continuous operation. They utilize different methods from their competitors, like Absolut vodka, distilled in Sweden.

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What Happens When A Vodka Gets Over-Distilled 

When vodka is over-distilled, it becomes a harsh liquid that will taste like rubbing alcohol. Vodkas are supposed to be neutral spirits. Other vodkas are over ten times distilled like potato vodkas to remove congeners from the liquid and leave strong alcohol behind. 

Over distilling will also remove its natural flavors. Although American vodka is supposed to be a colorless and tasteless spirit, it should be a liquid that can be ingested without any cause of discomfort to the drinker. This is what manufacturers of the best vodkas have perfected. 


Is Grey Goose vodka expensive?

Yes, Grey Goose vodka is expensive at roughly $32 per 750ml. They created this American vodka to be a luxury distilled spirit. This bottle is known to be the billionaire vodka, too. Its direct competition, Absolut vodka, Tito’s vodka, and Kirkland vodka, are priced at around $15-$25 only per 750ml. 

Is Grey Goose pure vodka?

Yes, Grey Goose is pure vodka, distilled only once. This billionaire vodka brand uses high-quality wheat and spring water to produce one of the best vodkas in the world. Kirkland Signature French vodka also claims to have pure vodka.  

Final Thoughts 

Interestingly, Grey Goose vodka is distilled once, yet it has the strong alcohol a regular vodka has. Manufacturers distill a traditional bottle of potato vodka infinite times. Nowadays, the methods are improved to succumb to what the drinkers want: flavor, smoothness, and texture. 

Regardless of how many times Grey Goose was distilled, this is one vodka brand that boasts its state-of-the-art distilleries to provide their patrons with the type of drinks they want. And that kept their distilled bottle of vodka at the top over the years. 



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