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How Do You Say ‘I’m Drunk’ in Mexico? Fun Spanish Phrases

How Do You Say I'm Drunk In Mexico

Last Updated on March 8, 2024 by Lydia Martin

The right words allow us to convey our emotions, create bonds, establish traditions, and turn ordinary moments into unforgettable celebrations. That’s why having friends from all over the world teaches me to learn their traditions, culture, and, of course, their language. During my time in Mexico, I’ve discovered various ways to express the effects of those tequila shots using their language. 

So, how do you say I’m drunk in Mexico? Let’s have a quick lesson on the formal and slang/common expressions to use. 

6 Ways To Say You’re Drunk In Mexico

Glass of Tequila
  1. Estoy borracho/a

When you want to convey that you’ve had a few too many drinks with your friends and family, “Estoy borracho/a” is your go-to phrase.

Or you can say ‘Esta bien pinche borracho,’ where the word ‘pinche’ is strongly associated with a curse word, making you sound more like a native.

But what’s the best alcohol to bring back from Mexico?

  1. Estoy ebrio/a

‘Ebrio’ is more formal than ‘borracho’ and is more likely used for newspapers or the police. In fact, it is the most educated and formal form of saying, ‘I’m drunk’ in Spanish.

  1. Estoy alcoholizado/a

For an even more refined expression to state that you are now feeling the effects of alcohol in your system, you can use “Estoy alcoholizado/a.”

“My doctor tells me I should start slowing it down—but there are more old drunks than there are old doctors, so let’s all have another round.” – Willie Nelson, Singer

Gender defines the ending of the word, which is /a/ for female and /o/ for male. So, you’ll have to use the word accordingly.

Chilled Tequila Shots With Lime and Salt
  1. Ando bien pedo/a

Pedo is a Spanish word with various meanings, like referring to a problem. Its literal translation is “fart” [1], which is a funny expression if you’re unfamiliar with Mexican tradition.

Some of my friends also use it to ask, ‘Que pedo?’ or “What’s up?” But if you take it in its literal sense, you may sound like asking, “What a fart?” 

‘Ando bien pedo’ was a common phrase when visiting my Mexican friends, meaning “I’m very drunk.”

Meanwhile, people with a hangover can use ‘Peda’ to explain their current state.

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  1. Estoy/ando cuete

“Estoy/ando cuete” is another style to say you’re drunk informally. It’s a bit more relaxed and can be used among friends to indicate that you feel the buzz.

“In Mexico, like in many places around the world, expressing your level of intoxication can be both polite and playful.” – Liquor Laboratory 

‘Cuete’ is a slang Mexican Spanish word that also refers to being drunk. Although I rarely use it with my drinking friends, I still recommend it during a party when you’re in Mexico.

  1. Estoy/ando happy

Now, this one was a playful and humorous approach to describing your current state as you drank alcohol with friends. I recommend this light-hearted remark to tell everyone that you are currently or in a state of being happy. 

You can also choose ‘Feliz’ – if mixing the English language does not work for you – as you savor the joyful moments during festivities. But what do Mexicans say before a shot of tequila?

FAQs Related to How do you say I’m drunk in Mexico?

How do you say I’m drunk in Mexico?

In Mexico, you can say “Estoy borracho” to indicate that you are drunk.

Are there any specific phrases or slang terms for being drunk in Mexico?

Yes, in Mexico, you might also hear people say “Ando pedo” or “Estoy pasado” to express that they are drunk.

What should I do if I feel drunk in Mexico?

If you feel drunk, it’s important to drink water, eat something, and avoid driving or engaging in any activities that require full concentration.

Final Words

More than 93% of Mexicans use Spanish only as their primary language, resulting from Spanish colonization in the 16th century [2]

That’s why if you’re already familiar with the Spanish language, it would be easier to get into the joyous party atmosphere and celebrate with people in Mexico. 

So, the next time you sip tequila in Mexico, remember to choose one of these phrases to share the drinking joy with everybody. 


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