Alcoholic Drinking Board Game DIY Ideas & Guide (2023 Updated)

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Are you planning to spice up your drinking session but don’t want to spend too much on expensive drinking board games? 

Getting in charge of the modified tasks makes drinking games more fun and exciting, but where should you begin?  

No worries because we have here the full guide on how to make an alcoholic drinking board-DIY version. Read on. 

How To Make A DIY Alcoholic Drinking Board Game

diy drinking board game

Create The Rules

The first thing you should prepare in making a DIY alcoholic drinking board game is the rules.

Since it is a DIY, you can make rules, like the person who should drink or where to pass it on. 

The rules will be the flow and basis of the drinking board game, so you must be precise and clear. 

The rules can depend on the occasion and the players’ relationship; since it is a DIY, you can modify the rules to fit the event. 

Map It Out

Now that you have decided on the rules, you can map out the boxes to see the game flow on the drinking board. 

You can make a simple square flow or do a more complicated route, especially if you plan for longer game duration.

It would be best to map it out using a pencil first, then use a pen if you’re satisfied with the game’s flow.

Also, you can make some shortcuts and longcuts on the board to make it more fun. 

Color The Squares

After you have mapped the flow of the drinking game, you can color the squares to make them more pleasing and fun to use. 

Since it is a DIY drinking board game, you can use any color and shade to make it lively. You can use colored pens, crayons, or oil pastels to color the squares. 

Write Tasks On The Board

Basically, the tasks will be the game’s life, so be creative.

You can devise tasks like everyone should drink, take a shot or do a consequence, send a safe spot, or question game. 

Also, you can go with all ladies or gents, drink, switch places, play a game, and the loser will take a shot, and many more.

Since you have established the game’s rules, the tasks will make it more fun. 

Prepare The Alcohol

2 glasses of vodka drink with slice of lemon

After you are done with your drinking board game, you have to prepare the alcohol for the game. 

All the players must have one cup each, and you can fill it with alcohol like beers or flavored alcoholic drinks. 

You can also make some alcoholic punch for a chill night or go with vodka, whiskeys, brandies, and other distilled spirits with higher alcohol content [1]. 

Start The Game

When the drinking board is final, and the alcohols are ready, everything is on set, so start the game. Gather your favorite drinking buddies, roll the dice, grab your cups and follow the rules. 

“Drink because you are happy, but never because you are miserable.”

– G.K. Chesterton.

Have fun and enjoy the game and the company of your friends and family. 

What’s An Alcoholic Drinking Board Game? 

An alcoholic drinking board game is a kind of board game where each square punishes or rewards the players with fun challenges with alcoholic beverages [2] incorporated.

The board game aims to make the drinking session fun and exciting since you’ll either do the dare or drink the shot.

Also, you can pick someone to take a shot at or add booze to the center cup. 

How Does An Alcoholic Drinking Board Game Work? 

friends playing alcohol board game

To make an alcoholic drinking board game work, you must form a group of players taking turns on shots or doing challenges. 

The flow of the board game depends on the rules or the task in each box.

Aside from the tasks, it involves the consumption of alcoholic beverages making drinking sessions more fun. 


How do you make a board game into a drinking game?

To make the board game into a drinking game, assign each box with a corresponding alcoholic drink or tasks that involve drinking the alcohol in their cup. 

Also, you can assign which drink they should consume once they land on a certain box. 

What board games are good for drinking?

The Drink-a-palooza, Beeropoly, Drunk, Stoned or Stupid, and Fear Pong, are some of the board games that are good for drinking. 

However, you can use a DIY drinking board game to take control of the rules and tasks on each square.  

How many people can play a DIY alcoholic drinking board game?

A DIY alcoholic drinking board game can be played by two to twelve players or more. 

With DIY drinking board games, you can play with as many players as you can find as long as the drinking cups and alcohol are enough for everyone to get drunk. 

In A Nutshell 

The alcoholic drinking board game DIY version is easy and affordable to make. In addition, you get to control the tasks and the rules of the drinking game. 

After you decide on the rules, map out and color the squares, then decide on the tasks on each box. Prepare the alcoholic drinks and have fun with the game. 



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