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10 Best Bourbon For Wedding (2024 Updated)

Best Bourbon For Wedding

Weddings are special occasions that deserve a once-in-a-lifetime bourbon experience. But choosing the right bourbon drinks for a large crowd could be a little overwhelming. 

Worry no more. We got you the list of the best bourbons for a wedding celebration.

10 Best Bourbon For Wedding

10. Elijah Craig Barrel Proof

bottles of Elijah Craig Barrel Proof

Average Price: Around $87.39 for 750ml

Alcohol Content: 60.4% 

Why We Like It: Elijah Craig Barrel Proof has a rich and powerful flavor from uncut, straight-from-the-barrel bourbon without chill filtering. It is an excellent bourbon of high proof with strong notes of cinnamon and pepper, but it doesn’t overpower its vanilla and caramel taste. 

Elijah Craig Barrel Proof is known for its intensely sweet taste that is enjoyable at special occasions like weddings.

9. Early Times Bottled in Bond

2 bottles of Early Times Bottled in Bond

Average Price: Around $20 for 750ml

Alcohol Content: 50% 

Why We Like It: Early Times Bottled-in-Bond is an old-style Kentucky bourbon that follows the standard bourbon-making by the U.S. Bottled-In-Bond Act. Bottle-in-bond is aged at least four years and bottled unblended at 100-proof. [1

This classic bourbon offers soft caramel corn melds with shortbread cookie coated with a hint of chocolate and oak flavor profile. It also has a trace of cinnamon spice lingering in the deep sweetness, a great option for a huge crowd like weddings.

8. Colonel E.H. Taylor Jr. Single Barrel

bottle of Colonel E.H. Taylor Jr. Single Barrel

Average Price: Around $149.99 for 750ml

Alcohol Content: 50% 

Why We Like It: Colonel E.H. Taylor Jr. single barrel bourbon is a unique bourbon that is a single barrel and a bottled-in-bond, a very uncommon release in the bourbon industry. 

Colonel E.H. Taylor Jr. single barrel bourbon delivers a unique, well-rounded bourbon at a great price. If you want proven bourbons full of flavor and complexity, choose E.H. Taylor Jr. single barrel.

7. 100 Proof Very Old Barton 

100 Proof Very Old Barton bottle on a wooden table

Average Price: Around $13.49 for 750ml

Alcohol Content: 50% 

Why We Like It: Very Old Barton 100 Proof bourbon is worth every dollar. It’s an affordable bourbon for a pleasant buttery note and a rich peppery palate. Although it has some spicy kick, the cinnamon notes work and blend well with other notes. 

Very Old Barton is a decent all-around bourbon that goes within your budget for a huge crowd occasion.

6. Four Roses Single Barrel

man holding Four Roses Single Barrel and a glass

Average Price: Around $49.99 for 750ml

Alcohol Content: 50% 

Why We Like It: Four Roses is one of the best single-barrel bourbons on the market. It is a premium bourbon with a full-bodied flavor but is surprisingly smooth and has a delicate mouthfeel. 

Four Roses single barrel is an award-winning single-barrel bourbon in many categories. Its mellow profile is highly recommended for drinking straight or on the rocks. 

5. McKenna 10-Year Bottled-In-Bond

close up shot of McKenna 10-Year Bottled-In-Bond

Average Price: Around $69.99 for 750ml

Alcohol Content: 50% 

Why We Like It: Like Colonel E.H. Taylor Jr.’s single barrel, Henry McKenna’s 10-year bottled-in-bond is both single barrel and bonded bourbon. It has the highest age for bonded bourbons available in the market. 

But unlike other smooth-tasting aged bourbons, this has a full and potent taste profile. McKenna is great for an old-fashioned glass, especially for those who enjoy the bourbon’s smokiness.

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4. Jim Beam Black Bourbon

close up shot of Jim Beam Black bottle

Average Price: Around $23.99 for 750ml

Alcohol Content: 43% 

Why We Like It: Jim Beam Black bourbon is an award-winning premium brand that has been extra-aged for eight years. It has a full-bodied flavor, balanced sweetness, and savory notes from the oaks. 

Jim Beam Black extra-aged bourbon gives a more flavorful profile that’s great to be savored on your wedding day. 

3. Russell’s Reserve 10-Year

close up shot of Russell's Reserve 10 Year bottle

Average Price: Around $39.99 for 750ml

Alcohol Content: 45% 

Why We Like It: Russell’s Reserve 10-year small batch bourbon has a complex flavor but is lower-proof than other extra-aged bourbons. It’s loaded with balanced core notes of caramel, toffee, and vanilla. 

Russell’s Reserve 10-year bourbon comes at an affordable price for a unique 10-year-aged bourbon with a pleasant mouthfeel, good for sipping during special occasions like a wedding.

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2. Old Grand Dad Bonded Bourbon

bottle of Old Grand Dad Bonded Bourbon on a countertop

Average Price: Around $23 for 750ml

Alcohol Content: 50%

Why We Like It: It’s a high-rye bourbon line distilled in the well-known Jim Beam Plant in Kentucky. Old Grand-Dad is also a bonded bourbon created during a distillation season in one distillery. 

The hint of spiciness from its rye content and sweet caramel and vanilla notes make it a great bourbon for every celebration.

1. Evan Williams Bottled-In-Bond

bottle of Evan Williams Bottled-In-Bond

Average Price: Around $18.99 for 750ml

Alcohol Content: 50% 

Why We Like It: Evan Williams BIB has great value for a high-proof Kentucky straight bourbon made under the bottle-in-bond act. 

Unlike other sweet bourbons, Evan Williams BIB has an herbaceous taste profile that avid bourbon fans adore. It’s a reliable and affordable straight bourbon that’s also great for cocktails.

*Average prices are based on Drizly online. Prices may vary in local liquor shops.


What’s the best bourbon to give to your groomsmen?

Single barrel bourbons like Four Roses and Colonel E.H. Taylor Jr. could be the best bourbon to give to your groomsmen.  

Is it worth it to buy expensive bourbon for your wedding?

Yes, it is worth buying expensive bourbon for your wedding, especially with an unlimited budget. Weddings are special occasions that are celebrated with your loved ones. So, if your budget is not restrained, premium and rare bottles are worth trying.

Should bourbons be served in cocktails during a wedding?

Bourbons are great sippers to be savored [2] and are recommended to be served neat at a wedding. However, since there’s a large crowd at wedding receptions, you can have it in cocktails or have an open bar to cater to the guests.

What makes bourbon a popular choice for weddings? 

Bourbon’s rich flavor and versatility make it a favorite spirit for weddings, offering a warm and celebratory vibe that complements the joyous occasion.

How do I choose the best bourbon for my wedding?

Consider factors such as the taste preferences of you and your guests, your budget, and the overall theme or style of your wedding when selecting the best bourbon for your special day.

Should I opt for a specific brand of bourbon for my wedding? 

While there are many excellent bourbon brands to choose from, selecting a brand that holds personal significance or has sentimental value can add an extra touch of meaning to your wedding celebration.

Are there any bourbon cocktails that are particularly well-suited for weddings? 

Yes! Bourbon cocktails like the Old Fashioned, Mint Julep, and Bourbon Smash are popular choices for weddings, offering delicious flavors and elegant presentation.

Final Say

With the help of this list, finding the bourbon for wedding occasions is easier. The captivating bottles are worth buying, and you will love the supremacy of these labels.

Bourbons can make your wedding day memorable, from single barrel to bottle-in-bond bourbons. Best wishes!


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