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10 Best Bourbon of the Month Clubs (2024 Updated)

Best Bourbon of the Month Clubs

Last Updated on March 13, 2024 by Lydia Martin

Bourbon is more than just a distilled spirit. It is a whole world you should explore and enjoy, especially now that it is continuously growing in popularity. 

Easily explore all the rare bourbon expressions by subscribing to the best bourbon of the month club, but where do you start? Here’s our list!

Top 10 Best Bourbon of the Month Clubs 

1. Flaviar


  • Available in 25 States
  • Price Point: $159 – $349 / year
  • Average Shipping Time: 4 -14 days

Brief Description: 

Flaviar is one of the most recommended bourbon of the month clubs to try, especially if you are a bourbon beginner. The whiskey subscription costs are reasonable, and the selection is on point; it has Member Select, which releases spirits not available in local liquor stores. 

In addition, Flaviar offers one-percenter spirits that allow you to try rare offerings without buying one full-sized bottle. Depending on your bourbon subscription, you can get a curated tasting box with dram-sized samples, a coaster, and helpful tasting guides- such a beginner-friendly American whiskey club! 


  • Affordable
  • Yearly freebies
  • Impressive curation
  • Free live tasting events
  • High-quality bottles


  • One bottle quarterly delivered

2. Taster’s Club

Taster’s Club

  • Available in 45 States
  • Price Point: $69 / month
  • Average Shipping Time: 5-10 days

Brief Description:

If you are looking for exclusive releases and interesting bottles of bourbon, Taster’s Club is the place to be. Every month, Taster’s club delivers a full-size bottle directly to your doorstep to satisfy the cravings of every bourbon lover. From wheated, corn, rye, and four-grain bourbon, the whiskey club is a haven for whiskey lovers. 

Explore the bourbon world and enhance your wisdom with the curated full-sized bottles of bourbon that you will receive monthly, along with a digital 101, detailed notes, and flavor profiles. There is no need to drop by a liquor store because you will have VIP access to craft distilleries and exclusive bottles. See our list of the best gifts for bourbon lovers here


  • Premium bourbon selections
  • Exclusive bottle shop for members
  • Shipping inclusion
  • Good digital guide 
  • Great gift for loved ones


  • Some shipping issues 
  • Selected shipment dates

3. Mash & Grape

Mash & Grape

  • Available in 39 States
  • Price Point: $69/month
  • Average Shipping Time: 1-5 days

Brief Description:

Mash & Grape is ideal for a casual whiskey drinker because of its well-curated subscription box. You can choose between a three, six, or twelve-month subscription, plus you can pay monthly or yearly. Every month, you will receive a full bottle and a journal that contains detailed tasting notes and cocktail recipes to guide you on how to drink bourbon. 

Members of Mash & Grapes have access to its retail marketplace and discounts on other spirits (limited edition) from partner craft distillers. 


  • Well curated sampler box
  • Outstanding retail marketplace
  • Well detailed bourbon guide
  • Good value for money
  • A commendable market research team


  • The online store can be better
  • Whiskey inventory should improve

4. Caskers


  • Available in 26 States
  • Price Point: $147 / quarterly
  • Average Shipping Time: 1-5 days

Brief Description:

Caskers is a must-try club membership because of its decent price point and convenience. It is a good option for bourbon newcomers and experts who want to keep the liquor cabinet well-stocked. 

Upon membership, you will receive two full-sized bottles of bourbon, a notes journal, and exclusive access to rare bottles online.  


  • Exclusive access to limited edition bottles
  • Great selection
  • Good frequency
  • Well curated box
  • Two bottles per quarterly shipment


  • Limited state shipment
  • Shipping costs can be expensive

5. Pour More

Pour More

  • Available in 46 States
  • Price Point: Starts at $49 – $79 /month
  • Average Shipping Time: 10 days

Brief Description:

Pour More is a nice bourbon club option where you can get quality whiskey with two options: Introduction to bourbon and Bourbon Explorer. Intro Club costs around $49 per month, while the Explorer is $79 per month. 

All membership options come with 750 ml bourbon delivered monthly plus a piece of digital information and description about the spirit. Moreso, Pour More has an impressive selection that will surely compliment any food pairing. But what’s the best snack for bourbon tastings?


  • Two options for club membership
  • Wide distribution
  • Commendable customer service
  • Good selection of bourbon gifts
  • Impressive offerings


  • Limited selection on intro club
  • The online site can improve

6. Bounty Hunter

Bounty Hunter

  • Available in 42 States
  • Price Point: $249 / quarterly
  • Average Shipping Time: 5 days

Brief Description: 

Bounty Hunter is one of the best bourbon of the month clubs that offer monthly bourbon delivery right at your doorstep. For only $249 quarterly, you can explore the bourbon world and taste the nectar of the Gods. 

The club ships two bottles of whiskey each month, and unlike most clubs, you can receive small-batch expressions, new releases, and single barrel selects. Bounty Hunter may not be like other bourbon of the month clubs that send as many bottles as you want, but it surely provides a quality selection. 


  • Two bottles of bourbon per month 
  • Interesting single barrel collection 
  • Values audience insights
  • Complete flavor spiral for guide
  • Affordable club membership 


  • No refunds on cancellation
  • Shipping fee not included

7. Spirited Gifts

Spirited Gifts

  • Available in 18 States
  • Price Point: $299 / quarterly
  • Average Shipping Time: 7 days

Brief Description:

Spirited Gifts offers a wide selection of high-quality bourbons that you can taste for a whole year-round for just $299 per three months. You don’t need to commit for a whole year with Spirited Gifts, and you can subscribe every three months. 

In addition, the club is known for its bourbon gift baskets, so if you would like to gift a friend or a colleague anything about bourbon, you can rely on the club. 


  • Short level commitment 
  • Great for gifting
  • Connected with well-known distilleries
  • Good customer service
  • Well curated selection


  • Can be expensive
  • A limited selection of other whiskeys

8. Blackwell’s Wines & Spirits

Blackwell’s Wines & Spirits

  • Available in 40 States
  • Price Point: Starts at $30
  • Average Shipping Time: 5 days

Brief Description:

Blackwell’s Wines & Spirits can be a great option if you are picky about bourbon. While it is not a bourbon club per se, it is a bourbon and rye whiskey of the month club, and it offers a wide selection of spirits. 

Unlike other whiskey clubs, it does not have a fixed monthly subscription because the monthly price changes depending on the whiskey you would like to receive. 


  • Great selection of bourbon collection
  • Monthly membership
  • Good customer service
  • Interesting bottles
  • Wide distribution


  • Shipping protection is not included
  • It can be expensive at some point

9. 1-877 Spirits

1-877 Spirits

  • Available in 18 States
  • Price Point: $225 / quarterly
  • Average Shipping Time: 5 – 7 days

Brief Description:

If you have been a fan of Woodford Reserve bourbon, Maker’s Mark, and Old Forester Kentucky Straight Bourbon, 1-877 Sprits can be your go-to club. Unlike other clubs, it has fixed bourbon brands ready to be delivered to your doorstep. 

If you are a frequent drinker of the brand, its main advantage is convenience because you don’t need to head out to buy the liquor, and you will receive it via delivery. The first bottle you will receive is a Woodford Reserve Bourbon, followed by Maker’s Mark, then Old Forester Kentucky Straight Bourbon.  


  • Shipping fee included
  • Convenient
  • Three months blocked membership
  • Responsive concierge
  • Popular brands


  • Fixed bourbon brand
  • Expensive

10. Aries Fine Wines & Spirits

Aries Fine Wines & Spirits

  • Available in 25 States
  • Price Point: $99.99-$769.99 
  • Average Shipping Time: 6 days

Brief Description:

Aries Fines Wines & Spirits offer three types of membership: Beginner Prime Level, Advanced Level, and Advanced Prime Level Membership. Its main difference lies in the price of the bourbon selection because the higher the tier, the more expensive bourbons are available. 

Moreso, Aries Fine Wines & Spirits allows you to build and expand your liquor cabinets, explore the whiskey world, and have early access to limited edition offerings. 


  • Early access to rare offerings
  • Free shipping (online store)
  • Wide selection of whiskeys
  • Reasonable price
  • Lots of freebies


  • Tasting notes should improve 
  • The online store can be better

Buying Guide

Buying Guide

Frequency of Delivery

One of the first factors to consider when availing of club membership for bourbon is the frequency of delivery of the spirits. Do they deliver once or twice a month? 

The frequency of delivery contributes to the increased satisfaction of the consumer [1]. If there are limited deliveries, it would be inconvenient for you given that you pay for the membership. 


A glass of bourbon with oak barrel

The clubs set the bar on the type of bourbons they will offer to their consumer. So based on your liking, you should decide on what you want to get, a craft or a general category? 

A general category offers a wide selection of spirits depending on their region, while a craft category is a small distillery that offers great-tasting spirits. 

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Clubs charge per month, quarterly and yearly, and it can range from $50 to $200 depending on the type of the bottle and frequency of delivery. 

Make sure to avail yourself of membership to help you save more money than a frequent trip to local liquor stores. 

Diversity of Products

Eagle Rare with a glass of bourbon and cigar

Some clubs offer fixed brands, but many bourbon clubs offer a more diverse selection of products.

Bourbon is a well-known distilled spirit, and it has become increasingly popular over time. Choose a club that offers more selection, so you have more chances to taste rare and new offerings. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What’s a Bourbon of the Month Club?

Bourbon of the Month club is a club membership wherein a bottle of bourbon, along with its tasting notes, is delivered to your doorstep at regular intervals (monthly or quarterly). Depending on the chosen arrangement, you can receive a full-sized bottle of whiskey samples. 

What does a Bourbon of the Month Club include?

Bourbon of the Month club includes a full-sized bottle or a few mini bottle samples of bourbon aged in new charred oak containers to meet its strict requirements [2]. In addition, it comes with tasting notes, a helpful guide that will help you get to know more about the spirit and its taste. 

How much does a Bourbon of the Month Club cost?

Bourbon of the Month Club ranges from $50 to $200 depending on the membership length, type of bottles, and frequency of delivery. Rare bourbons are more expensive, so the cost varies on the type of bottles you will get. 

What is the best bourbon for golf courses?

The choice of the best bourbon for golf courses can be subjective and depend on individual preferences. However, some bourbons are known for their smoothness and versatility, making them popular choices.

Brands like Maker’s Mark, Woodford Reserve, and Buffalo Trace are often well-received for their balanced flavors and drinkability. Ultimately, the best bourbon for a golf course may be one that suits the taste preferences of those enjoying it.

What is regarded as the best bourbon?

Determining the best bourbon is subjective, as taste preferences vary among individuals. However, several bourbons are highly regarded for their quality and flavor profiles.

Some examples include Pappy Van Winkle’s Family Reserve, Buffalo Trace Antique Collection, and Blanton’s. Whisky competitions, expert reviews, and awards can provide insights into bourbons that receive acclaim, but the ultimate choice of the best bourbon depends on personal taste preferences.

Is there a Whiskey of the Month Club?

Yes, there are Whiskey of the Month Clubs or subscription services that curate and deliver different whiskies to members each month. These clubs offer a variety of whiskey selections, including bourbons, scotches, and other styles.

Memberships often include tasting notes, information about the featured whiskies, and sometimes additional perks. Joining a Whiskey of the Month Club can be an exciting way for enthusiasts to explore new and diverse expressions of whiskey.

Is bourbon an expensive drink?

The cost of bourbon can vary widely based on factors such as the brand, age, rarity, and production methods. While there are affordable and budget-friendly bourbons, some expressions, particularly limited editions or aged releases from prestigious distilleries, can be expensive.

However, there are excellent bourbons available at various price points, making it accessible to a wide range of consumers. The perception of bourbon as an expensive drink is subjective and dependent on individual budgets and preferences.

What is the difference between bourbon and whiskey?

All bourbon is whiskey, but not all whiskey is bourbon. Bourbon is a specific type of whiskey with distinct production criteria. The main differences include:

Ingredients: Bourbon must have a mash bill that is at least 51% corn.

Barrel Aging: Bourbon must be aged in new charred oak barrels.

Distillation Proof: Bourbon must be distilled to no more than 160 proof and entered into the barrel at no more than 125 proof.

Bottling Proof: Bourbon must be bottled at 80 proof or higher.

While bourbon is a subset of whiskey, whiskey as a category includes various types such as Scotch, Irish, rye, and more, each with its own production regulations and flavor profiles.

What is the official bourbon of the PGA?

The official bourbon of the PGA (Professional Golfers’ Association) is Jim Beam. In 2018, Jim Beam became the “Official Spirits Partner” of the PGA of America, and the partnership includes branding and promotional opportunities at PGA events. Jim Beam’s association with golf aligns with its long-standing tradition and reputation as a leading bourbon brand.

Why bourbon is the best?

Bourbon is often celebrated for its rich history, diverse flavor profiles, and versatility in cocktails. Some reasons why bourbon is highly regarded include:

Craftsmanship: Bourbon production involves meticulous attention to detail, from selecting quality grains to aging the whiskey in charred oak barrels, resulting in a complex and refined spirit.

Unique Flavor: Bourbon’s flavor profile, which can include notes of caramel, vanilla, oak, and spice, appeals to a wide range of palates and offers a distinct taste experience.

Versatility: Bourbon can be enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or in cocktails, providing versatility in how it is consumed and enjoyed.

Heritage and Tradition: Bourbon has a rich heritage deeply rooted in American history, making it a symbol of tradition and craftsmanship.

Cultural Significance: Bourbon holds a special place in American culture and is often associated with celebrations, gatherings, and cherished moments with friends and family.

Ultimately, the preference for bourbon as the best spirit is subjective and varies among individuals based on personal taste preferences and experiences.

What is the best golf clubs made?

Determining the best golf clubs is subjective and depends on factors such as individual skill level, playing style, and personal preferences. Some well-regarded golf club brands known for producing high-quality equipment include Titleist, Callaway, TaylorMade, Ping, and Mizuno. Golfers often choose clubs based on factors such as performance, feel, forgiveness, and customization options.

Who is the king of bourbon?

There is no singular “king” of bourbon, as the bourbon industry is diverse and includes numerous reputable distilleries and brands. However, some individuals are widely recognized for their contributions to the bourbon industry, including master distillers, brand ambassadors, and industry pioneers.

These figures play pivotal roles in shaping the direction and reputation of bourbon but are not necessarily referred to as the “king” of bourbon in an official capacity.

What are the top ten bourbons?

Determining the top ten bourbons is subjective and can vary based on individual taste preferences and expert opinions.

However, some bourbons frequently mentioned among enthusiasts and experts include Pappy Van Winkle’s Family Reserve, Buffalo Trace Antique Collection, Blanton’s, Four Roses Single Barrel, Eagle Rare, Woodford Reserve, Maker’s Mark, Knob Creek, Elijah Craig, and Wild Turkey Rare Breed. These bourbons are often praised for their quality, complexity, and unique flavor profiles, but the ranking may differ based on individual experiences and preferences.

In Short

Flaviar is our choice for the best bourbon of the month club. It offers a more diverse product selection and well-sourced spirits, all at a reasonable price. Unlike other clubs, it offers a small number of samples so you can explore different types of bourbons without breaking your bank. 

Flaviar gives you the convenience to taste rare offerings as it gives you access to limited edition bourbons. In addition, it comes with a tasting journal to get you well informed about the bourbon you will taste. 


  1. 5 rules that make it bourbon
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