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10 Best Whiskey at Costco in 2024 (Kirkland & More)

best whiskey at costco

Costco whiskey selections are highly respectable and hard to pass up. Big distilleries are in partnership with Costco to market whiskeys that give you a bang for your buck. 

So, we hit the road, visiting various Costco warehouses, exploring the store aisles, and carefully checking out all the whiskey brands, types, and ages they had.

If you are looking for the best whiskey at Costco, you’ve come to the right place because we curated a cheat sheet just for you.

Top Whiskeys At Costco You Should Try

1. Kirkland Signature Tennessee Sour Mash Whiskey

Kirkland Sour Mash on desk with cocktails

Average Price: $26.99 (Costco)

Alcohol Content: 40%

Distillery: Almost certainly George Dickel

Nose: Caramel, vanilla, oak, toasted nuts, a hint of citrus

Palate: Sweet corn, toffee, cinnamon, charred oak, subtle pepper

Star Rating: ★★★★★

Why We Liked It:

Kirkland Signature label Tennessee sour mash whiskey is a low-proof Tennessee whiskey ideal for cocktails.

Every Tennessee whiskey undergoes Lincoln County Process [2], making the whiskey mellow smooth. 

“A good whiskey is like a fine conversation; it lingers on the palate and warms the soul.”  -Liquor Laboratory

I noticed the long, sweet, and smooth finish in the first sip, with lingering fruit notes and persistent pepperiness.

The Costco version falls between George Dickel and Jack Daniel’s, but it is drier than Jack Daniel’s and slightly sweeter than George Dickel’s. 

Food Pairing: Enjoy with barbecue ribs or smoked brisket; the whiskey’s sweetness complements the smoky flavors well.

2. Kirkland Signature Blended Canadian Whisky

Kirkland Blended Canadian Whisky on table with sidecar cocktail

Average Price: $22.99 (Drizly)

Alcohol Content: 40%

Distillery: Possibly Crown Royal

Nose: Vanilla, maple syrup, green apple, hint of floral and honey notes

Palate: Caramel, butterscotch, toasted grains, gentle spice, light citrus

Star Rating: ★★★★☆

Why We Liked It:

Kirkland Signature Blended Canadian Whisky has a golden amber appearance and appealing aroma of baked goods.

A bottle of Kirkland whisky has a little punch on the palate with notes of peppermint, sugar cookies, and subtle teaberry that I can compare with Crown Royal.

Overall, the Kirkland Signature Blended Canadian whisky has a smooth finish and decent length. 

Food Pairing: Pair with roasted nuts or a rich, creamy cheese like Brie to balance the whisky’s smoothness.

3. Kirkland Signature Blended Scotch Whisky, 12 YO

Kirkland Blended Scotch Whisky on desk with glass

Average Price: $44.99 (Instacart)

Alcohol Content: 40%

Distillery: Rumored from The Macallan (Bottled by Alexander Murray & Co)

Nose: Honey, malted barley, dried fruits, heather, subtle peat smoke

Palate: Toffee, orchard fruits, oak, baking spices, gentle smokiness

Star Rating: ★★★★☆

Why We Liked It:

The Kirkland Signature 12-Year-Old Blended Scotch Whisky has a pleasing amber color.

The blended scotch has a pleasant aroma and flavors of baked peaches and kasha with hints of bubble gum. 

The 12-year-old Kirkland Signature brand Blended Scotch whisky has a smooth, dryish, light body and medium-length finish.

All in all, it has a nice balance of chewy grain and subtle hints of fruity characters. But who makes Kirkland scotch?

Food Pairing: Ideal with smoked salmon or a light charcuterie board; its age adds a complexity that pairs well with delicate flavor.

4. Kirkland Signature Single Barrel 

Kirkland Single Barrel on desk with glass

Average Price: $32 (Costco)

Alcohol Content: 60%

Distillery: Barton 1792 Distillery

Nose: Toasted oak, ripe orchard fruits, delicate spices

Palate: Honey, butterscotch, toasted almonds, baking spices, a hint of citrus zest

Star Rating: ★★★★☆

Why We Liked It:

Kirkland Signature Single Barrel bourbon whiskey from Barton 1792 is an unblended Kentucky straight bourbon aged in bourbon casks.

It comes from individual oak barrels and is not married with other blends; the tasting notes and flavor complexity may vary on each barrel. 

The Costco version has a fair alcohol burn on the palate with a smooth and lingering finish as it is bottled at 120 proof.

The Single-barrel bourbon has rich and bold flavor notes of honey, caramel, and dried fruit.  

Food Pairing: Savor with dark chocolate or a caramel dessert, as the single barrel character stands up to more decadent flavors.

5. Kirkland Signature Bottled-in-Bond

Kirkland Bottled-in-Bond on table with whiskey cocktail

Average Price: $23.99 (Costco)

Alcohol Content: 50%

Distillery: Barton 1792 Distillery

Nose: Caramel, toasted oak, vanilla, baking spices, hints of dark fruit

Palate: Rich toffee, charred wood, black pepper, molasses, subtle nuttiness

Star Rating: ★★★★☆

Why We Liked It:

Another sourced whiskey from Barton 1792 Distillery is the Kirkland Signature Bottled-in-Bond.

We love the persistent dried and candied fruit, oak, vanilla, and caramel notes on the Kirkland label. 

Moreso, on the palate, it has noticeable pepperiness, clove, vanilla, caramel, and cinnamon with a medium-length finish. 

Food Pairing: Complements a hearty beef stew or steak, enhancing the robust flavors of the meat.

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6. Kirkland Signature Blended Scotch Whisky

Kirkland Blended Scotch Whisky on desk with glass

Average Price: $20.99 (Instacart)

Alcohol Content: 40%

Distillery: Reputedly from The Macallan

Nose: Honey, malted barley, dried fruits, heather, subtle peat

Palate: Toffee, orchard fruits, oak, baking spices, gentle smokiness

Star Rating: ★★★★☆

Why We Liked It:

Kirkland Signature Blended Scotch Whisky is honey-sweet on the nose with a mix of floral aroma, cooked cereal, a hint of smoke, and notes of caramel.

We love its almost-candy-like sweetness on the palate and hint of orange zest and apricot. 

It has a medium-length finish with mild pepperiness, a slightly bitter note, and lingering sweetness.

The Kirkland version is a good value for money whiskey and is best to drink neat and with crushed ice. 

Food Pairing: Goes well with grilled vegetables or earthy dishes like mushroom risotto, balancing the whisky’s blended character.

7. Kirkland Signature Small Batch Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Kirkland Signature Small Batch on table with glass

Average Price: $21.99 (Instacart)

Alcohol Content: 46%

Distillery: Barton 1792 Distillery

Nose: Caramel, vanilla, toasted oak, dried fruits, a hint of cinnamon

Palate: Brown sugar, butterscotch, charred oak, baking spices, subtle nuttiness

Star Rating: ★★★★☆

Why We Liked It:

Previously distilled by Jim Beam and George Dickel [2], Kirkland Small batch bourbon is now sourced from Barton 1792 Distillery.

It has high rye content, so expect its rich aroma of rye spice, oak, clove, caramel, and vanilla. 

Kirkland Signature Small Batch has a smooth and slightly sweet taste because bourbon contains at least 51% corn on its mash bill [3].

Moreover, on the palate, it has cinnamon, rye, clove, and caramel notes.

Food Pairing: Perfect with classic American barbecue or a spicy chili, matching the bourbon’s boldness.

8. Kirkland Signature Speyside Single Malt Scotch Whisky (22 YO)

Kirkland Speyside Single Malt Scotch 22 YO on desk with glass

Average Price: roughly $80 (Whisky Monster)

Alcohol Content: 46%

Distillery: Rumored to be The Glenrothes

Nose: Honey, orchard fruits, vanilla, oak, subtle floral notes

Palate: Caramelized sugar, ripe apples, toasted almonds, baking spices, gentle oakiness

Star Rating: ★★★☆☆

Why We Liked It:

The Kirkland 22-Year Old Speyside Single Malt Scotch Whisky finished in Oloroso Sherry casks tastes excellent.

It offers orange, dark chocolate, pine trees, chocolate, and dried fruit notes on the nose.

The rich earthy flavors like chocolate, tobacco, peppers, and blackcurrant are on the palate. 

The 22-year-old Kirkland Signature Speyside Single malt whisky has a lingering spicy finish with a bold cinnamon and nutmeg flavor profile. 

Food Pairing: Enjoy with a rich, creamy blue cheese or a decadent chocolate truffle, complementing the whisky’s mature profile.

9.  Kirkland Signature Irish Whiskey 

Kirkland Signature Irish Whiskey on table with cocktail

Average Price: Around $33.99 (Instacart)

Alcohol Content: 40%

Distillery: Allegedly Irish Distillers Ltd.

Nose: Honey, vanilla, green apple, malted barley, a hint of citrus zest

Palate: Butterscotch, toffee, cereal grains, light spice, subtle orchard fruit notes

Star Rating: ★★★☆☆

Why We Liked It:

Kirkland Signature Irish Whiskey is made from the finest malt and grain. It is thrice distilled and matured for four years in oak and bourbon casks for a smooth and rich flavor profile. 

Aside from its pleasing aroma, the Kirkland Signature Irish whiskey has notes of cedar, dry fruit, honeysuckle, toffee, and a steady hint of peat on the palate.

A drop of water helps open up the complex flavor of the Irish whiskey.

Food Pairing: Pairs nicely with apple pie or a light vanilla dessert, matching the whiskey’s smooth and approachable nature.

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10. Kirkland Signature, Speyside Single Malt Scotch Whisky (23 YO)

Kirkland Speyside Single Malt 23 YO on desk with glass

Average Price: Around $70 (Costco) 

Alcohol Content: 46%

Distillery: Rumored to be The Macallan Distillery

Nose: Rich honey, orchard fruits, oak, vanilla, delicate floral, and vanilla notes

Palate: Caramel, dried apricots, toasted almonds, warming spices, gentle oak influence

Star Rating: ★★★☆☆

Why We Liked It:

What we love about the Speyside Single Malt Scotch whisky is its rich aroma of dried fruit and orange marmalade. It has a bold Sherry finish since it will be finished in Sherry casks after aging in an ex-bourbon barrel. 

“It is true that whisky improves with age.” -Ronnie Corbett, Actor

The Kirkland Signature Scotch whisky sherry finish has delivered savory and respectable notes with deep fruity elements. It has a delightfully long finish, and its tinge sherry pops everywhere. 

Food Pairing: Ideal with a gourmet cheese platter or a sophisticated lamb dish, enhancing the whisky’s aged complexity.

Note: The star rating was determined based on a blind test, with 1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest. Blind tasting evaluates Costco whiskey objectively, but preferences vary.

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Other Whiskeys Available at Costco

Case Items 

Case Items 


  • Elijah Craig Barrel Proof – 750 ml – roughly $75

  • Four Roses Small Batch Select – 750ml – roughly $50

  • Kentucky Owl Confiscated – 750ml – roughly $110

  • Angels Envy – 750ml – roughly $42

  • Michters Small Batch – 750ml – roughly $42 (1 per membership)

  • Blade and Bow – 750ml – roughly $44

  • Rabbithole Cavehill – 750ml – roughly $75

  • H Deringer – 750ml – roughly $85

  • John J Bowman Single Barrel – 750ml – roughly $49

  • Uncle Nearest 1884 – 750ml – roughly $35 

  • Jeffersons Reserve Single Barrel – 750ml – roughly $58


  • Michters Single Barrel US1 Rye – 750ml – roughly $45 (1 per membership)

  • Whistlepig 15yr Rye – 750ml – roughly $215 

  • WhistlePig 10yr Straight Rye – 750ml – roughly $75 

  • Sazerac Rye – 750ml – roughly $25 (1 per member) 

  • Angels Envy Finished Rye – 750ml – roughly $80 

  • WhistlePig 18yr Double Malt Rye – 750ml – roughly $32


  • Johnnie Walker Blue – 750ml – roughly $180 

  • Glenfarclas Single Malt 25yr – 750ml – roughly $210

  • Johnnie Walker Ultimate 18yr – 750m – roughly $79 

  • Dalmore “King Alexander III” – 750ml – roughly $215

  • Oban Little Bay Single Malt – 750ml – roughly $54

Other Types

  • Hatozaki Small Batch – 750ml – roughly $50

  • Tenjaku Pure Malt – 750ml – roughly $58

  • Kamiki Malt Whisky – 750ml – roughly $59

  • Jack Daniel’s Bonded (BiB) – 700ml – roughly $29

  • Crown Royal Peach – 750ml – roughly $25

  • Daniels Triple Mash – 700ml – roughly $32

  • Lagavulin 16 – 750ml – roughly $80

On Shelves


  • Smooth Ambler Contradiction – 750ml – roughly $29

  • Bulleit Bourbon – 1.75L – roughly $44 

  • Heaven’s Door – 750ml – roughly $33

  • District Made – 750ml – roughly $39

  • Basil Hayden 8yr – 1.75L – roughly $65 

  • Elijah Craig – 1.75L – roughly $50

  • Four Roses – 1.75L – roughly $36

  • Kirkland Signature Small Batch – 1L – roughly $30 (TN, not Barton )

  • Jim Beam White – 1.75L – roughly $26 

  • Jeffersons Reserve – 750ml – roughly $33

  • Maker’s Mark – 1.75L – roughly $45 

  • Kirkland Signature Small Batch – 1L – roughly $19 (KY, Barton )

  • Knob Creek 9 – 1.75L – roughly $56 

  • Woodford Reserve Bourbon – roughly 1.75L – $59

Rye & Scotch

  • Sagamore Spirit Rye – 750ml – around $31

  • Catocin Creek Roundstone Organic Rye – 750ml – around $30

  • Johnnie Walker Double Black – 750ml – around $34

  • Johnnie Walker Black – 1.75L – around $59

  • Johnnie Walker Red – 1.75L -around $30 

  • Balvenie 12yr DoubleWood – 750ml – around $65 

  • Buchanan’s 12yr – 1.75L – around $59

  • Kirkland Signature Blended Scotch Whisky – 1.75L – around $18

  • Laphroaig Single Malt Scotch Whisky – 750ml – around $45

  • Macallan Double Cask 12yr – 750ml – around $63 

  • Chivas Regal 12yr – 750ml – around $25

  • Dewars White Label – 1.75L – around $33 

  • Glenlivet 12yr Single Malt – 1.75L – around $92 

  • Glenmorangie 10yr Single Malt- 1.75L – around $69 

  • Kirkland Signature 12yr Blended – 1.75L – around $36


  • Jameson Irish Whiskey – 1.75L – around $46 

  • Kirkland Signature Irish Whiskey – 1.75L – around $28

Other Types

  • Suntory Toku – 750ml – roughly $29 

  • Skrewball Peanut Butter Whiskey – 750ml – roughly $31 

  • Crown Royal – 1.75L – roughly $44

  • Crown Royal Apple – 1.75L – roughly $45

  • Kirkland Signature Canadian Whisky – 1.75L – roughly $19

  • Jack Daniel’s – 1.75L – roughly $39 

  • Jack Daniel’s Honey – 1.75L – roughly $37

  • Bulleit Ready To Drink Old Fashioned – 750ml – roughly $25

  • Fireball – 1.75L – roughly $25

  • Kirkland Signature Tennesee Whiskey – 1.75L – roughly $24

  • Old Line Single Malt Whiskey – 750ml – roughly $32

**Prices and stocks may vary depending on location

Popular Costco Whiskey Cocktail Recipes

Popular Costco Whiskey Cocktail Recipes

Hot Toddy

Prep Time: 10 mins

Total Time: 10 mins


  • 1.5 oz whiskey

  • ¾ cup water

  • 2 tsp honey

  • 2 tsp lemon

  • 1 lemon round

  • 1 cinnamon stick (garnish)


Bring water to a simmer, then pour it into a mug. Mix the hot water with whiskey, honey, and lemon juice, then stir [4]. Top with lemon round and cinnamon stick, then serve. 


Winter Whiskey Sour

Winter Whiskey Sour

Prep Time: 10 mins

Total Time: 10 mins


  • 50 ml bourbon

  • Crush ice

  • 1 tbsp lemon juice

  • 1 tbsp orange juice

  • 0.5 tbsp sugar syrup

  • 2 slices oranges

  • Honey

  • Gold edible glitter (garnish)


Get a small paintbrush or use your finger to brush honey and gold glitter around the rim of the glass. In a cocktail shaker, mix all the liquid ingredients and shake vigorously. Strain in a glass with ice, then serve with orange slices on top. 

Serving: 2

FAQs About Best Whiskey at Costco

Does Costco’s Return Policy apply to whiskey? 

No, Costco’s Return Policy does not apply to whiskey.
While Costco has a generous return policy, they do not budge on sealed or unopened booze.
But who makes Kirkland’s Signature Tennessee whiskey?

Can you buy Costco whiskey if you’re not a member? 

Yes, you can buy Costco whiskey even if you are not a member. However, there are only 14 states where you can score Costco whiskey without being required to get a membership.
If you are a whiskey fan and would love to try the best selection of liquors, you can get a special bottle easily by being a member.

Can you get Costco whiskeys delivered?

Yes, you can get Costco whiskeys delivered. Costco’s offerings are massive; from the Speyside single malt scotch and American whiskey to Japanese whiskey, there’s something for everyone. 
However, delivery of alcoholic beverages is allowed in 11 states only, and you can order it from Instacart. Here are our favorite bourbons at Costco.

What is the Costco equivalent to Jack Daniels whiskey?

While there isn’t a direct equivalent to Jack Daniel’s, you can find a Kirkland Signature Tennessee Whiskey bottle on their shelves.
The Kirkland Signature brand is often compared to Jack Daniel’s in terms of style but may have its distinct characteristics.

Is Costco known for offering High-Quality whisky brands?

Yes, Costco is known for its selection of high-quality whiskey brands at competitive prices. Many enthusiasts find excellent value and quality in Costco’s whiskey offerings.

Are there exclusive whiskey releases available only at Costco?

Yes, Costco occasionally offers exclusive whiskey releases under its Kirkland Signature brand. These exclusive bottlings often provide exceptional value and are highly sought after by whiskey enthusiasts.

What should I consider when purchasing whiskey at Costco?

When purchasing whiskey at Costco, consider factors such as the brand reputation, type of whiskey (bourbon, Scotch, Irish, etc.), age statement (if applicable), and personal taste preferences.

Is buying whiskey at Costco more cost-effective than other retailers?

Costco is known for offering competitive pricing on a wide range of products, including whiskey. While prices may vary depending on location and product availability, many customers find Costco to offer good value for their whiskey purchases.

Are there any Kirkland signature whiskeys worth trying?

Kirkland Signature whiskeys, available exclusively at Costco, have garnered praise from many whiskey enthusiasts. Some popular options include Kirkland Signature Small Batch Bourbon and Kirkland Signature Irish Whiskey.

Final Say

Costco has almost 50 whiskey brands, and roughly 20 carry the proprietary Kirkland Signature label.

While most of the best whiskeys have an undisclosed distillery, most are big names with a high reputation for distilling quality spirits.

Who could ask for more if the Costco whiskeys are of good quality, great value for money, and accessible?

There are 861 Costco warehouses worldwide, not to mention its online shop. Additionally, there are 14 states where you can buy alcohol even without a Costco membership.


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