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8 Bourbon Barrel Table Ideas You Should Try (2024)

Bourbon Barrel Table Ideas

You can turn old bourbon barrels into furniture pieces with a bit of skill and patience –whether you want to create a country or rustic home style using these pieces.

Aside from making them into racks and organizers, why not turn these barrels into useful tables, and place them somewhere indoors or outdoors for added appeal in your home? 

So, bring out the creative side in you and consider these bourbon barrel table ideas to boost your home’s interior. 

Top 8 Bourbon Barrel Table Ideas 

1. Bourbon Barrel Patio Table

Barrel Patio Table

You can reuse or recycle bourbon barrels to create various furniture pieces. One of the most popular uses of these barrels is a patio table.

So, you don’t have to throw away old bourbon barrels as you can make your DIY patio table, giving your simple walkway a hint of your favourite whiskey-related stuff. 

2. Poolside Barrel Bar Table

Make your old bourbon barrel a poolside barrel bar table, which is a great way to serve cold beverages during your pool party. 

Stripped clean old barrel/s and turn into a bar table with an ice container and rack, where you can display your bourbon collection or a variety of liquors for the party. 

Make the top portion of the barrel intact, making it a great cocktail table while enjoying drinks with friends. 

3. Bourbon Barrel Dining Table

Whiskey barrel table

If you have several bourbon barrels, clean them up and do some staining or varnishing to give them a whole new look. 

After that, you can use these barrels as table legs on your dining table, making them accent pieces for your dining room.

Or, you can create a new dining table using rectangular glass or a large square of hardwood placed over the barrels.

4. Taster’s Table Glass Top Barrel

This piece is a delightful addition to your table accents at home, showcasing a sleek glass surface layered over an upcycled bourbon barrel. 

“Every whiskey barrel is a sort of medieval alchemist’s laboratory, a dark and sooty place from which a clear spirit poured inside emerges years later, golden and transformed. Barrels first started as humble shipping containers for whiskey, but over the centuries were promoted into something else: an ingredient as well as a vessel.”

— Reid Mitenbuler, Author 

This combination of country and modern style can create a lovely interior, adding a highlight to your house. 

For added appeal, you can install hidden lights under the glasses and light them during the night– bringing in some extra effect.  

5. Bourbon Barrel Half Coffee Table

Whiskey Barrel Coffee Table

One of the easiest ways to repurpose an old bourbon barrel is by turning it into a coffee table.

You can place this bourbon barrel coffee table on your front or back deck. 

You can spend your afternoon reading while drinking coffee or your favourite glass of whiskey. 

To make a bourbon barrel table:

  • Cut a large oak barrel in half.
  • Then, cut four small pieces of wood into the same size as the table feet. 
  • Place a rectangular glass on top of the table.
  • Finally, fill the insides with your favourite whiskeys. In short, this will allow you to display your entire wine collection.

6. Bourbon Barrel Table Set With Bourbon Rack Barrel Base

Turn your old bourbon barrels into a table set with a bourbon rack barrel base. If you have several barrels, make a table and chairs out of them. 

Then, you can carve a rack within the barrel’s body and install a door on it, making it a liquor cabinet or base–accommodating your favorite whiskey bottles

7. Bourbon Barrel Side Table

You can make two side tables out of an oak barrel [1]. You can clean and dry the barrel, cut it into two halves and either varnish or stain the tables.

You can put these DIY side tables in your living room, beside your sofa, or in your bedroom, besides your comfy bed. 

8. Bourbon Barrel Game Table

Whiskey Barrel Gaming Table

Make a cool game table by repurposing your old bourbon barrel. Much better if you have an old white oak barrel, you can paint it with a chessboard on top. 

Besides, you can make a rack with a door within the barrel game table, where you store drinks while you play games on the tabletop.

Also, you can pair the table with barrels-stave stools.


How to make a table from a bourbon barrel?

To make a table from a bourbon barrel, measure the barrel top’s diameter.

Cut a piece of plywood larger than the barrel’s diameter and place it on the tabletop. Alternatively, you can place a round glass on top. 

Is it easy to DIY a bourbon barrel table?

Yes. It’s easy to DIY a bourbon barrel table. You need enough supplies like plywood (or glass top) and some tools (to cut and clamp the wood). No drilling is required. 

Where can you buy a bourbon barrel to make a table?

You can buy bourbon barrels at your local distilleries. But now, you can also buy from third-party stores (like Etsy, Amazon, etc.) selling ready-to-use barrels. 

How can I use bourbon barrels to make tables?

Bourbon barrels can be used as tabletops, bases, or legs to create various types of tables such as dining tables, coffee tables, side tables, or bar tables.

What are some DIY projects using bourbon barrels for tables?

DIY projects using bourbon barrels for tables include creating a bourbon barrel coffee table, whiskey barrel end table, bourbon barrel pub table, or even a whiskey barrel dining table.

Are there any safety considerations when using bourbon barrels for tables?

Ensure that bourbon barrels are properly cleaned, sanitized, and sealed to prevent any potential leaks, odors, or damage to the table.

How can I customize bourbon barrel tables to suit my decor?

Customize bourbon barrel tables by staining or painting the wood, adding decorative accents, or incorporating glass or stone tabletops for a unique and personalized touch.

Are bourbon barrel tables suitable for outdoor use?

Yes, bourbon barrel tables are durable and weather-resistant, making them suitable for outdoor patios, decks, or garden areas, adding a rustic charm to outdoor spaces.

Can I make different types of tables using bourbon barrels?

Yes, bourbon barrels can be used to create various types of tables such as dining tables, coffee tables, side tables, or even bar tables, depending on your preferences and needs.

Are there any themed events or parties that would suit bourbon barrel table setups?

Yes, bourbon barrel table setups are perfect for themed events such as whiskey tastings, rustic weddings, or bourbon-themed parties, enhancing the overall ambiance and experience.

In Conclusion

Recycling and repurposing old bourbon barrels makes a great hobby for whiskey lovers.

You can put some accent in your home with the stuff related to what you’re really into– bourbons. 

Whether you want to turn it into a side table, coffee table, dining table, pool table, or anything you need it to be— it’s always possible using your craft and creative ideas. 

So, if you have old bourbon [2] barrels stored in your home, it’s now time to transform them into something very useful. 


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