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8 Bourbon Display Shelf Ideas To Try (2024 Updated)

Bourbon Display Shelf Ideas 

It can be tricky to think about how to store your bourbon collection properly with your home interior in mind. 

If you’re planning on adding a lot of personality to your home – and displaying your bourbon bottles at the same time – we have these bourbon display shelf ideas that will help you visualize your ideal storage.

8 Fun & Easy Bourbon Display Shelf Ideas

8. Barrel Cover Wall-Mounted Corner Shelves 

wall mounted barrel whiskey shelf

You can opt for the barrel cover wall-mounted corner shelves if you want a simple look.

This is also space-saving as it only takes some minimal space in your house’s corners. 

You can mount the barrel shelves in the corner of your room, pantry, or kitchen. This is quite unique compared to standard layer shelves mounted on the wall. 

Also, your bourbon collection will look great stored in barrels.

The barrels have been the spirit’s home for years, right? So why not store them again in there? 

7. Hanging Shelves

liqour hanging shelves

Hanging shelves is another great bourbon storage idea you can try at home.

This idea is also space-saving, as it will take up only some of your wall space. 

Displaying your bourbon collection on hanging shelves will emphasize the beauty of the precious bottles. 

And it’s really hard not to notice the display when someone comes into your house (unless you put the shelves in your room). 

This might look simple and ordinary, but instead of putting any stuff on it like books, perfumes, keys, or cosmetics, you have your bourbon collection to show off.

6. Glass Shelves

glass cabinet

A glass display shelf is a great way to protect your prized possessions from the elements and keep them looking their best. 

Some modern glass shelf designs are made from thick glass to ensure that your bourbon display can be clearly seen– but in a protected way. 

This style looks good almost everywhere as its design is versatile. Plain but looking elegantly fine. 

5. Repurposed Old TVs

If you have old TVs in your bedroom or living room, and they’re not working anymore, why not make them into a useful storage shelf? 

If your wall space is too crowded or you don’t have any decent corners to mount shelves, but you have an old TV, this is the sign.

Tidy it up now and make it your bourbon corner. 

“Nothing is so musical as the sound of pouring bourbon for the first drink on a Sunday morning. Not Bach or Schubert or any of those matters.”

— Carson McCullers, American Novelist/Poet

4. Wall Shelves

This bourbon shelf idea is for those with lots of extra space in their house or room.

Wall shelves are recommended to display your bourbon bottles, as they give more room and protection. 

If you have many bottles to display (or are planning to collect more bourbons or whiskeys), you might want to build wall shelves– from ceiling to floor. 

If you think this is a bit overwhelming, it’s not. You can customize it depending on your style.

You can use pre-made planks attached by cables to make the shelves. 

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3. Ladder Shelves

Foldable Ladder Shelf

Another great idea for displaying bourbon bottles is by using ladder shelves.

If you can DIY, go for it, but you can purchase ladder shelves in many home decor stores. 

This will not take up more space in your house, and you can boldly display your bourbon or any liquor collection.

You can opt for higher shelves if you have many bottles to display. 

Or, if you already own one, display the bourbon bottles on the ladder shelf instead of putting your books and other stuff. 

2. Bourbon Retail Display Cabinet

Down to our top two favorite bourbon display idea is recreating the bourbon retail display cabinet in liquor stores.

It’s like having your own bourbon retail store at home.

Some have glass panels, and some do not, but you can choose your preferred style.

You can arrange the bourbon bottles according to your liking.  

1. Repurposed Barrels

barrel cabinet

One unique idea on this list is repurposing empty liquor barrels and making them your bourbon shelf. 

But since it’s hard to find barrels [1] you can repurpose, you can purchase bourbon barrel display cabinets at home decor or furniture stores online. 

You can opt for barrel cabinets with glass panels or a wood door in front.

But if you want easy access to your bottles, you can opt for barrel cabinets that are open. 

Also, if you have lots of bottles to display, choose barrel cabinets with a large diameter. 

FAQs Related to Bourbon Display Shelf Ideas

What’s the best way to store and display a bourbon collection?

The best way to display and store your bourbon collection is to keep it upright.
If the high alcohol content of the bourbon reaches the cork, it will deteriorate over time.

What temperature should bourbons be displayed on a shelf?

Bourbon must be displayed on a shelf or storage space with a temperature between 60 to 70 degrees F. This temperature will preserve the flavors of the bourbon.  

How Can I Maximize Space on My Bourbon Display Shelf?

To maximize space on your bourbon display shelf, consider utilizing vertical space with tiered shelves or wall-mounted racks. You can also use adjustable shelving to accommodate bottles of various sizes and shapes, ensuring efficient use of space.

Are There DIY Bourbon Display Shelf Ideas I Can Try?

Yes, there are several DIY bourbon display shelf ideas you can try, such as building a custom wall-mounted rack using wood planks and metal brackets, repurposing a vintage ladder as a rustic display, or creating a shadow box display with built-in lighting to highlight your bourbon collection.

What Lighting Options Can Enhance My Bourbon Display Shelf?

Lighting can enhance your bourbon display shelf by adding ambiance and drawing attention to your collection. Consider using LED strip lights, under-cabinet puck lights, or adjustable spotlights to illuminate the bottles and create a visually appealing display.

How Can I Arrange My Bourbon Bottles on the Display Shelf?

Arrange your bourbon bottles on the display shelf by grouping them according to brand, age, or type (e.g., bourbon, rye, single malt). You can also organize them by flavor profile or bottle size to create a cohesive and visually appealing arrangement.

What Are Some Decorative Accents I Can Use on My Bourbon Display Shelf?

Decorative accents such as whiskey glasses, vintage decanters, cocktail recipe books, or framed bourbon-related artwork can add visual interest and personality to your bourbon display shelf. Experiment with different accents to create a curated and inviting display.

How Can I Incorporate Whiskey Tasting Notes into My Bourbon Display Shelf?

Incorporate whiskey tasting notes into your bourbon display shelf by displaying handwritten or printed labels with information about each bottle’s flavor profile, distillery, and aging process. You can also create a tasting journal or chalkboard to track tasting experiences and impressions.

Are There Space-Saving Bourbon Display Shelf Ideas for Small Rooms?

Yes, there are space-saving bourbon display shelf ideas for small rooms, such as using corner shelves or wall-mounted racks to maximize vertical space, incorporating multi-functional furniture like a bar cart with built-in storage, or creating a mini bar area with compact shelves and organizers.

Key Takeaways 

Displaying your bourbon bottles can’t be complicated. You can opt for many display ideas, depending on your style. 

With any of the display ideas mentioned above, you can easily store your bourbon collection with the interior in mind. 

But remember, regardless of which display style you prefer, you must make sure the bourbon is standing upright while maintaining the recommended temperature (60-70 degrees F). 


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