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Buffalo Trace Gift Ideas: Our 15 Picks (2024 Updated)

Buffalo Trace Gift Ideas

Last Updated on February 21, 2024 by Lydia Martin

Buffalo Trace is relatively popular because it is an affordable but good entry-level bourbon. However, Buffalo Trace juice can be challenging to find. So if someone loves the brand, aside from the bottle of bourbon, there’s a wide selection of Buffalo Trace merchandise you can send as a gift. Look no further because we have amazing Buffalo Trace gift ideas: Our 15 Picks (2024 Updated) to help you in your gift hunting. Stay tuned. 

Top 15 Buffalo Trace Gift Ideas

15. Buffalo Trace 5 Liter Oak Barrel

5 Liter Oak Barrel

One of the best Buffalo Trace gifts you can get for a friend or a loved one is a Buffalo Trace 5 Liter oak barrel that makes an amazing centerpiece for your home bar. 

The 5-liter barrel is crafted using American white oak barrels and comes with a spigot, bung, and stand. You can send this as a gift for roughly $99.95 per piece. 

14. Laser Engraved Standing Buffalo Barrel Head

The laser-engraved standing buffalo barrel head is made using an authentic barrel head from a used bourbon whiskey barrel. 

For around $99.95, you can hang it anywhere at home. Show your love for Buffalo Trace since it features a laser-engraved Buffalo trace logo and a standing buffalo. 

13. 22″ Buffalo Statue

If you are looking for a nice home bar centerpiece, you can never go wrong with a 22″ buffalo statue.

The replica Buffalo statue costs around $199.99 per piece and stands at 22″ x 16″. 

This nice centerpiece pays tribute to the mighty buffalos that carved paths and led American explorers to new frontiers. 

12. Buffalo Trace Ladies’ Fleece Tunic

If you prefer something simple but useful for a female friend or loved one who loves Buffalo Trace, you can go with a Buffalo Trace ladies’ fleece tunic. 

The sweater fleece is made from 100% polyester, so it is soft, comfortable, and has a nice fit. The sizes are available from S to XXL, costing around $54.99.  

11. Buffalo Trace Leather Belt

close up shot of Leather Belt

A Buffalo Trace leather belt can be a great gift for your dad, uncle, or husband who loves Buffalo Trace. 

The Buffalo Trace leather belt can be a bourbon wardrobe staple as it features a Buffalo Trace logo at the end and a gold-colored frame buckle. 

Have it as a gift for around $99.95 per piece. 

10. Buffalo Trace Essential Cocktail Set

If someone close to you is an aspiring mixologist, the Buffalo Trace essential cocktail set can be a great gift. 

For approximately $159.95, the Buffalo Trace cocktail set comes with a jigger, strainer, mixing glass, bar spoon, and Boston shaker that can help you improve your bartending skills [1].  

9. Buffalo Trace Director’s Decanter

Buffalo Trace Director's Decanter on a top of table

Buffalo Trace Director’s decanter can bring luxury to any home bar as it is made from 24% full lead crystals that are hand cut and polished. 

“We focus on delivering authentic products that consumers can have confidence in while balancing innovation with tradition.”

– Harlen Wheatley, Master Distiller. 

The bourbon decanter features a deep-etched Buffalo Trace logo and has a capacity of 26 oz or 770 ml. You can score this decanter for around $137.75 only. 

8. Buffalo Trace Bar Mat

If someone close to you loves Buffalo Trace, they will surely love and appreciate a Buffalo Trace bar mat, as it can spruce up any home bar. 

The Buffalo Trace bar mat measures 24″ x 3.5″ and features the brand’s official logo.

The bar mat costs around $16.95 and can be a great deal as a gift for a BT fan.  

7. Buffalo Trace Men’s Quarter Zip Waffle Weave Pullover

If you want to show off your adoration for Buffalo Trace in a more practical way, why not get a weave pullover? 

The Buffalo Trace men’s quarter zip waffle weave pullover is lightweight, breathable, and perfect for all weather. 

It is adorned with the Buffalo Trace Distillery logo on the front, plus it is roughly $44.95 only. 

6. Buffalo Trace Service Mat

The Buffalo Trace service mat will be a nice buffalo trace gift ideas for someone who loves Buffalo Trace. 

A service mat is useful for catching spillage when making cocktails like Old Fashioned or Margaritas [2]. 

The Buffalo Trace service mat costs around $19.95, and this 12″ x 12″ mat is crafted for smooth cleanup and easy cleanup.

5. Buffalo Trace Flannel Shirt

If you want minimalist and lowkey Buffalo Trace merchandise, the Buffalo Trace flannel shirt can be a nice option, plus it is approximately $89.95 only. 

The flannel shirt can be worn as casual or workwear and elevate your winter or fall look.

The fabric is thick and comfortable, and the Buffalo head logo on the left adds an understated flare.

4. Buffalo Trace Bourbon Tasting Glass

Whisky Tasting Glass

Glencairn makes Buffalo Trace bourbon-tasting glass in Scotland, and you can send this as a gift to a friend or loved one who has a soft spot for drinking whiskey. 

The official whiskey-tasting crystal glass has a 17-cl capacity and costs around $12.71 per piece. 

3. Buffalo Trace Quilted Jacket

Buffalo Trace Quilted Jacket offers comfort, durability, and style, making it ideal for cold weather occasions. 

The quilted jacket is made from cotton and poly and features a leather Buffalo on the left side as a trademark. Five sizes are available; you can score one for around $154.95. 

2. Buffalo Trace Leather Wrapped Flask

Leather Wrapped Flask

A Buffalo Trace leather-wrapped flask can be a nice gift for someone who loves whiskey and Buffalo Trace.

It costs around $28.95 and is perfect for transporting small amounts of bourbon. 

This 6 oz stainless steel flask is wrapped in American leather with an imprinted Buffalo Trace logo. 

1. Buffalo Trace Holiday Sweater – Green

Welcome the holidays in style with the green Buffalo Trace knit sweater. The sweater is made from 100% acrylic and features a banded waist and elastic cuffs. 

The holiday sweater costs approximately $69.95 and can be a nice gift for your dad or husband who can’t get over Buffalo Trace. 

FAQs Related to Buffalo Trace Gift Ideas

Is it okay to give a Buffalo Trace bourbon bottle as a gift?

Absolutely! Giving a bottle of Buffalo Trace bourbon as a gift can be a fantastic idea, especially for whiskey enthusiasts or anyone who appreciates quality spirits.

Buffalo Trace is a highly regarded bourbon brand known for its smooth and flavorful whiskey, making it a thoughtful and enjoyable gift for various occasions.

Whether it’s a birthday, holiday, anniversary, or any other special event, a bottle of Buffalo Trace bourbon is sure to be well-received by whiskey lovers.

Is it hard to find a Buffalo Trace gift ideas?

Finding Buffalo Trace gift ideas shouldn’t be too difficult, as there are many options available to suit different preferences and budgets. In addition to gifting a bottle of Buffalo Trace bourbon itself, you can also consider pairing it with complementary accessories or creating a personalized gift basket.

Some popular Buffalo Trace gift ideas include whiskey glasses, decanters, cocktail kits, whiskey stones, books about bourbon, or gourmet snacks that pair well with bourbon. With a little creativity, you can customize your Buffalo Trace gift to make it truly special and memorable for the recipient.

Where can I purchase Buffalo Trace bourbon for gifting purposes?

Buffalo Trace bourbon is widely available at many liquor stores, specialty whiskey shops, and online retailers. You can purchase Buffalo Trace bourbon for gifting purposes from a variety of sources, including:

Liquor stores: Most well-stocked liquor stores carry Buffalo Trace bourbon, often alongside other popular bourbon brands.

Online retailers: Websites such as Drizly, ReserveBar, and Total Wine offer a convenient way to purchase Buffalo Trace bourbon online and have it delivered directly to your doorstep.

Buffalo Trace Distillery: While visiting the distillery in person may not always be feasible for everyone, Buffalo Trace Distillery’s gift shop offers an array of bourbon-related merchandise and products that can make great gifts for bourbon enthusiasts.

Specialty whiskey shops: Some specialty whiskey shops may carry limited-edition releases or exclusive bottlings of Buffalo Trace bourbon, providing unique gifting options for discerning whiskey aficionados.

Are there any special gift sets or packages available featuring Buffalo Trace products?

Yes, there are often special gift sets or packages available that feature Buffalo Trace products, particularly during the holiday season or for special occasions. These gift sets may include a bottle of Buffalo Trace bourbon along with complementary accessories such as glasses, coasters, or cocktail ingredients, packaged together in an attractive box or presentation.

Additionally, Buffalo Trace Distillery may release limited-edition gift sets or packages featuring exclusive bottlings or collectible items that make for memorable gifts for bourbon enthusiasts.

Keep an eye out for special promotions or seasonal offerings that may include Buffalo Trace gift sets at your favorite retailers or online platforms.

Can I personalize a bottle of Buffalo Trace bourbon for gifting purposes?

Some retailers or online platforms may offer personalized engraving services for bottles of Buffalo Trace bourbon. Check with the specific retailer or the distillery’s website for availability and details on how to personalize your gift.

In Summary

There are different Buffalo Trace gift ideas you can consider, but our team found the best options, so you won’t have to go through unwanted trouble anymore. 

You can give special Buffalo Trace gifts to someone to express your appreciation and gratitude to them.

From garments to home bar essentials, we hope our gift ideas have been a great help for your gift hunting. 


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